Trudeau Says Trump Winning Presidential Election Would Be A ‘Step Back’

Justin Trudeau believes that Trump winning the 2024 US presidential election would make life tough for Canada and would be a ‘step back’ in relations between the North American neighbors.

The Canadian Prime Minsiter had a rocky relationship with Trump during his first term, and says he believes a re-election would be a ‘step back’ that ‘won’t be easy’ for his country.

Trump accused Trudeau of being ‘weak and ‘dishonest’ back in 2018

The Mail Online reports: His 30-point landslide victory in the Iowa caucuses has now cemented his place as the favorite to be the Republican nominee to line up for a rematch with Joe Biden in November.

And it has sparked nerves from Trudueau.

‘It wasn’t easy the first time and if there is a second time, it won’t be easy either,’ Trudeau said in French during a discussion hosted by the Montreal chamber of commerce.

He added: ‘But we can’t imagine a day when it will ever be easy with the Americans. The main responsibility for any prime minister is to represent and defend Canada’s interests … we’ve been able to do this very well these past few years.

‘Do they want to be a nation that is optimistic and committed to the future? Or will they choose a step backwards, nostalgia for a time that never existed, a populism that reflects a lot the anxiety and fury that people are going through without necessarily offering solutions.

‘It’s always a big challenge to work with any American president, even those like Barack and Joe, with whom I have a lot in common.’

Canada sends 75 per cent of its goods and services exports to the United States and is particularly vulnerable to any U.S. shift toward protectionism.