White Hats Foil (another) Plot to Assassinate President Trump

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U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division officers on Wednesday arrested two men suspected of plotting to assassinate President Donald J. Trump at the CPAC conference in National Harbor, Maryland, sources at CID’s headquarters told Real Raw News.

He said White Hats shadowing President Trump on the campaign trail learned of the diabolical scheme Tuesday morning when CID officers spotted a pair of suspicious characters lingering outside the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center and drawing a map of the venue and side streets on a sheet of graph paper. The observant CID men witnessed a suspect sketching an outline of a multi-level parking garage adjacent to and overlooking the convention center’s main entrance, through which attendees and speakers, including President Trump, would enter the building later in the week. The suspects also drew a dashed line that the CID investigators took as the flight path/line of sight a bullet would take from the upper level of the garage to the doors leading into the convention center.

The suspects appeared to be foreigners who spoke limited English with thick Eastern European accents, characterized by heavy use of guttural and palatal consonants. Although the duo discussed dining arrangements and not devious details of assassinating the president, the existence of the map and its shady artists raised the alarm, and the CID officers, having notified their commanding officer and Gen. Smith’s office, requested permission to surveil the suspects.

“We sent four guys to back them up, just in case,” our source said. “It was damn suspicious, but the parking garage seemed an unlikely vantage point. The conference is several days long, and that garage would be packed with cars and people coming to and leaving the convention center. It would be a great place to take a shot—for someone wanting to get caught. Not to mention it had security cameras. I can tell you President Trump was cautioned against appearing in Deep State territory—and we hadn’t had any credible threats until that point—he wanted to send the Deep State a message—he didn’t fear them. Anyway, we quietly watched the two.”

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CID learned quickly that the suspects had leased a nondescript van and rented a room at the MGM National Harbor Hotel & Casino a mile north of the convention center. White Hats at U.S. Army Cyber Command accessed the hotel’s registry and discovered that the men had booked separate rooms using the undeniable aliases of William Henry James and Stephen Butler.

On Tuesday evening, CID considered apprehending and grilling “James” and “Butler,” but superiors at CID headquarters advised the officers on location to continue observing the suspects in case they belonged to a larger terrorist cell. The CPAC conference would kick off in two days, with President Trump to speak Saturday night.

Early Wednesday morning, while the sky was still black as pitch and “James” and “Butler” slept soundly in their rooms, the CID team located the suspects’ van, parked on a crossroad, and discovered that someone had cut out a circular hole—large enough to accommodate a scoped rifle—in a rear door pane of glass, which had been carefully reseated using transparent tape.

Our source said the team bypassed the vehicle alarm. The interior held electronic surveillance gear and a steel case secured with a padlock, which CID picked. Upon opening the case, their fears became realized; it held a suppressor-equipped M2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle, a U.S. Army weapon that supplemented the venerable M24 Sniper Weapons System in 2010 and saw combat in Afghanistan a year later. The case also had two pistols with silencers, the drawn map, ammunition, and notes on President Trump’s publicized travel itinerary.

“That cemented everything. These guys planned to drive to the top level of the garage and snipe President Trump, somehow, try to, even though he’d be heavily shielded by security. The agents on scene informed HQ, which consulted with Gen. Smith, and they said to stake out the van and grab the suspects ASAP,” our source said.

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The CID hadn’t waited too long. At 7:00 a.m. Wednesday, “James” and “Butler” exited the hotel and began sauntering toward the van, unaware of the CID investigators walking behind them and at the truck, ready to pounce. CID sprang into action when the suspects touched the door handles, tackling them to the ground and holding them at gunpoint while frisking them for firearms or paperwork that might betray their real identities.

CID seized the van and took “James” and “Butler” to an undisclosed location for interrogation, our source said, adding that President Donald J. Trump was immediately made aware of the situation and again encouraged to postpone his speech—should additional assailants lurk elsewhere nearby. But Trump would have none of it. He agreed to added protection but refused to shirk his responsibilities to MAGA and the United States of America. He said his oration would continue as scheduled, and he will speak tonight, delivering what MAGA says will be a passionate Magnum Opus.

According to our source, White Hats identified one suspect as a member of Ukraine’s Intelligence Directorate who entered the U.S. with forged credentials 10 days ago. How or where they obtained the rifle is unclear.

“We know one thing for sure, President Trump plans to stop funding Ukraine’s aggression. That alone might be reason enough for them to take a pop shot at him. We’re doing whatever’s needed to get a full confession,” our source said.