Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of December 2, 2023

GCR Update USA

Restored Republic via GCR, update is of December 2nd , 2023. The latest video will be shown earlier at the official website, restoredrepublic. Co. Duty Note, don’t let truth offend you. Let it change you. Thursday, 30th of November, the storm has arrived. Charlie Ward, Jocko 107. Wednesday 29th of November, mass arrests and tribunals. Video, ready or not. The world must see these in order to heal.

Thursday 30th of November, nanoparticles released to cause sicknesses, brain strokes, military insider gives urgent emergency warning. They just release it. A military insider has given an urgent emergency warning that nanoparticles are being released that are potentially being linked to sicknesses and diseases and potentially even strokes, according to Dr. G. Ordano, Professor of Neurology at Georgetown University Medical Center, and Executive Director of the Institute for Bio-Defense Research in Washington, D.

C. He serves as an advisor to the Defense Department and NATO, working on the Havana syndrome issue since 2017. House Republicans are considering holding a formal vote next month to authorize the impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden as the party looks to legitimize an investigation into wrongdoing by the President. Gop leaders floated the possibility of a vote during a closed-door meeting with Republican lawmakers Wednesday morning, according to a person familiar with the private discussion who was granted anonymity to discuss it. The possible reversal from House Republicans comes amid a growing standoff with the White House over requests for information related to Biden and his family.

Republican leaders have long said a vote on the impeachment investigation was unnecessary, but a reconsidering as White House lawyers use the lack of formal House authorization to argue that the entire investigation lacks constitutional legitimacy. Biden Impeachment Document. Thursday 30th of November, Biden administration causing crisis at the border. One hour ago, Ted Cruz made huge announcement. The fall of the cabal. The plan to save the world. A rumored timeline. Friday first of December on the queue clock. Charlie freak. When the countdown completed itself on queue official today, Wednesday 29th of November, it immediately switched to a new screen with new wording, 30 hours remaining to Friday first of December.

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It’s happening. Six o’clock is dangerous. Nothing stop this. Panic. By Saturday second of December. Worldwide Sky Event Green Light 2 days, queue on Wednesday 29th of November 2023, first week in December, Trump will be back according to a military contact. At some point, Project Oden begins. Star-lank-ebs-active X, new financial system, 10-day movie, new currency rates effective, Trump return. Before Christmas, December 2023, MedBed’s announced the holiday miracle, MedBed’s set to be revealed this December. Get ready for a health revolution. -gazatler. We’re on the brink of witnessing an unprecedented leap in medical science, an evolution so significant that our current healthcare systems will be rendered and equated overnight.

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An individual’s journey, soon to be Livestreamed for all to see, will invite us to witness their first step into the facility and the triumph and exit, garbed in close of their choosing, courtesy of a replicate or post-treatment. On Monday first of January, all gold/asset-backed currencies across the globe would be on par one to one with each other. In the US, Social Security benefits will be much higher in the SSR and R payments would start on a monthly basis. In 3-6 months, the Rodriguez Trust will begin to administer universal basic income for citizens of Al Jizarra-compliant countries.

The amount per individual or family will depend on the status, needs, employment level and age of the person/family, and will work to encourage people to work if they can. 2030 was the timing goal for the DeepState Cabal to have their digital ID great reset of non-asset-backed currency in place so they could have power over the peoples of the world through controlling individual bank accounts, what people can spend and what they can spend it on. B Global Currency Reset, Wednesday 29th of November 2023. Wilvareen, updated information on international transactions of securities, promissory notes, cash, and assets.

Reno released the funds on 2s 28th of November, and were available at midnight, Wednesday 29th of November. Payments in Reno began Thursday 30th of November and will continue on Friday first of December. All other platforms will start over the weekend. It’s exciting times, guys. This is real and not a rumor or BS. Reno has started. Tomorrow will be opera time and tomorrow is party time. Thursday 30th of November, Mike Burrah, bondholders just got calls to verify their bank account information for payment. Thursday 30th of November marks, bond people have been told to have all their information updated by 3:00 PM, E-sd, Thursday, 30th of November.

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The tip from Mike Burrah RV was that, as bond people told him, the RV will arrive by Friday first of December. Thursday, 30th of November, Bruce tier four B, Us, the Internet group, exchanges were supposed to start on Friday first of December notification to bondholders were going out Thursday night 30th of November. They should have access tomorrow on Friday first of December, yesterday, Wednesday 29th of December. Rates on Dinar and Daung were put out on Redemption Center screens that were terrific and they were even higher today.

It is important that you set your appointment through an 800 number and go to a Redemption Center to exchange. The rates at the redemption center were much higher, as many as four times higher than they were at the bank. Wednesday 29th of November, TNT call, Iraqis were at banks opening accounts and getting electronic cards. The three letter agencies are still saying the approval has been given and they are working it through the system and it could happen any minute between now and the end of the month, Thursday 30th of November. Two’s 28th of November. Bruce, currency dealers will be changing their currency rates Wednesday, 28th of November, night after midnight.

A top Wells Fargo bank source said Tier 4B would be exchanging by Thursday 30th of November of this week. Another source said Tier 4B would be exchanging on Thursday, 30th of November on Wednesday, 29th of November. The sovereigns and Chinese elders will be paid starting overnight twos into Wednesday overnight. Depending on how that goes will determine when Tier 4B will be notified to set appointments, restitution and reclamation allowances in a lump sum payment. A significant increase in Social Security starts the first week of December for ages 62 and over.

Nizra came in on Thanksgiving Night, November 23rd 2023 at 11:11 p. M. Thursday, 30th of November, American Patriot on Telegram, QFS. Many of the major corporations around the world have already begun the process of interfacing their networks together on the QFS. As Protocol 20 continues to test its system with these new technologies connecting to one another, we will witness an explosion of new services available to us on January 30th, 2024, providing the vote to move forward with Protocol 20 is agreed upon. See Global Financial Crisis, Thursday 30th of November, Benjamin Fulford. This is huge, folks. The deep state digital ID great reset.

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I cannot think of a more dangerous initiative than this. Nigel Faraj comments on the recent call by unelected head of the EU, Ursula von der Leyen. For world leaders to roll out digital ID, CBDC, and a cashless society globally by 2030. If we’re not careful, we head towards a Chinese style social credit system where unless you go along with the views of the day, you become a non-person. Bank of America ordered to pay $12 million for reporting false mortgage data. End of the central banking system. Global financial system has reached its end. Global financial system. Felford, Benjamin Felford. This is huge, folks.

An avalanche of branch closing as US banks try to stay alive. D-thursday, November 30th, 2023, Bruce, the big call. A couple of days ago, 59 new satellites were sent up and that completed the formation of the Starlink satellite system. The satellites were fully synchronized by a Thursday, 30th of November. Tireb, us, the Internet group, exchanges were supposed to start on Friday first of December. Notification to bondholders were going out tonight and they should have access tomorrow on Friday first of December. Yesterday, Wednesday 29th of December, rates on Dinar and Daung were put out on Redemption Center screens that were terrific and they were higher today.

It is important that you set your appointment through an 800 number and go to a Redemption Center to exchange. The rates at the Redemption Center were much higher, as many as four times higher than they were on the bank screens. E. Restored Republic, Ben Fulford. For months, we have known about the indictments, growing from 25,000 to 50,000 and now rising to more than 200,000. For years, we have known about the many political business and entertainment elite who like to hobnob with child sex traffickers like Jeffrey Epstein and are involved in pedophilia. As of December fifth, 2022, there were 182,771 sealed, 21,381 unsealed, and 409,000.