JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE VIDEO: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of january 26, 2024

GCR Update

JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE VIDEO: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of january 26, 2024: The latest video will be shown earlier at the official website, restoredrepublic. Co. Judy note, patriots, God woke you up for a reason. Stay united. Stay together. Stand strong. Where we go one, we go all. On Monday, 22nd of January in Davos, the Deep State sent out an assassination threat to Trump. Explosive expose, Soros assassination threat against President Trump unveiled. Decoding the cryptic message. 2s. 23rd of January, Bomshelle Report. Judy Byington, thousands of children rescued,

mutilated bodies recovered from Biden-owned Ukraine property containing US-run bioweapon labs. On Monday, a treasonous SCoDAs ordered a migrant invasion of America by supporting Biden’s request to tear down a border fence that was ordered erected by the Texas governor. On Tuesday, 23 January, all banks worldwide, not Basel III compliant, have gold/asset-backed monies, were ordered closed, which was expected to result in a global financial crash and immediate need for a global currency reset to gold/asset-backed currencies. On Tuesday, 23 January, January,

Trump released a tape taken in 2020 where Biden and two governors were heard planning a wide-scale assassination of Trump. 2s. 23 January, the event, military Jazar and Esra, US military, Capitol Hill tribunals, treason, Gitmo, mass arrests, blackout, arrest wars, and white hats military, the world teeters on the edge of a cataclysmic event. 2s. 23 January, the Coming Military Tribunals, CIA, JFK assassination, Darpa, Deep State, Epstein Scandal, World Health Crisis, Digital Currency, UEF, Davos, UN, NATO, Elite Agenda as Mockingbird Operation on Wednesday, 24th of January.

Something big was set to happen. On Thursday, 25th of January, there would be an announcement that Princess Diana, John McAfee, John F. Kennedy Jr, Jeffrey Epstein, and other famous people were alive and had been living in a witness protection program, according to Princess Diana. Confirmed, by week’s end, all US Navy ships will be positioned in 22 time zones around the world waiting for a go signal. On Saturday, 27th of January, the emergency broadcast system was set to take over all communication systems worldwide. On October seventh, 2023, Netanyahu ordered a security stand down for seven hours as Hamas attacked Gaza,

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resulting in multiple unwarranted deaths and serious injuries of innocent men, women, and children. 2s. 23 January Undercover Command, the US military’s secret continuity of government devolution plan since January 20th, 2021, Donald Trump’s role as Commander-in-Chief. 2s. 23 January Antarctica Cloning Labs exposed by military. Trump, half of world leaders could be clones programmed by deep state. Trump and military blow the whistle. Cloning lives exposed. Half of world leaders could be fakes. Gazetaler. 2s. 23rd of January, Obama kill list. Barack Hussein Obama, the only guy with a Nobel Peace Prize in a kill list.

2s. 23rd of January decoding God made Trump. President Donald Trump posted this must watch video on Truth Social. God made Trump. A global currency reset. Judy, note, what we think we know this of twos. 23 Jan, all Intel providers are either under NDAs or were neither receiving or giving out Intel. As of twos, 23 January, banks across the world, not Basel III compliant, have gold/asset-backed currency. Will be closed, which will likely lead to a global financial collapse and immediate need for a global currency reset. The Chinese elders have already released the funds to make it happen.

B2b C2s. January 23rd, 2024, Bruce, the big call, according to the local bank’s staff members, were going in today, with more going in tomorrow, with a purpose to make appointments to exchange foreign currency in Zimbons. The numbers for Tier 4A A, B, US, the Internet Group, to make appointments could come out tomorrow, Wednesday, 24th of January. C2s. January 23, 2024, Declassification of Information, Nizara Jaisara, White Hats, quantum financial system, QFS, banking cartels, Brunson brothers, and empowerment of the people. The global financial crisis before the US dollar actually had a real value and was backed by silver.

Today, like the currency of most nations, the Federal Reserve dollar is fiat money unbacked by any physical asset, which means they can basically print as much money as they want, and it’s backed entirely by the full faith of its people and trust in the government that issued it. Eres toward republics, twos. 23rd of January, globalist Satan is about to go down. The Satanic group mind is about to be defeated. The World Economic Forum should be disappeared, says former presidential candidate, Ron Paul, as He called for the abolition of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum,

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believing it to exert an undue influence over both the education system and the medical profession. But a few people have awakened. More people know what went on during the lockdown than they did before the lockdown. It’s looking like the American people are ready to resist that. F timing. On November 21st, 2022, Thanksgiving, a global currency reset agreement was signed by 209 nations in Geneva, Switzerland, and the US Treasury signed an agreement with the Chinese elders, Dave X. R. P. Lion. Thursday, 11th of January was the start of a worldwide financial Armageddon as it was the end of the Deep State Bank’s reverse repurchase agreements they had created

to cover up their bank bankruptcies that began in 2008. On Monday, 15th of January, the global financial system moved from the old fiat Swift system to the gold/asset-backed quantum financial system. By 2:00, 23rd of January, Basel III compliance was finalized for all banks across the globe. In other words, the bank’s monies must be gold/asset-backed or they would be closed down, setting the stage for a global financial collapse. That would be saved by a global currency reset that would take down the deep state cabal in their international child sex trafficking ring.

On Thursday, 25th of January, there would be an announcement that Princess Diana, John McAfee, John F. Kennedy Jr. And Jeffrey Epstein were alive, Princess Diana on Telegram Monday, 22nd of January. By the end of this week, all Navy ships will be in position around the world, 22 different time zones, waiting for the go signal. Confirmed by military sources, Amiel Austin on Telegram, Friday, 19th of January. Saturday, 27th of January. Ebs takeover of communication systems, Internet, phones shut down while martial law takes over worldwide. Ben Falford, the Satanic Group mind, is about to be defeated.

Weekly geopolitical news and analysis, the fiat US dollar would be considered useless by March 11th, 2024. G-wars and Rumors of Wars. General Flynn states that when Hamas attacked Gaza, on the seventh of October, there was a decision made by Netanyahu to have a security stand down for seven hours. Net and Yahoo must be removed. And looks like that’s the consensus. H. The Deep State Kabal Illuminati, Dutch political commentator, Yves Vlaardinjer-Bruyck on the UEF’s plan to impose a personal carbon allowance connected to digital ID under the guise of tackling the imaginary climate crisis.

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The CEO of one of the largest Dutch banks said, If everyone gets individual personal carbon credits, why don’t we make it so that rich people, who, for example, want to go on holiday a little too often, can buy personal carbon credits from people who can afford buying plane tickets or eating meat too often? So what will happen is the rich will get richer, the poor will get poorer, and they’re saying it openly as if it’s not a controversial thing at all. It’s neo-feutalism. That’s what it is. 2s. 23rd of January, cloning labs in Antarctica exposed. Trump and military blow the whistle. Cloning labs exposed. Half of world leaders could be fakes.

Gazetler. I. The Real News for 2s. January 23, 2024. 2s. 23rd of January, Pizzagate journalist who exposed pedophile network to millions found dead. 2s. 23rd of January, treasonous sco-disorder as migrant invasion. Twos. 23rd of January, Deep State assassination message sent to Trump. X22 Report. X22 Report. Deep State assassination message sent. Panic. D. S. Lost control. Fear.

Despiration sets in. Opinion. Conservative. The Deep State sees the writing on the wall. They tried everything to remove Trump. They failed in their attempt to make sure that he wasn’t the nominee. The people are behind Trump, and the Deep State is now panicking. The Deep State is now sending messages that they want to assassinate Trump. Remember, the tyrannical government is made up of the FBI, DHS, DOJ, and others. They are all in on it. What happens if text and emails appear showing they colluded to assassinate.