Trump Demands All ‘Willing States’ Deploy National Guard To Texas Border


Former President Donald Trump has demanded all “willing states to deploy their [national guard] to Texas to prevent to entry” of illegal immigrants in the face of the Biden administration’s unconstitutional efforts to ensure the southern border remains open.

Trump made the call after Texas Gov. Gregg Abbot declared an “invasion” and invoked Texas’ right to “self-defense” in the First Article of the Constitution. At least 25 states have now signaled support for Texas in its efforts to defend itself from the invasion.

In the post, Trump touted his record on immigration when he was president. “When I was President, we had the most secure Border in History. Joe Biden has surrendered our Border, and is aiding and abetting a massive Invasion of millions of Illegal Migrants into the United States.”

Trump wrote that Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott has his hands tied by the Biden administration with regards to the border.

“I will word hand in hand with Governor Abbott and other Border States to Stop the Invasion, Seal the Border, and Rapidly begin the Largest Domestic Deportation Operation in History.”

The Post Millennial report: Libby Emmons appeared on Newsmax to speak about the issue.

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“Democrats want to tie the security of the US border to funding a war in Ukraine, which is absolutely a ridiculous concept.”

“What we need to see is a stop to the illegal immigration. We need to put a stop to the border infiltration, to this invasion. And anybody who came in here illegally since 2021 and was given a court date some five years into the future to determine, as DHS said, that they likely will not be eligible for asylum or refugee status, should simply be deported,” Emmons concluded.