Dead Deep Stater Tries Tricking Air Force Officer to Bomb GITMO

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Artificial Intelligence masquerading as the late war criminal Lloyd Austin tried in vain to convince a high-ranking Air Force bomb wing commander to launch a massive airstrike against Guantanamo Bay this week, claiming that insurrectionist officers loyal to Trump had commandeered and were using the base to wage war on the Biden administration, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

Unfortunately for the illegal regime, the AI’s programmer had either forgotten or wasn’t told that the real Austin had, in mid-2023, pressured the same officer, 509th Bomb Wing Commander Col. Keith Butler, to sortie a B-2 Spirit assault on GITMO’s command and control buildings, an order Col. Butler refused. According to our source, the then-alive Austin took umbrage at Butler’s refusal and threatened to brand him a traitor and convene a Court-Martial against him. But Butler had chuckled at the orders, saying that Austin was in fact the traitor and an illegitimate secretary of defense, a tool of the cabal. By then, Col. Butler had forsaken the regime and taken an oath before General Eric M. Smith to uphold the Constitution of the United States. He had pledged to support the last legitimate commander-in-chief, President Donald J. Trump, and to eschew unlawful regime directives.

Nonetheless, on Thursday, February 22, Col. Butler at Whitman Airforce Base, Missouri, received an email ordering him to appear in full military dress on a video call with Austin the following morning. The message, however, had been sent by John Kirby, a retired Navy rear admiral turned Deep State asset, who, as Communications Director of the NSC, held no authority over Col. Butler.

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The colonel challenged the email, writing back asking why Austin hadn’t personally contacted him, to which Kirby reportedly replied, “Secretary Austin is a busy man. I am conveying his orders to you, under his authority.”

Unbeknownst to Kirby, apparently, Butler already knew that Lloyd Austin was killed by a Russian cruise missile strike in Ukraine in January, confirmed by DNA evidence the FSB, Russia’s Federal Security Service, had forwarded to General Smith’s offices.

Col. Butler notified Gen. Smith about the Deep State’s attempt at subterfuge.

“You take that video conference, colonel, and record it, and I’ll have our guys get a look at it. We have every reason to believe Austin’s dead, but I’d still like a look at whoever’s claiming to be him,” Gen. Smith told Col. Butler on a phone call.

When Col. Butler saw “Austin” on a computer screen, he knew he was speaking with a fraud. The simulation’s tonality, dialect, and cadence perfectly matched Austin’s, but its appearance had indicators of fakery. His prescription glasses were the wrong shape—octagonal instead of circular lenses, and his face was too slender, as though someone had manipulated it in Photoshop. Moreover, the genuine Austin had always worn an American flag pin on the left lapel of his suit jacket. Col. Butler noticed it on the right lapel. Moreover, Austin’s eyes were a lighter shade of brown, and his ears had grown almost as conspicuously as large as Obama’s. The most obvious giveaway, however, was Austin having absolutely no memory of Col. Butler’s past insubordination.

“The Deep Fake talked to him like they were old pals for about ten minutes before getting to the meat of the matter, and Col. Butler initially played along with it. At least until he wanted Col. Butler to blow part of GITMO to bits,” our source said.

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“Colonel Butler, you are hereby ordered to immediately scramble two B-2 squadrons to target Guantanamo Bay, target packages to be forwarded presently. In short, GITMO has been seized by dissident military forces that still Obey Donald Trump. Targets to include the command nexus but not, I repeat not, the detention cells. Assets must also destroy any Naval vessels berthed there, as their commanders have been compromised,” the simulation said, mispronouncing Butler’s last name, placing emphasis on the “u” as one would pronounce “Ferris Bueller.”

“Secretary Austin, you’re aware this is not SOP for issuing orders of any kind, aren’t you?” Col. Butler said.

“These orders come directly from POTUS, Joseph R. Biden,” the Austin simulation replied.

“You don’t remember us having this identical conversation several months ago, do you?” Col. Butler said.

The simulated face went silent for a minute; its AI must have been trying to adapt to the conversation and formulate a proper, believable response. It then said, “Of course, I remember. But it went unfinished. That’s why we have it again, Col. Butler,” the fake Austin said.

Col. Butler called the bluff. “I will not obey that order. I know Austin’s dead, and you’re not him. Who exactly over there is listening to this conversation?”

The conversation terminated at its source, which U.S. Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command later determined to be an IP address tied to an NSC satellite office in Bakersfield, California.

“This is more evidence Austin’s dead,” our source said. “What’s crazy is a 12-year-old using Midjourney could’ve conjured better AI. The Deep State has clones and trained body doubles, and this is what the offered up to pretend to be Austin? They’ve a lot to learn. They’re regressing, it seems.”