Bill Gates Wants To Alter Cow’s DNA Using mRNA Vaccines To Fight Climate Change


Billionaire eugenicist and unelected global health czar Bill Gates has outlined his new plan to save the planet from climate change: vaccinating cows against farting.

According to the Microsoft founder, methane plays a “very big role” in “near term temperature increases” and we can control methane levels by experimenting with “breeding” (eugenics) and “other inputs” (mRNA vaccines).

“Now I see two very amazing approaches,” said Gates. “By improving the cow breeding and giving them some other inputs, we can reduce their methane emissions. And this new prioritization of the methane work, I applaud that.”

Gates made the call while speaking at the French finance ministry’s Rendez-vous de Bercy event in Paris.

Gates told the summit that the world is not progressing fast enough to meet the sustainable development goals of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) “Net Zero” targets.

“We are behind on our short-term goals” in advancing the globalist green agenda, Gates warned.

“Rich countries owe it to the world to keep costs low for green technology,” he said.

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