Video Shows ‘Spherical, Silver’ UFO Flying Over Air Force One at LAX

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Airplane enthusiasts at Los Angeles International Airport captured a UFO flying directly above Joe Biden’s Air Force One during his visit for a campaign fundraiser on December 10.

The spherical, white or silver object was observed multiple times over LAX, documented by various witnesses.

Speculations on its nature range from a simple balloon to an alien probe on the lookout for intelligent life. Regardless, it seemed to maintain interest in the President’s entourage for almost an hour.


The appearance of the object sparked discussions on social media due to its similarity to metallic orb UFOs captured by Reaper drones in the Middle East and studied by the government’s official UFO office. Experts say they cannot definitively state it was a drone or balloon due to its position within the low information zone.

Airplane enthusiasts Joshua and Peter Solorzano, filming at LAX airport on December 10, managed to capture two F-35 fighter jets patrolling the skies, enforcing a Temporary Flight Restriction for the Commander-in-Chief. They even documented these jets being refueled mid-air by a KC-10 tanker aircraft.

However, at 10:18 am during their livestream for the YouTube channel LA Flights, they noticed a white sphere darting across the screen. The object reappeared at 10:21 am and later at 11:08 am directly above cameraman Joshua Solorzano, prompting speculations about its nature.

While Joshua considered it a balloon, Peter referred to it as a ‘UAP’—the government’s preferred term for Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena. The two joked about the Secret Service seizing their footage.

Chris Cullari, a screenwriter from Los Angeles, reported seeing a similar object around 12:30 pm while walking through Culver City. He observed it for about 15 minutes and noted the presence of an LAPD helicopter in the vicinity.

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Movie director Robert Wood also witnessed the white sphere moving across the sky in North Hollywood between 12:30 pm and 1 pm, describing it as a solid, large object moving at a rapid pace.

The silver orb captured by the Solorzanos bears a resemblance to UFOs caught on Reaper drone cameras in the Middle East, as disclosed by the government’s UFO investigation office AARO earlier this year.