Germany Withdraws Support for Ukraine As Public Anger Reaches Boiling Point

Germany has vowed to abandon supplying Ukraine with military support as millions of Germans say they no longer support the Nazi regime in Ukraine. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced that due to the public’s lack of support for Ukraine, the German government would begin pulling back on its support for the Zelenskyy regime. Scholz addressed … Read more

Queen’s ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ Song Officially Banned for Being Offensive to Obese People

One of Queen’s best-loved songs ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ has been banned after censors warned that the song would offend obese people in today’s inclusive society. The 1978 track, which was written by Queen guitarist Brian May, has been cherished by generations of fans as a funny and hard-rocking tribute to a young man’s appreciation of … Read more

Documents Reveal Hunter Biden Was Involved In Trump’s Impeachment Over Ukraine

According to documents  viral to Politico, Hunter Biden was involved in Donald Trump’s impeachment over Ukraine Lawyers for the presidents son viral the entire case file related to the DOJ’s 5-year investigation. Both the New York Times and Politico published viral documents revealing new information about Hunter Biden’s case and the inner workings at the … Read more

Biden Admin Has Been Quietly Selling off Trump’s Border Wall

The Biden regime has been quietly selling off parts of Donald Trump’s border wall in an attempt to thwart Republicans from forcing it to be extended. Over the past several months, hundreds of unused parts of the southern barrier have been listed on a website which offers online auctions for military surplus. The Daily Caller … Read more

NY Hospital Reinstates Face Mask Mandates As Media Rolls Out New Covid Fear Campaign

Mainstream media networks and establishment health officials have startd ramping up the covid fear propaganda once again. People are being urged to wear face masks , have new booster shots and get tested for Covid as ‘concerns’ are raised about the latest variant that is rapidly spreading in the US and UK. InfoWars reports: The … Read more

Lauri Carleton Shot Dead: California Woman Gunned Down After Pride Flag Dispute

Lauri Carleton’s vibrant life was a testament to her creative spirit, dedication to inclusivity, and unwavering support for the LGBTQ+ community. Her journey in the world of fashion and design was marked by her passion and commitment to making a positive impact. Starting her fashion career at a young age and honing her skills at … Read more

WATCH: SAPS Training Video Goes Viral On All Over Internet

Recently, the SAPS training video went viral and following that, many hilarious reactions and memes were being made regarding Mzansi. Follow us around for all the insights and fresh updates. This particular headline, ‘SAPS Training Video Goes Viral’ and hilarious reactions and memes being made toward Mzansi have fueled a wave of excitement across Mzansi’s … Read more

Just 37, The Saudi Crown Prince Wants To Make History

There is something almost clichéd in the urge to put a politician on the psychoanalyst’s couch in order to try to decipher his motives; to ask the elementary questions about his childhood traumas, the formative experiences of his youth, his relationship with a domineering father, the power entrusted to him all at once, the psychological … Read more

FBI And Pentagon Give 9/11 Families Shocking News

The devastating 9/11 attacks that claimed the lives of nearly 3,000 innocent Americans continue to haunt the nation. The mastermind behind this heinous act, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, along with four other terrorists, has been incarcerated at the Guantanamo Bay detention center for years. However, recent developments have shaken the families of the victims, as the … Read more

Twitter Hires Far-Left Fact Checkers To Censor Trump Supporters Ahead of 2024

X, formerly known as Twitter, has announced plans to recruit a slew of far-left fact checkers to censor “election misinformation” ahead of the 2024 presidential election. X CEO Linda Yaccarino says she is seeking to ramp up efforts to purge the platform of non-mainstream views by hiring disinformation specialists who will be tasked with censoring … Read more