VIDEO: Who Elected Him? Klaus Schwab Signs Order Drafting US Men And Women To Fight In WW3!

The winds of change blow fiercely, and amidst these gusts, whispers of a grave decision emerge. Klaus Schwab, the influential leader of the World Economic Forum, allegedly claims he holds an executive order. An order that could see our young men and women being dispatched to the battlefield, should a third World War be upon us.

Dubai Discussions

The bustling city of Dubai recently became a stage for Schwab’s bold assertions. Addressing an audience of 600 deemed experts, the topic wasn’t commerce or culture, but the dominance of global leadership.

It seems, to some, when Schwab issues a command, the Biden administration might be poised to obey. But the question arises, since when is America duty-bound to global agendas?

The Globalist Blueprint

It’s no secret; there are individuals and groups with grand designs to sculpt the global landscape. With ever-increasing globalization, the ambition to harness economies and exert influence is tempting.

But at what cost? Is the price the future of our youth, sent to foreign lands, for conflicts not of their making?

Israel: A Pawn in a Larger Game?

A startling revelation from Lord Rothschild throws light on a masterplan where Israel plays a significant role, possibly hinting at a World War. Events in Israel eerily mirror the tragic incidents of 9/11. And in both instances, government involvement is speculated. Media narratives surrounding these events echo a larger, more sinister plan at play.

Inside Jobs and Ignored Warnings

The assault on Israel raised many eyebrows. Top security professionals were baffled, calling it an operation bearing the classic signs of an inside job. Numerous sources, including the Times of Israel, Associated Press, and Al-Jazeera, have shed light on warnings given to Israeli officials. Yet, the response from their defense forces was conspicuously delayed.

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Hidden Hands and Historic Plans

Those well-versed in history will recall how the Rothschilds have eyed Palestine for ages. Albert Pike’s writings from 1871 hint at machinations that seem to be unfolding now. This isn’t mere current affairs; it appears as a meticulously designed plot spanning centuries.

Klaus Schwab’s declarations, boasting of his influence over Western democracies, brings to the forefront the depth of this penetration. And President Biden’s alignment with this strategy becomes evident. Especially as he embarks on what many term a “high-stakes” trip to Israel soon.

A World in Chaos

A cycle of violence, once ignited, can be self-perpetuating. Some elites seem determined to plunge humanity into chaos, aiming for power, wealth, and control. The vision of a singular global governance, forged through conflict, looms ominously on the horizon.

Consequences and Reflection

Such machinations, if allowed to proceed unchecked, could drastically alter the world’s socio-political fabric. The very foundations of democracy, freedom, and self-determination are at stake. As citizens of this world, we must ponder – do we stand by, mere spectators to our fate, or raise our voices against such ominous designs? The future of our world might depend on our choice.