Communist Democrat Jim Himes Worries That Things Are Getting Worse In The Red Sea For China

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Communist Democrat Jim Himes isn’t worried about American hostages, or hundreds of Jews raped, beheaded or just flat out killed. He’s worried about not hurting China. Himes said as much to MSNBC hack Katy Turd when she mention that things in the Red Sea are getting worse. Himes’ biggest concern was that the problems and terrorists there were hurting China.

Host Katy Tur asked, “[Y]ou’re on the Intelligence Committee, are things getting worse or better in the Red Sea?”

Himes answered, “They are getting worse. I am very glad that the White House finally put its foot down and said we will not tolerate attacks on international shipping, but the Houthis are not done yet. And remember, the Houthis are empowered by taking fire from Americans. This elevates their status. So, there was never going to be a military attack that was going to end their capability to attack shipping in the Red Sea. Over time, it will. Over time, we hope that groups like the Qataris and others, and the Iranians in particular, will say, hey, the Chinese are being hurt, global shipping is being hurt, stop it, and that we de-escalate.”

Tell me again how Democrats aren’t just a US version of the CCP.

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