Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of October 21, 2023

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of October 21, 2023: The latest video will be shown earlier at the official website, restoredrepublic. Co. Judy Note, the gold/asset-backed global currency reset was on the verge of completion. The Iraqi Dinar had revalued on the majority of the world’s population resided in nations that had joined the Bricks Alliance, which refused to accept the Fiat US dollar for trade. The Israel-Hamas war was playing out as a movie script, increasing tensions and threats of nuclear strikes around the globe while trying to promote a World War III.

No one really knew what was going on except for the cabal, which was manipulating US-incorporated to fund both sides of the war. Israel was not a Jewish state and leaders of the Jewish community have come out against Israel. With over 430 criminal indictments about to be filed against him, President Biden was expected to resign at any time, and especially by 2’s 24th of October, when the Supreme Court decision on the Brunson case verifying 2020 voter fraud was set to be made public. Us district attorneys and US sheriffs were working together to criminally charge Anthony Fauci and many others for racketeering,

collusion in creating the Wuhan virus and premeditated murder of thousands by Remdesivir and COVID vaccines. Warning: US citizens traveling abroad are urged to exercise increased caution in light of the heightened global tensions spurred by Hamas terror attack on Israel and the unfolding Israel- Hamas war, the State Department said in a new advisory on Thursday. Due to increased tensions in various locations around the world, the potential for terrorist attacks, demonstrations, or violent actions against US citizens and interests,

the Department of State advises US citizens overseas to exercise increased caution, officials said in the worldwide caution alert. The mystery of Israel solved documentary film, whatever is happening behind the scenes is all part of a masterful plan, and everyone should keep their heads up and faith strong. Trump is protected and insulated. You are watching a movie. Everything has meaning. It had to be this way. Sometimes you must walk through the darkness before you see the light, queue, into the storm on Telegram. Israel is not a Jewish state.

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There was absolutely no Zionism and Judaism. The mystery of Israel solved is a documentary about Zionism, the entities behind the current war in Israel, and how they have used it to start World War III. Biden is going down tonight. Mel Gibson, Thursday 19th of October. Biden is a sexual predator and a perverted pedophile, according to a former member of his staff when he was a Senator. Tara Reed claims Biden sexually assaulted her when she worked under him. The left ignored her claims when she made them public during the 2020 presidential campaign.

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By May 20th, 2023, Tara Reed had defected to Russia for protection. Us district attorneys and US sheriffs were working together to criminally charge Anthony Fauci, Ralph Barik, Peter Desac, and many others for racketeering, collusion in creating the Wuhan virus, and premeditated murder of thousands by Remdesivir and COVID vaccines. Social media censors are using disinformation claims to silence free speech. 136 academics, historians, and journalists have warned. Social networks, government officials, universities, and NGOs are attempting to label legitimate opinions as fake news,

according to the group of influential thinkers. Jfk warned US. President John F. Kennedy spoke out against corruption and intelligence agencies, secret societies, and the military-industrial complex. He refused to sign Operation Northwoods, the CIA false flagged plan to start military conflict with Cuba. Look it up. President Kennedy stood up against the machine and paid the ultimate price for it. We need more leaders willing to fight corruption if we are to survive as a free nation. A rumored global currency reset timeline, the Iraqi Dinar has revalued and for the past week has been trading on the back screens of the forex,

putting itself in a position for the new exchange rate that was soon to be made public. Iraqi banks have been telling Iraqi citizens that the Iraqi Dinar rate has been changing up in value on the back screens of the forex and the new rate was about to be announced by the Central Bank of Iraq board of directors. The Central Bank of Iraq suspended Western Union Service for international money transfer. Iraq joined bricks and banned cash withdrawals of US dollars in Iraq. Overnight, Sunday, 15th of October, the banks completed the remaining layers of payments,

and that same Sunday, the IMF and World Bank held their last meeting. By Monday 16th of October, the Dinar was fluctuating in value on the back screens of the forex, though was mainly at $1.47 to the USD in-country. Also, the RV launch algorithms were said to be ready to go. Dubai one had been released and Dubai 2 had almost finished its launch. On second, 17th of October, Iraq passed a law giving 5% interest rates on all bank deposits. They encouraged Iraqi citizens to move their dinars from under the mattress and deposit them in the bank for profit.

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Our new automated banking systems are waiting to make it happen for you. On Wednesday 18th of October, Iraq raised their interest rates because they were going to raise the value of the Iraqi dinar. The 20 or so days of disclosure was believed to have begun around Sunday first of October. If so, that would take the RV timeline to this Friday 20th of October when all buy-sell-bond operations will be closed, meaning you can’t buy any more bonds. You have to ask why perhaps the RV. Ebs activation on Sunday 22nd of October Q says that after Argentina’s election on Sunday 22nd of October, everything would change and the world would soon have no internet for a while.

We are approaching that timeline. Get ready for it, Q. Ebs activation on twos. 24th of October, when the Supreme Court was expected to announce their decision on the Brentz and 2020 election fraud case, which could take down the Biden administration and all of Congress. Could this cause riots and be the EBS activation date. Ebs activation on twos. 31st of October, Trump said he was turning off the frigging lights at Halloween. Did he mean EBS activation on 2’s 31st of October? Starting the fourth week of October, repatriation and reclamation allowances would be paid out.

The amount of money’s paid back will be based on federal taxes paid since the 1940s, interest on mortgages, bank loans, car loans and credit card interest, along with interest earned on those monies over the years. Those 60 and older will be paid in three equal monthly payments for October, November, and December. Those 50-60 will get payments over the next 12 months, and those younger will be paid out over 15 years, though they have to be employed in order to qualify. Starting sometime in October and continuing for three months social security benefits will be significantly higher, topping out of $5,200.

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Repatriation allowances for 60 and older will begin the 18th or 25th of October as the beginning of three equal payments over the next three months. Wednesday first of November was the goal to have currency exchanges and Zimband redemptions completed, although the date could vary. On Sunday 19th of November, XRP gold/asset-backed digital currency would be official. Starting January first, 2024, the Fiat US dollar will be worthless. All currencies across the globe will be on par one to one with each other. Social security benefits will be much higher in the SSR and R payments start on a monthly basis.

In the next 3-6 months, the Rodriguez Trust will begin to administer universal basic income for citizens of Al Jizarra compliant countries. The amount per individual or family will depend on the status, needs, employment level and age of the person/family and will work to encourage people to work if they can. B Global Currency Reset. Thursday 19th of October, Bruce, currency sellers have been advised they were no longer able to sell currencies after 11:59 p. M. Friday night, 20th of October, Central Daylight Time. Once the currency sellers stopped being able to sell, tier 4b, us, the Internet group, would go.

The optimal time we could be notified was Saturday morning, 21st of October, Wednesday 18th of October. Marks, on the bond side, there are some with appointments this Friday, 20th of October, and they are expecting full funding. There are also a couple appointments for over the weekend. There are still expectations of things paying out overnight tonight. Starting in Asia and Europe and moving our way, the petro dollar is done. If anyone is to buy any Bricks Nation’s oil, you will have to pay in their currency.

They are not accepting the US dollar. Wed. 18 Walvarine. All operations will be closing by the 20th of October, which means you can’t buy any more bonds. They will be shutting down. We are that close, guys. The launch algorithms were ready to go on Monday 16th of October. Dubai 1 has been released and Dubai 2 could be finished by now. Banks completed the remaining layers of payments overnight, Sunday 15th of October. Wednesday 18th of October, PNT. The window for the rate change is still open.