JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE VIDEO: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of january 31, 2024

GCR Update

JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE VIDEO: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of january 31, 2024: The latest video will be shown earlier at the official website Restored Republic.co Judy note. On Monday 29th January, the so-called President Biden confirmed on live TV that Trump was the real sitting president. The Chinese Communist Party’s ever grand liquidation was not only bringing down the CCP, but was certain to cause a global financial collapse this week, complete with bank runs. Texas has organized 27 other states truckers, independent militia, and private citizens to defend the entire Mexican border from Texas through California,

in spite of a Supreme Court ruling in favor of Biden. Texas could be the first to break off the US as a sovereign state. The IRS and Federal Reserve are privately owned by the cabal, and there is no law that states you need to pay them your taxes, although their use of maritime law allows them to put out a reign of terror on U.S. citizens. The Democrats released a virus, used it to rig an election, made megabucks off a jab that killed thousands, then had the FBI dress as patriots and stage an insurrection. And everybody know it. Monday 29th January. On March eve, Biden confirmed Trump as current sitting president.

Biden has already been removed in private. The next step is to remove him from the public. Monday, 29th January situation update, Jan 29, 2024 Evergrande liquidated Germany tells citizens to build bunkers, Middle East explodes. Mike Adams. On Monday 29th January, CNN Philippines sent notice that they would discontinue operations on all media platforms as of Wednesday, 31st January 2024. Monday, 29th January Texas Governor Greg Abbott says he is prepared in the event Biden attempts to take control of the Texas National Guard. That would be a boneheaded move on his part,

a total disaster, Abbott said. We are prepared in the event that that unlikely event does occur. We do have other armed state employees on the border as we speak right this minute, and that’s the Texas Department of Public Safety, as well as other law enforcement officers, as well as National Guard from other states. And you can be assured there will be more National Guard from other states and more law enforcement officers within the state of Texas and other states. The Democrats released a virus, used it to rig an election, then had the FBI dress as patriots and stage an insurrection and everybody know it.

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The virus they released was a worldwide coordinated viral media, disinformation and misinformation campaign that there was a deadly pathogen going around. They did this to instill fear so they could inject the population with bio weapons as part of their satanic depopulation agenda. The IRS and Federal Reserve were not government agencies. They were privately owned by the Deep State cabal and Rothschild bankers. There was no act of Congress, nor any executive order giving the IRS jurisdiction to act in any of the 50 states. So why was Ken Chrome are sitting in jail awaiting trial on charges that he had the audacity to live in his own home that he fully owned with the mortgage in his name,

after the IRS unlawfully used Swat teams to take possession of that home and threw away all of his possessions. And after he proved in a federal tax court that he owed no money to the IRS. Was the IRS making an example of him and his wife, Barbara, to prove what they will do to you if you dare question their unlawful authority? Even of more concern was the question of what was wrong with the US court system that allowed this to happen. Could it be that we are functioning under cabal controlled maritime law instead of constitutional law, meaning it could happen to you and you would have no defense? Ken really appreciates receiving encouraging messages in postcards.

A white pre stamped postcard with your name and complete return address. Handwritten is the only correspondence accepted at the jail. William Colby, former CIA director. The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media. Monday, 29th January. The State of Israel was incorporated in February 2023, in companies House in London as a new business entity. Isn’t it interesting that the correspondence address for this new business entity is the Israeli Embassy at Kensington Palace, and the beneficial owner of the company is the Israeli Knesset and Jerusalem slaves? No more.

We are awake. A timing. Friday, 26th January. Holly, this is how I have been told. Things go it’s RV. Then the government take down and DBS slashes including nasira. The RV funds the Republic which they can then stand up. The government takedown is done publicly and does away with the corporation and Federal Reserve. The Republic has the U.S. Treasury, which is backed by gold, and the gold standard is implemented. Sunday 28th January Charlie Ward. The event should be about three days based on Bay of pigs, then ten day shutdown of Earth and activation of military EBS to TVs and radios worldwide. At the same time,

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all governments worldwide will be stood down as well as further arrests. We will then be having Jazeera Blockchain elections. We will be having govts 10% the size of what they are currently. All new people. Quantum internet. The internet is rebooted. No more Microsoft. Everything wiped. The current internet is Operation Mockingbird. Same as TV. Newspapers, etc. will not be anywhere near the same one news channel, etc.. All media papers is owned by the Mossad, all being removed. All private intelligence owned by the UK royals to be removed. No more Mossad, Five Eyes,

CIA, etc. only intelligence will be military intelligence. Moab equals global currency reset 1955 plus precious metals standard plus quantum Jazeera plus declines of everything on Earth. B global currency reset Sunday 28th January. The U.S. Treasury confirmed that the new Iraqi generate went live on Monday 29th January. Monday 29th January. Hi up source. The RV started today, Monday 29th January at 4 p.m.. Everything is going. The payment runs a first. Zimbabwe Blue and derivatives began on Monday 29th January at 9 a.m. EST. Monday 29th January, Mark Z.

A number of my bond contacts are now under NDAs. Abbott Downing has died at Wells Fargo. It is now just Wells Fargo Advisors. There have been a lot of changes. We are getting a number of reports from credible people that they are now under an NDA. And very aware they are about to see a massive change because of revolutions from the bond side. The majority of my bond folks are expecting things to happen the last two days of the month. So that is next Tuesday and Wednesday. Monday 29th January. Wolverine International sales will officially close tomorrow to 30 Jan because the closing are already arriving in all the banking post and transportation systems are being blocked.

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On Sunday 28th January on a radio broadcast in Colombia, Pentecostal group leader said he was distributing funds to members. This group was the linchpin to start the bond payments. It has more than 3 million members. It has happened. That leader has about 80,000 members and it has started, guys. Monday, 29th January Texas snake I just visited with Oki. The banker related that those above him that sometime late tomorrow Tues 30th of January or Wednesday 31st of January, his appointment exchange techs would be on call to schedule appointments.

By twos. 30th of January, tier four b US, the internet group, would be receiving emails that say how to set currency exchange and Zim bond redemption appointments. The gold backed US dollar was introduced from Reno on Thursday, 25th January at 4:47 a.m.. All 86 global currency reset platforms were loaded with monies and launched on Friday 26th January. Tier four B appointments will run until Thursday, February 15th, 2024. See global economic crisis. Evergrande ordered to liquidate shares, dropped off a cliff and then trading suspended.

Evergrande bonds will be officially worth zero. Liquidity. Collateral. Margin. Crisis. Incoming. Breaking, a Hong Kong court has ruled that Evergrande, China’s largest real estate developer, must be liquidated. The stock is now down another 20% today on the news and trading has been halted. Evergrande is now considered the most indebted property developer in the world. This comes at a time when China’s high real estate index is down 85% in two years. China is also preparing hundreds of billions in economic stimulus, along with considering a ban on short selling. What is happening in China? Monday 29th January, breaking China’s decision not to bail out Evergrande.

Sparks global financial panic Iraqi. Dinar. Evergrande. Blackstone. Blackrock. Vanguard. Worse than 2008 financial crisis and the beginning of a new financial era with Qfes. How much property is owned by the giant Chinese Evergrande real estate company, let alone stocks, shares, other companies and banks. Who owns their debt. UBS and HSBC banks and the cabals. Blackrock are the primary purchasers of Evergrande debt, meaning that a small issue could trigger a massive global financial crisis. What banks are affected by Evergrande. HSBC Stanchart may face secondary shock waves for.