Deep State Spy Caught at Trump Vegas Hotel

White Hat liaisons embedded in Donald J. Trump’s business properties have detained a Trump Organization employee suspected of illicitly accessing the company’s servers and sending stolen files to Deep State assets Leticia James and Judge Arthur Engoron, a Mar-a-Lago source told Real Raw News.

The witch James is the sinister New York attorney general who vowed to destroy Trump as part of her campaign pledge in 2019, and Engoron is the feeble liberal judge presiding over James’ frivolous case, which alleges the president defrauded banks and financial institutions by overvaluing properties to secure loans, a claim Trump has vehemently denied and demonstrably disproven. Engoron is also chummy with Jill Biden, having twice attended her birthday parties in Delaware—a fact the MSM conveniently ignores. Engoron also visited the Oval Office seven times during Hussein Obama’s unstoppable eight-year reign of terror. His and James’ ties to the Deep State prove they are working alongside the regime to prevent President Donald J. Trump’s re-ascension to his rightful place in the Oval Office—behind the Resolute Desk.

And their minions are many.

On October 5, a carefully vetted security guard at Trump International Hotel Las Vegas was patrolling the 1st floor when he spotted an ajar door that opened into the building’s climate-controlled server room. Inside, he saw what he took to be a technician performing after-hours maintenance on a terminal, who got spooked and bolted past the guard and into the hallway. He dashed to the stairwell with the guard, who had radioed for help, in pursuit.

A security team intercepted the wayward ‘technician’ in the staircase and identified him as hotel employee Chester Dominguez, a pastry chef who had worked at a different Trump Organization property before signing on with the Vegas Hotel in April. They found on him a portable SD card reader and the RFID card he had used to open the server room door.

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“Those cards are tightly controlled. They’re not programmed like room keys are at registration. There’s only a certain number out at any given time, and the frequency is changed periodically. All known cards were accounted for, so we don’t know how he got his, especially since he doesn’t want to talk,” our source said.

The SD card found on Dominguez held the hotel’s incoming and outgoing financial transactions over the last three years, nothing conspicuously unusual and nothing that wasn’t already a matter of public record.

A comprehensive background check suggested Dominguez was who he seemed to be: a top-notch pastry chef and Culinary Institute of America graduate. He had no criminal record besides a few traffic citations.

When the president’s people searched Dominguez’s Henderson, NV, apartment, they found hard copies of financial reports from the Trump Organization property he had previously worked at, Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago. They also found a physical address book with telephone numbers to Leticia James’, Judge Angoran, and special counsel Jack Smith’s offices.

“Strange a cook would need those, huh? President Trump has nothing to hide, so we don’t know what this guy was looking for. There’s always a chance he could’ve put something malicious on the network, and that’s being checked. We tried, how should I put this, some gentle persuasion on Dominguez, but he hasn’t broken.”

Asked what President Trump plans to do with the cyberthief, he added, “His status right now is ‘detained’ until further notice.”