EU Boss: ‘Independent Media Is More Dangerous Than Islamic Terrorism’

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European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has told WEF attendees that independent media poses a greater threat to humanity than Islamic terrorism.

Speaking at the WEF’s annual confab in Davos, Switzerland on Tuesday, von der Leyen declared that so-called “disinformation” was the biggest problem given 2024 is “the biggest electoral year in history” with numerous elections set to take place around the world.

“For the global business community, the top concern for the next two years is not conflict or climate,” der Leyen declared. “It is disinformation and misinformation, followed closely by polarization within our societies.” reports: Von der Leyen then called for collaboration between governments and corporations to fight against “industrial-scale disinformation” that imperils the establishment’s official narratives.

“Many of the solutions lie not only in countries working together but, crucially, on businesses and governments, businesses and democracies working together,” she said.

“While governments hold many of the levers to deal with the great challenges of our time, business have [sic] the innovation, the technology, the talents to deliver the solutions we need to fight threats like climate change or industrial-scale disinformation.”

“There will always be those who try to exploit our openness, both from inside and out. There will always be attempts to put us off track. For example, with disinformation and misinformation,” she added.

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Von der Leyen’s remarks echo the WEF’s Global Risks Report 2024 which ranks “disinformation” as the biggest global threat above everything except extreme weather.

It ranked as a bigger threat than polarization, the housing crisis, cyberattacks, economic depression, supply-chain disruptions, and even nuclear war.

The globalists’ fear of information they cannot control is underscored by the WEF’s theme for this year’s meeting, “Rebuilding Trust,” which comes amid widespread public distrust in governments and public health institutions after they lied for years about COVID-19, the experimental vaccines, and even alternative treatments like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

“The evidence is out. They tried to kill us all,” Dr. Naomi Wolf said on “War Room” Tuesday. “There’s no polite way to say it. They tried to kill and disable humanity.”

“Now that millions of us know, there was a study that came out recently that showed 52% of Americans think that there have been excess deaths due to vaccines…people are becoming aware of the globalists and their murderous agenda to enslave us.”

“That’s why they have to ‘rebuild trust,’” she pointed out. “And it’s only sociopaths who think that after they tried to murder a globe full of people, or disable them or sterilize them, they can have a conference about rebuilding trust. That’s that sociopathic mindset, that anti-human mindset.”

Watch von der Leyen’s full remarks: