JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE VIDEO: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of january 16, 2024

GCR Update

JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE VIDEO: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of january 16, 2024: The latest video will be shown earlier at the official website, restoredrepublic. Co. Judy, note, on Tuesday, 23rd of January, all banks across the world that were not Basel III compliant, have gold/asset-backed monies would be closed, setting the stage for a global financial collapse that would be saved by a global currency reset and takeover of the global military alliance. In other words, these financial events, when combined with the deep state cabal’s attempts to start World War III in the Middle East,

was bound to bring on martial law across the globe. And as usual, not a word was being said about it in the mainstream media. Get your popcorn. We’re about to experience a lot of big surprises next week. Megabank J. P. Morgan, owner of international shipping and Ethereum Digital Monies, was set to collapse by filing for bankruptcy on twos. January 23, 2024. As of twos, 23rd of January, all banks not Basel III compliant will be collapsed. Biden’s US deficit budget based on fiat US dollars has soared by 50%. The Deep State US Incorporated was facilitating a planned food shortage,

deep population agenda. Obama encouraging, incentivizing illegal immigrants to vote. Friday, 12th of January, the US and UK were bombing civilians in the capital of Yemen. A Friday, 12th of January, a computer outage grounded thousands of flights in out of the US. Hezbolas leeper cells led in by Biden’s open border policy are planning attack on US. Friday, 12th of January, Cryptocurrency’s Dark Secrets, Breaking, Ethereum Insider exposes Cryptocurrency’s Dark Secrets, threatens to expose criminals of unprecedented magnitude. On Thursday, 11th of January evening, there were reports of attacks on the US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq,

and attacks on US bases in Iraq, with top US military leaders in Iraq assassinated. Could this be a move by the White Hats to get the US military out of Iraq so the global currency reset could occur? Friday, 12th of January, Red Pill Time. Understanding the scale of the Great Awakening. Friday, 12th January. Join me on another red pill journey. Hertz car rental company to sell 20,000 electric vehicles, switch back to gasoline-powered vehicles due to hazardous fires. Friday, 12th of January, White Hats Intel Expose. Events orchestrated by the CIA and the FBI to provoke civil unrest in preparation for a civil war scenario.

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In God we trust. The mainstream media can’t push the lies anymore. Thousands of digital soldiers dig up the facts in minutes and spread the truth within hours. Narratives that would last weeks are destroyed in days. We are the news. We are the storm. For those against the QAnon movement, let’s remove Q from the equation. We are patriots from all around the world fighting for humanity, truth, freedom, saving the children, and exposing evil and corruption of the last century. Which part exactly do you disagree with, Sue Carvath? A Global Currency Reset, Thursday 11th of January marks.

There are great expectations of last minute changes to compliance over this weekend. The chatter is notifications early next week. There has been some incredible chatter, gossip, and rumors today. Group contacts have erupted through the day. Will it happen? We don’t know yet. Other contacts are saying the same thing. One contact has planted misinformation in the past, so I’m not sure if it’s misinformation now or not. But you are probably seeing it all over the boards already. The chatter is notifications early next week. Just cross your fingers and hope it’s accurate.

I’m excited but going to stay grounded. Thursday, 11th of January, Wolverine. The codes have been locked in. I received a confirmation yesterday, but it was confidential. Carlos Pate has actually put it in the Telegram channel, so I decided wanted to place it in the room. The funds might get released tonight or may get released tomorrow. We just don’t know. Everything is ready to go. There is nothing more to do. We just have to sit back and wait for the green light. Another thing, MedBeds are ready. I spoke to someone, actually a few days ago, who is in charge of the MedBeds in Colombia.

They are just waiting for the green light for this to happen. There are 150 MedBeds in Colombia. This was confirmed by Charlie Ward as well. That is all I can tell you at the moment, Wilverine. Thursday, 11th of January, Bruce, an Intel person said Tira 4B, us, the Internet group, would get notification to set appointments by Friday, 12:00 Jan. But that might not happen because the whales have completed what they needed to do. And expect to be notified of when they get access to their funds over this coming weekend. A major Paymaster said they were working over the next 48 hours to Saturday, 13th of January,

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to get a mediator paid. Another Another source said Tira 4B should get notification to set appointments sometime between Friday, 12th of January and Monday, 15th of January. The R&R should happen in January, and that will come out a week after the Tira 4B start exchanges. Social security increases should still happen in this month of January. Thursday, 11th of January, Wolverine. Yesterday morning, Wednesday, 10th of January, RC leaders, managers, and banks throughout the United States entered their access codes at the US Treasury at around 11:30,

noon. Est. Now they just need to be given the green light to proceed and send the emails to Tier 4B, US, the Internet Group, to arrange our appointments. Some bondholders have received emails, and some are still waiting for emails. I think most should have them tonight for access to accounts, obtain 10% of those funds, with access to the remaining 90% in 90 days. Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Soudani and the governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Al-Alak, would both be attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, for the annual meeting January 14th to 19th.

Everyone is expecting the RV on Sunday 14th of January. According to Soudani, the IMF, which is in charge of timing, said, anytime Friday to Sunday. Judy, note, bond liquidity has to happen first, which is going on right now. Wolverine, people are traveling. I was on a call with a huge whale who is going to Bogotá for his blessing. We are definitely close. Notifications are coming out for bondholders. Rumor is that the notifications for T4BF started going out. Texas snake. While someone erases prior posts, I am relatively certain I mentioned we should stay alert between the days of January 10th to 12th,

and now I press those dates, so stay tuned for any update relative to our expectations. Thursday, January 11th, 2024 US Congress Financial Services Subcommittee on Digital Currency. The Financial Services Subcommittee has issued an official statement regarding digital economic adoption and stablecoin payment implementation in the United States. It is increasingly clear, as we have been stating in this room, that the United States of America is embarking upon a new digital asset-based trading system supported by the commodities market.

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Our new tokenized assets going forward will be coordinated with new Basel III compliant banking protocols. A gold standard set of rules and regulations will begin to guide this process as further benchmarks are achieved to solidify this new global financial system. Friday, 12th of January, Indonesia Financial Services Authority, OJK issues new rules to support banking digitalization. The new regulations aim to provide a level playing field and guidance for banks in developing digital services and assessing digital maturity. Be recent history of the GCR,

Sunday, July 30th, 2023, Putin announced the global currency reset. Monday, July 31st, 2023, Putin signed a digital rubble bill into law. At the August 23rd, 2023, BRICS Summit, BRICS Alliance nations abandoned the fiat US dollar. On Tuesday, December 26th, 2023, Jazar was softly announced publicly to select media outlets through the Starlink satellite system, which made it legal. Jazar has started between all governments’ worldwide. Nizra is now liquid under the USN. For some time, the Iraqi dinar has been trading upward on the backscreens of the Forex.

An admiral contact revealed that the global currency reset was scheduled for January second, 2024, but currency exchange calculations within Iraq was not within guidelines at that time. However, on Monday first of January, the RV occurred for Iraq. The new in-country Iraqi dinar rate was being used in country in Iraq, while the fiat US federal dollar was banned from the country. On Saturday sixth of January, the Secretary of the Treasury was in Reno finalizing the efforts to launch the final phase of the pre-revaluation process. On Monday eighth of January, redemption Center leaders and bank managers their individual access codes to the US Treasury. On Wednesday 10th of January, 2024, all qualified banks around the world connected to the new gold/asset-backed quantum financial system on the new Starlink satellite system. C. The exchange/redemption process. The storm is upon us. We are not going back. Breaking. Dave X. Rp Lion. A matter of fact for all truth seekers. Getting the RV redemption started. Getting the process of RV.