JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of March 18, 2023

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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of March 18, 2023: Judy note native Canadian activists William Arnold, coombs Johnny Bingo Dawson and Ricky Lavalay were murdered for their witness as victim children themselves to child murders and. Then as adults bringing attention to the. Genocide of over 500,000 native children at Catholic, Anglican and United Churches of Canada residential schools on the weekend of April 15 to 16th. You are invited to join the fight. Confront their killers, and help win the. Cause for which they gave their lives. Again, I apologize for publishing a Wednesday 15 March section in my update titled how to use the New Quantum Financial System universal digital currencies information that was now believed to be bogus, as was the website q.

The Storm Rider on Telegram gave me the information and was vigorously promoting what. Appeared to be a scam that was in no way connected to the Quantum Financial System. Unfortunately, there are nefarious ones who track our communication, our intel exchanges, and various updates, including mine. Their number one goal is to exploit our weaknesses and do us harm. A murdered for witnessing and bringing attention to the genocide of over 500,000 native children at catholic, Anglican and United Churches of Canada residential schools. William Arnold coombs eyewitness to killings at.

Canadian residential schools and to the abduction. Of ten children by Queen Elizabeth at the Kamloops Catholic Indian Residential School on October 1064. Killed by arsenic poisoning at St. Paul’s. Catholic Hospital, Vancouver, on February 26, 2011. St. Paul’s Hospital nurse Chloe Kirker states, I was with William Coombs just before he died, and he had no sign of tubercular meningitis, which they claim he died of. Instead, he had all the symptoms of arsenic poisoning. Johnny bingo. Dawson eyewitnessed a child killings at the Anglican alert. Bay Indian Residential School. Beaten to death by Vancouver police on December 9, 2009. RCMP officer Bruce Michaelson was heard saying to bingo Dawson two days before his.

Death, assholes like you go missing. United Church minister Gary Patterson yelled at Bingo Dawson as he led a brief occupation of St. Andrews Wesley United Church a month before his death. We know who you are, and we. Won’T let this happen again. Ricky Lavalay eyewitness to The Killing of Johnny Bingo Dawson by Vancouver Police on December 9, 2009. Ricky was found beaten to death on February 2, 2010, ricky Lavalay died of blows to his head and chest, according to the Vancouver chief Coroner Claire Thompson. But she refused to release a death certificate for Ricky and when pressed, threatened litigation. Join us on the weekend of April.

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15 to 16th to confront their killers. And help win the cause they gave their lives for. Defund and disestablish genocidal churches. Stop the ongoing crimes against all our people. B what we think we know as. Of Thursday, March 16, 2023, the new Gold slash asset backed quantum financial system Qfs was up and running on the Starlink satellite system, though it was not yet active for most of the general population. Personal bank accounts have been mirrored onto the Qfs system. With the Cabal’s central banking system imploding throughout the world, there was an expected ten days of not being able to.

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Access your bank account. It has been suggested that you have. Cash on hand to get yourself and your family through the crisis. There was expected to be several months to a year allowed in order for the general public to transfer their fiat monies to gold assetbacked coinage in the US. Gold asset backed coinage, including the new US Treasury Notes, were printed and sitting at banks, while the new asset backed coinage were being circulated by banks and stores. When fiat monies of the US Federal Reserve dollar were turned into stores and banks, it would then be sent to the new US Treasury to be destroyed. The Gold Slash assetbacked currencies of major countries around the world will be at a onetoone with each other. The universal digital currencies of Xlm and.

XRP will be used in the quantum financial system. On Saturday 11 March banks and people of England started using the new financial. System Xlm and XRP. The bank of England announced they will. Be using hashtag Ripple and hashtag XRPL. See global currency reset Monday evening. 13 March 2 high up contacts the new rates are locked in on bank screens. Tier One has already gone, tier two is processing right now and Tier Four, including US the Internet group, will likely go within a couple of days. Thursday 16 March bruce Bondholders were scheduled to receive their quantum access cards by.

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FedEx on Saturday 18 March or Sunday 19 March and will have access to their accounts on Monday 20 March or twos. 21 March ISO 2002 legislation will be. Enacted on Monday 20 March that has. To do with all countries asset backed. Currencies to be digitally on the quantum financial system before noon on Monday 20 March. Jerry Four b should receive our exchange appointments. Wano Saban has said that Nizara Jazzara should be announced by or before Saturday, April 1. Thursday 16 March. Marks I know a lot of bankers who are suddenly looking for it overnight. Tonight most of the chatter out of Iraq is looking at this weekend. Remember, we do not know the timing, but the chatter is exceptionally good. Most of my sources are still looking at the 20th.

It would be poetic for it to. Happen on that date. I’m pretty sure Kuwait went on March 22. Twos 14 March rod Steele iraqi dinar is international and country. In other words, Iraqis can use their dinar internationally. Monday 13 March RV update okie not. Okie oil man via Twitter this RV. Of 166 countries is happening now. The US Treasury received word that all systems are green to go. There are no more holdups or delays. As of Friday 10 March banking systems have been able to use the new Unified Payment Interface on the Qfs for foreign currency swaps. D thursday, 16 March bruce the big call 71 US banks and 1400 banks worldwide have collapsed since last Friday 10 March the FDIC Federal Reserve was going away. We are looking for a global meltdown of the banks. In order to instigate the global currency.

Reset, bondholders should be getting their liquidity. Around the time tier four B US the Internet Group obtains their appointments to exchange. Many bondholders have received their quantum access cards for access to their accounts in the quantum financial system. The remaining bondholders were scheduled to receive their quantum access cards by FedEx on. Saturday 18 March or Sunday 19 March. And will have access to their accounts. On Monday 20 March or twos 21 March. Anyone who exchanges for a million dollars or more will receive a quantum access card. ISO 2002 legislation will be enacted on.

Monday 20 March that has to do. With all countries asset backed currencies to. Be digitally on the quantum financial system before noon on Monday 20 March. Jira four B should receive our appointments. Wano Saban has said that Nizara Jazzara should be announced by or before Saturday, April 1. Ear Stored Republic wednesday, 15 March sgn there have been military operations at the. Supreme Court over the last 20 years. The Supreme Court has been involved in very serious money laundering, corruption and treason. Chief Justice Roberts has been involved in a massive child trafficking ring right there in Washington DC.

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We have video of at least one Supreme Court Justice leaving the Supreme Court building in handcuffs. Wednesday 15 March brunson Petition OK, so we sent the third petition to the. US Supreme Court ten days ago, overnight. Express, and it finally arrived in Washington. DC this morning at 01:32. A.m. USPS is claiming weather conditions as to the reason for the delay. Anyway, it looks like through their claims department I won’t be charged for shipping. Oh wow, man but at least it arrived in the city. Next, the office of the Clerk will sign for it and then they will let us know if they are willing to put it on the docket. I’ll let you know. JFK Secrets on Telegram Corroborated now by three people in my sphere and my.

Own research in my assessment, it is. Now my very strong belief that SCOTUS has accepted the Brunson case in a five to four decision and will hear it. SCOTUS will rule on the merits of the case, not the posturing of it. The US military is involved in the background with this process and made contact. With the Supreme Court in the last seven days. It must go through the courts. It must carry weight. Cue help save your right to vote in fair and free elections by adding. Your name to the Brunt in petition. Adding the wording for the Justice’s misprision of treason through sending an affidavit to SCOTUS. Those affidavits that included the wording misprision seemed to have had a significant impact in this case. Misprision meant that Congress may have committed treason by not investigating claims of 2020 election fraud. If SCOTUS was aware of that election fraud and didn’t do anything about it.

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