Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of january 27, 2024

Judy, note, the US has been under martial law since before President Trump left office in 2021, while Trump has served as the official Commander-in-Chief of the US military and was in charge of their devolution plan. The Democratic National Committee, DNC, and Deep State, in collaboration with some dark elements of the military, have initiated a brazen public coup to seize military power from Trump.

A clandestine global military alliance known as the Great Awakening is operating undercover to end the globalist deep state cabal system with the help of 2 billion people participating worldwide. Across the European Union, preparations are underway for the return of Donald Trump to the global stage. Silent cabinets were being formed to work alongside Trump, signaling a seismic shift in international politics. Xi Jinping, the leader of China’s Communist Party, has initiated a purge of CCP officials and generals within the military for an intentional collapse of the Chinese Communist Party, CCP.

The Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, is under the spotlight for its involvement in overthrowing more than 70 countries worldwide. Germany’s military plans for World War III have been leaked. General Flynn, head of the US military Alliance, states that when Hamas attacked Gaza on seventh of October, there was a decision made to have a security stand down for hours. Netanyahu must be removed. And looks like that’s the consensus. Judy, note, since 1783, US courts have functioned under the deep state Kabbal’s maritime law where our citizens were the property of the British Crown without the ability to use constitutional law to defend themselves.

By taking away the Deep State Kabbal’s money sources through implementation of the global currency reset, sovereign nations of the world could now function as their own sovereign republics using constitutional or common law courts. Paying taxes to the Cabal owned IRS and Federal Reserve is voluntary, while they use that money to finance their nefarious activities, including blackmailing Congress, child sex trafficking, drug, organ, and adrenochrome harvesting. So why do it and become part of the problem? A global currency reset. Judy, note, it appears from the below intel from Wolverine and Bruce that Tier 4B,

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us, the Internet group, will be receiving emails that have information on how we can set currency exchange. And Zimbond redemption appointments anywhere from Saturday, 27th of January through 2:00. 30th of January, and those appointments will run until Thursday, February 15th, 2024. Thursday, 25th of January, Wolverine, Reno said the gold-backed dollar was introduced last night at 4:47 AM. All 86 platforms were now loaded with money and ready to launch. We expect the official launch to go live on Friday, 26 Jan, but around the world,

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the first payment will take place from Monday 29th of January at 9:00 AM est. All paying banks will begin to pay at the same time after the signatory holders receive the 800 number in their email to call and receive instructions. There are more than 400,000 emails. For payments, first would be Zimbabwe Blue and derivatives. Obviously, getting started means government first, then businesses and individuals. If they are finished before February 15th, 2024, we can be happy. Be Thursday, January 25th, 2024. Bruce, The Big Call. Four hundred thousand emails to go out in groups during an 18-hour period.

Two different sources and a redemption center agreed on the timing of the release of 800 numbers, Saturday, 27th of January. Through twos, 30th of January, with emphasis on Saturday, 27th of January. Bondholders to get their email Friday, 26th of January. See, global financial crisis. Feds to allow emergency bank lending program to expire on Monday, March 11th, 2024. Us government files notice to sell $130 million worth of Bitcoin seized from Silk Road. Restored Republic. Since 1783, US courts have functioned under the Deep State Kabbal’s maritime law where our citizens were the property of the British Crown without the ability

to use God given rights precepts of the original US Constitution to defend themselves. By taking away the Deep State Kabbal’s money sources through implementation of a global currency reset, sovereign nations of the world, including America, could then function as their own sovereign republics using constitutional or common law courts. – Judy Byington. D. 27 states National Guard joined Texas standoff with Biden border patrol at Eagle Pass. D. X National Guard kicked out the federal border agents from Shelby Park and Eagle Pass who were letting illegal immigrants cross into Texas unrestricted and hence gaining access to all parts of the USA.

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T. X National Guard put up Razor wire and began arresting illegal immigrants for criminal trespass. S Notice, Supreme Court of the United States ruled the federal government could go in and cut the RazorWire. Tx governor isn’t backing down, and governors, so far 25, have made public statements supporting Texas and are sending their National Guard in support. Reports say volunteer militias from at least 27 states are heading to Texas in support. Federal government is giving Texas until tomorrow to allow federal border agents access to cut the razor wire.

Ps, at the end of the month, there is a scheduled caravan of trucks and anyone else who wants to participate to show support in closing the border. Thursday, 25th of January, Situation Report, Monkey Works. Major border standoff coming between the Fed and Texas. Thursday, 25th of January, Texas governor defies Biden treason. Battle lines drawn. Thursday, 25th of January, make no mistake, Democrats want a civil war. Article 4, Section 4 of our Constitution requires our government to protect and defend our borders. If government does not, the Constitution,

by virtue of named part herein, authorizes the free citizens to defend themselves and their state in place of treasonous government. Note, in not defending our borders, government gives aid and comfort to a hostile foreign invasion. And this, under Article 3, Section 3 of our Constitution is properly labeled treason. Trump told us borders are important. By Biden allowing Title 42, allowing the alien invasion on our borders, is treasonous to the free citizens of our states. Borders states looking to declare state of emergency. Texas border invasion coming to a climax,

border agents ordered to vacant their land and abandon their positions or face imprisonments and fines. Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, offers full support to Texas Governor Abbott’s attempt to protect their state from invasion. I stand with Governor Abbott. The House will do everything in its power to back him up. Thursday, 25th of January, the Biden administration has responded to Texas and is giving Governor Greg Abbott until Friday, 26th of January, to return control to the feds over the contested locations at the Texas Southern border. Friday,

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25th of January, border invasion to Civil War. There are now 27 states standing in solidarity with the great state of Texas and Governor Greg Abbott against the lawless Joe Biden. Please encourage these men and women and tell them thank you. Remember, they can’t arrest us all. E. The Real News for Thursday, January 25th, Thursday, 25th January, Bomsheil. The Fall of the elite, the celebrities under the shadow of executive order 13,818, blocking the property of those involved in serious human rights abuses or corruption. Thursday, Thursday,

25th January, 10 Days of darkness, Johnson, Dr. Jan, S. G. And on. Thursday, 25th of January, Texas declares supremacy over federal authority to protect the border. Border crisis. Governors from Florida, Virginia, Virginia, South Dakota, and Oklahoma proclaim their support for Texas as Democrats call on Biden to seize control of the Texas National Guard amid Southern border crisis. Thursday, 25th of January, climate change. Every single prediction they’ve ever made has been wrong, says geologist Professor Ian Plimer, blowing the UN’s human-induced climate change propaganda completely out of the water.

They still haven’t, after 30 years, shown us that human emissions of CO₂ drive global warming. There’s a relentless campaign of propaganda for 30 years, and the basics haven’t been shown. Arizona GOP chairman Jeff DeWitt has resigned after being caught on a secret recording trying to bribe Kerry Lake into not running for office. Thursday, 25th of January, the Michelle More Show, Jack and Margie Flynn, Income Taxes Voluntary.Thursday, 25th of January, National Institute of Health, Johnson hanged,

NIH Honcho Alfred Johnson hanged after getting pranked to Itmer style by Marines. Thursday, 25th of January, Germany, Dutch MEP, Rob Ruze, exposes the globalist war on farmers in the EU Parliament. No farmers, no food, no future. The ruling class wants our farmers to disappear, one regulation at a time. All in the name of the climate, of course. Stop forcing people to live differently and stop making it impossible for farmers to do their jobs. We absolutely need our farmers. Food security is also a matter of national security.