Police Threaten To Arrest Citizens Who Criticize Child Rapist

Police in the UK are threatening to arrest citizens who criticize a convicted serial child rapist, according to reports.

South Yorkshire Police posted an image of a 41-year-old man called Ziad Taibi, who “raped a vulnerable child after spotting them wandering the streets alone at night.” He was jailed for 15 years.

Modernity.news reports: However, after people began to respond angrily to the actions of the child rapist, the spotlight was turned on them.

“While we welcome comments on our posts and understand people may have different views, we do not tolerate racism on our page. If racist remarks or comments continue, we will turn off comments on this post. Such comments may also be investigated,” SYP posted on X.

The force subsequently disabled comments on the thread, adding, “We do not tolerate hate on our page.”

“When a foreign-born man snatches a child off the streets and r*pes them, you’re not supposed to draw a very obvious conclusion,” wrote Raw Egg Nationalist

“And if you do, the police will come after you. We live in the worst kind of anarcho-tyranny.”

Other respondents ridiculed South Yorkshire Police with relish.