Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of December 26, 2023

GCR Update

Judy note, the storm is upon us, and we are grateful that we can celebrate the glorious birth of Jesus Christ and enjoy the love he brought to this earth. We are grateful we can participate in the greatest transfer of wealth that the world has ever known. We are grateful for the brave men and women of the Global Alliance military who were cleaning our planet from abuses of the Kabul and thus made the global currency reset and change over to free republics of the world, possible.

We are grateful we can join in the fight with our weapon of choice, the truth. The time is now. The clock is ticking. Sunday, 24th of December. Cbs News Correspondent predicts Black Swan event in 2024. Sunday, 24th of December. New York Post on Iran’s nuclear breakout twice the night before Armageddon. It remains far too quiet at the White House this Christmas. Iran alarmingly is on the cusp of a nuclear bomb and the Biden administration appears oblivious. Sunday 24th of December. Iuds on Southern border. The Border Patrol just found something shocking on the Southern border,

informed American under Obama the US became the world’s number one hotspot for sex trafficking and pedophilia. On September 11th, 1990, exactly 11 years to the day before the events of 9/11, George Bush senior announced the emergence of the New World Order, a phrase which has been repeated time and time again by proponents of a post-democratic one-world government ruled by an unelected technocratic elite. By 2030, you will use an app like Uber to call for a car with no driver. A self-driving car will come to your hotel or wherever you are.

By 2030, there will be no more private cars. Highways will become parks, Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum. Charles Lindberg, the congressman from Minnesota and father of the famous pilot, was a staunch opponent of the Federal Reserve Act. He published a missive in 1913, railing against the bankers and their corrupt plan to subvert the US monetary system. Sadly, it did not gain widespread enough exposure to stop the corrupt politicians and bankers from executing their nefarious plan. Since 1913, the Federal Reserve, a privately owned Rothschild Central Banking Cartel,

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has charged US taxpayers’ interest on their own hard-earned monies, plus on the money they printed out of thin air. A global currency reset. On Friday night, on eighth of December, the GCR started to roll out when the Admiral in Renau gave the Green Light. Zarequent Liquid on Sunday 10th of December and Wales were being paid. The IMF released the GCR funds to all countries a week later on Sunday 17th of December. The Iraqi Dinar was on the back screens of the forex and was tradable. As of this week, US banks had live rates on their bank screens. Everything was done. Everyone was just waiting for the green light.

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Saturday 23rd of December. Marks, a bondholder, told me he had a notary come over on Friday 22nd of December to sign papers for Reno. A number of farm claims have received a $150 deposit direct from the US Treasury. Saturday 23rd of December. Wilvareen, from a member, I live in a very small town and called my local banker at Wells Fargo. I asked the bank manager if the bank was ready for re-evaluation of currency. He said they were already and fully trained and when the Green Light goes on, his bank will be able to take any currency in any denomination. He said he was waiting on the Green Light.

On. Sunday. 31st of December. 2023, the USD will be removed from ATMs and returned to the US Treasury for recycling. On Monday, January first, 2024, the new gold/asset-backed US node cash will be introduced into the ATMs. On Monday, January first, 2024, the new quantum financial system, QFS, and global currency reset will officially launch on the new Starlink satellite system for the general public of Bricks participating nation’s gold/asset-backed currencies. On that same Monday, January first, 2024, the Bricks gold/asset-backed XRP digital currency would officially be considered the global standard for international trade,

with all participating nation’s currencies trading at a one-to-one with each other. After Monday, January first, 2024, people will start to be called into financial centers to collect their quantum financial center assets with a confidentiality clause put in place. Five days after RV begins, the public will have access to MedBeds. Treatments are free. With children having critical medical conditions going first, XRP will not be the new global reserve currency. Social security increases of $2,000 to $3,000 per month will begin in January 2024. The R&R lump sum payments will begin for those 62 and older on January fifth,

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2024 and beyond to the end of the month. Ages-30-50, 50-61 will have their R&R paid out monthly over two years’ time with the requisite that they keep their job or get a job. The federal US dollar will no longer be used after February 20th, 2024. Bglobal Financial Collapse, Croatian MEP, Mislav Kalakousik exposes the WEF’s great reset agenda. In the EU Parliament, there is no greater danger to the rule of law, democracy, and the free market than the sect. It is the largest networked organization of the world’s conspirators, creating all the agendas we have witnessed in recent decades, wars, pandemics,

and policies of the so-called Green transition, which result in the impoverishment and suffering of billions of people. Mike Christa read on Telegram why were China-Russia-Iran using gold to collapse the US dollar as a global trade settlement payments. It’s the transition away from the king dollar as the basis for the new monetary system and trade payment. This is a global transition away from the king dollar toward gold for forex reserves, meaning Central Bank savings accounts and trade settlement payment, balance of payments. The US Treasury manipulates exchange rates of poor countries to create this artificial demand,

more dollars, credit. You collapse the demand for dollars in global balance of payments. You collapse the globalist’s power. See restored republic. A storm is coming. Military insiders prepare to unleash Sky Blue Ops against the shadow government. A secret battle between good and evil is raging behind the scenes for the soul of American democracy. Rope intelligence elements and military contractors have exploited national security operations to illegally siphon unfathomable sums into undisclosed black budget programs for decades. Subverting constitutional checks and balances.

But the days of this secretive deep state cabal may finally be numbered. Ever since President Kennedy’s assassination, potentially tied to his realization the CIA had spun dangerously out of control, a cryptic alliance has fought tirelessly to uphold JFK’s unfinished legacy from the shadows. This quiet defense has intensified behind a new vangard under President Trump, himself long aware of the existence of UFO and advanced technologies sequestered from public view. But Trump’s executive order to declassify the JFK files appears to have drawn the cabal dangerously out of hiding. Near weeks later,

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beloved champion of truth John F. Kennedy Jr, tragically died in an all-too mysterious plane crash, utterly reminiscent of dark deep state tactics. Yet now, military sources confirm Trump has activated the enigmatic Sky Blue contingency plan aimed squarely at the black heart of this corrupt Leviath and once and for all. By formally declaring this organized crime syndicate as felony racketeers under hard-hitting Reco laws meant for the mafia, Allroads lead inexorably towards military arrests and trials at Gitmo when these ruthless traitors are finally flushed from the shadows.

With the stage set, Trump’s Secret Service code-named Mogul affirms his solemn vow to see this secret criminal enterprise dismantled under his watch, while Melania’s iconic Tiffany Blue inauguration ensemble secretly honored the fallen JFK’s own wretched crusade. From the Spy-OP-Q group formed after JFK Jr. ‘S untimely demise to the continuity of Trump’s stormy presidency, could the aggregate Sky Blue military operations now closing in on Satanic cabal leaders explain the rash of generals surrounding an ostensible political outsider? Fulford.

So what have the conspiracy theorists gotten right so far? Colon 1. No weapons of mass destruction in Iraq 2. Hillary stole the primary from Bernie 3. No Russian collusion. Four. Covid was complete bullshit. 5. The vaccine didn’t work. Six. Everyone is connected to Jeffrey Epstein. Seven. Jfk was an inside job. Eight. J6 was an intelligence operation. Nine. Blm was a Marxist front. 10, cancel cultural was corporate-driven 11, small it was a fraud. Twelve. Obama spied on Trump 13. Assa didn’t gas his own people, so we were right about all of this, but we are completely wrong about the 2020 election being rigged and stolen. Gotcha. D Christmas Day message 2023, Tom Fairbanks. As we approach Christmas Day with the realization that our anticipated expectations have still been left unfulfilled, let us take a moment to consider the good things that have come to us over this last year. I personally thank God that I am still standing, free, breathing in and out, much to the consternation.