AWESOME! MTG Flaunts Hunter Biden Porn Pics At Contempt Hearing!

A series of claims have recently surfaced suggesting that former First Lady Michelle Obama, previously known as Michael Robinson, altered her identity in conjunction with the rise of her husband, Barack Obama, in the political arena. These allegations have been circulating, with some individuals, including Michelle Obama’s alleged high school ex-boyfriend David Upchurch, adding to … Read more

Zelensky Visits Baltic States Begging For More Weapons

Volodymyr Zelensky has arrived in Latvia, the final stop on his Baltic mini-tour where he has been appealing for further support, particularly in the form of missiles for Ukraine’s air defence system. Ukraine has proven stopping Russia is possible, but it “badly” needs modern air defence systems, the Ukrainian President said as he toured European … Read more

WEF Holding Urgent ‘Disease X’ Tabletop Exercises: ’20 Times More Casualties Than Covid’

Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum are holding a tabletop exercise this week regarding the mysterious “Disease X” which they claim will claim “20 times more casualties than the Covid pandemic.” According to the WEF, the meeting which commences on January 17 will address efforts needed to prepare healthcare for “multiple challenges ahead.” “With fresh warnings … Read more

‘Joe Must Win – We Cannot Let Go of Our Democracy’ Says Jill Biden

First lady Jill Biden said Thursday Appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Thursday, the First Lady said that her husband Joe Biden, must win the 2024 election. Jill Biden calimed he has to win because “we cannot let go of our democracy.” During the interview Mrs Biden also said that the president’s age “was an asset”. Breitbart … Read more

Democrat Insider Warns Michelle Obama’s History As a Man Is Being Exposed

Barack Obama has laid the groundwork to push Biden out and promote his wife Michelle Obama to the role of Democrat presidential nominee, as Biden’s disastrous 2024 re-election campaign continues to make dumpster fires look vital and compelling. Things are so dire in the Biden camp that even the mainstream media has been forced to … Read more

WEF Predicts New ‘Disease X’ Will Kill BILLIONS by 2030

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has predicted that a new ‘Disease X’ will wipe out billions of humans by the year 2030. The 2024 agenda is one for the ages. Attendees will be required to watch Pfizer’s Albert Bourla and Open AI’s Sam Altman talk about how the elite plan to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) … Read more

China Unveils World’s First ‘Invisibility Cloak’

China has unveiled the world’s first invisibility cloak – bringing humanity one step closer to the realm of Harry Potter. Take a look: Pingba Farm, Guizhou, China — Figen (@TheFigen_) January 11, 2024 China reveals the world's inaugural invisibility cloak. — ScienceSeeker (@marStarship1) January 11, 2024 reports: Here’s the IndianExpress covering the invention: Chinese researcher … Read more

Ourage As Drivers Are Stopped From Using Cash To Pay For Paking In UK Town

The introduction of a new cashless parking trial in a part of South London has caused fury with some of the fresidents. They fear that a cashless parking system being trialled in Purley will drive shoppers away and make things difficult for the elderly who may not have smart phones. RingGo, an app operated system … Read more

UK & US Forces Bomb Dozens Of Iran Backed Targets Across Yemen

UK and American forces attacked Iran-backed rebels in Yemen on Thursday night using warships, fighter jets and submarines. Britains RAF launched strikes against Houthi military facilities in response to a series of attacks on international shipping in the Red Sea. The move, according, to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, was in ‘self-defence’. He said the UK … Read more

British PM Makes Surprise Visit To Ukraine Announcing A £2.5Bn increase In Military Aid

British prime minister Rishi Sunal is making a surprise visit to Kiev to meet President Zelensky as the UK announced it will provide £2.5 billion in miltary funding to Ukraine over the coming year. The announcement was made just hours after Sunak authorized strikes against Iran backed Houthi rebels in Yemen as Britain joined the US … Read more