Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of February 15, 2024

GCR Update

Judy note. On Tuesday, 13th of February, King Charles was suddenly diagnosed with cancer and indicating he would abdicate from the throne directly after the latest document release linked him to Jeffrey Epstein in an international child sex trafficking ring. In that same release, Charles’ brother Andrew surfaced in an email from one of the victims that showed a child sex tape filmed by Epstein himself. Former US Secretary of State and CIA Director Mike Pompeo was filmed dancing

with Israeli soldiers near the Gaza border as they celebrated killing 13,000 children. On Tuesday, 13th of February, Biden disappeared on vacation as DHS Secretary Alejandra Mayorkas was impeached by the House of Representatives for refusing to secure the border. That has been an Center for child sex trafficking. Tuesday, 13th of February, the Khazarian Mafia, Ashkanazi Jews, were starting to show their faces, and this Azov battalion was pushing for war with Russia Tuz. 13th of February, King Charles III The third diagnosed with cancer, according to Buckingham Palace. Tuz.

13th of February planned Parenthood faces $1.6 billion federal trial for selling baby body parts. 2s. 13th of February, former US US Secretary of State and CIA Director Mike Pompeo danced with Israeli soldiers near Gaza border. They played and celebrated after killing 13,000 children. 2s. 13th of February, Elon Musk says passing a basic cognitive test should not be optional for someone who controls the nuclear football. Us President. Dhs Secretary Alejandra Mayorkas has been impeached by the House of Representatives for refusing to secure the border. It was a 214 to 213 vote with Buck, Gallagher,

and McClintock once again being the three Republicans who voted against. Super Bowl Full of Satanic Symbolism (2s). 13th of February, Situation Update. Judy Byington, unredacted, green light by President Trump, just signed Nizara/Jesara. It’s go time. Special Intel report, February 13th, 2024. A Global Currency Reset. Rumor was that all monies for the Global Currency Reset have been released, and it was a green for Two’s. 13th of February, Rod Steal. Things are moving. It was supposed to have happened on Monday, 12th of February. Judy note, liquidity did begin on Monday,

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12th of February, according to Ruba Mbaz, reporting on the Imperial ancient Chinese Golden Dragon family, which owns the gold backing the reset. Iran revalues same time as Iraq. The Iranian militia have not agreed to the revalue, and they keep bombing the US bases in Iraq. We got into a pushing match with higher-ups in the groups that now want more dollar. Supposed to be good guys, but they’re still greedy. That set us back at 48 hours. They really want this started by February 15th. Admirals Group started in Reno on February fourth. The larger humanitarian groups,

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up to 3 million in size, are going first. There’s roughly 12 million currency holders worldwide. Some Wales and Spain, and South America, and other countries are under NDAs already. The CBI has sent the new rates to the Iraqi government. Medbed Beds are to be available right after the RV, 50,000 just in the US. In 8,200 locations cross country. Beds have been in existence since the ’50s. New quantum system only recognizes gold-backed notes, out since January 25th. Restitution payments should begin right after the RV. Take everything you have to RV. Over 10,000 RV centers in US, something good could happen tonight, 2:00.

13 February. 2s. 13th February, March Z. Right now, there is a lot of pressure to not share any group details and bond details. It appears to be at that level of close. I agree that details should be avoided now to keep folks off the roller coaster, but things remain overwhelmingly positive. We are hearing more and more bank stories, and Militiamen knocked it out of the park recently. We got another bank story overnight from a wealth manager who is reaching out to clients saying it is time, get everything prepared. He means to get currency together and make certain they have IDs updated if needed.

He says they are at any moment now. To me, this is really encouraging as a lot of these stories are from bank personnel who used to say, It’s a scam, don’t do it when asked about buy foreign currency. Now they are telling me you were right all along and get prepared. Just remember, we will not know the exact timing or the when until it actually happens. But they are now openly preparing many of their clients. We are hearing more and more repeat stories about this, but we are being leaned on hard to not share details right now. Tus. February 13th, 2024, Bruce, as reported by Sue, The Big Call,

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their number one Iraqi contact in the US received a text on TUS. 13th of February with a picture of a thumbs up for Wednesday, 14th of February. Their Iraqi contact went to exchange in a US bank on TUS. 13th of February, where the wealth managers were huddled in a meeting, he was told to come back on Wednesday, 14th of February, and he could exchange. They felt that Menterak was going on Wednesday 14th of February. And that Tier 4B, US, the Internet Group, notification to set and begin currency and bond redemption appointments could happen on Wednesday 14th of February.

The Iraqi Denar was on the forex and trading last Sunday, 11th of February. Monday, 12th of February, Wolverine. We are ready to go, according to all sources, and whales. This is the week we are waiting for. There are unconfirmed reports that President Trump has signed Nizara/Jesara. Some bondholders who are whales have been paid, and they all are under NDA. We heard last week that about three of these whales started talking. Unfortunately, their accounts were frozen after 30 years of waiting. Please be careful, everyone. There are some bad people sending out legit-looking forms, saying they got paid and asking you if you got paid.

But if you respond to them, you will be breaking your NDA contract. If people ask you if you got paid, just block them. Be careful. In my opinion, when you get your blessing, do not help people right away as they will ask, Where did you get all that money? Just be quiet and only discuss with your family members who know about this. Remember, if people ask where you got the money, just say, Please don’t ask. Just accept this gift. Mauricio had a meeting with people who said this will be a golden week. The EBS system is ready to go. Hopefully, we will get that after our blessing as the EBS does come after the blessing. Sunday 11th of February.

Chance McFadden, banks are being told there is most likely an announcement on the new dinar rate early this week. Iraqi banks in the US began paying Iraqi citizens living in the US who are exchanging their old dinar for US dollars. The Federal Reserve says the rate is $4.81, which is the rate agreed to at Davos in January. I was told the paperwork was just completed. Saturday, 10th of February. Mike Burra, exchanges are taking place at major banks with branch managers and wealth managers. Dinar, Deng, and Rupia are being exchanged. Zim and Bolivar can only be exchanged at redemption centers.

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The rates on Dinar are $2.93 as of today, $2.21 on Deng. No rate on rupia. Exchange has taken place, and 10% of monies are spendable today. Saturday, 10th of February. Brazil Ruba Mbaz, the Imperial ancient Chinese Golden Dragon family, which puts up the gold for the payments, began to celebrate the Chinese Year, Year 4,722 for them, on Saturday, 10th of February. This money has been received by the main financial institutions and the 50 best banks in the world, and they are passing it on to Paymasters who will contact the clients. Liquidity began Monday, February 12th. Over the next two weeks, large holders who have already completed their paperwork and submitted SKRs will be paid. Be recent history of the global currency reset.

On Thursday, 25th of January, the gold-backed US dollar was introduced from the US Treasury in Reno. On Friday 26th of January, all 86 global currency reset platforms were loaded and launched. By Sunday 28th of January, the new Iraqi Dinar rate, which had been released in country on Monday first of January, and the new US note were both trading on the Forex. Friday second of February, the Iraqi Stock Exchange, ISX,

completed their linkup of international platforms. The Chinese elders released Duby 1 funds into Paymaster accounts for Tier 1, different countries’ governments that were now liquid and being paid out. Duby 2 funds for Tier 2,3,4A groups were released on Sunday fourth of February, and ninth of February. Duby 3 funds for Tier 4B, US, the Internet Group, were released on Wednesday, seventh of February, and were liquid by Saturday, 10th of February. Sunday, fourth of February, the Admirals Group was paid.