Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of March 12, 2024

GCR Update

Judy, note, April first was the beginning of the new year on the Julian calendar, which this new year would bring in the new quantum financial system and create sovereign republics for all BRICS nations. Freedom from debt will be released for all on the planet to enjoy. Also in this Julian calendar, new year, the QFS and sovereign republics would cancel April first of April Fool’s Day because no prank was greater than the joke that was running the country right now.

Actually, the whole thing about the globalist cartel taking away freedoms of not only the American people, but peoples of the world. Started back in 1903 with an alliance that formed between the great discoverer of natural magnetic energy of the Earth, Nikola Tesla, of whom Howard Hughes followed. They both connected with a few US generals, all wanting the people to have control over US taxpayer monies. A certain group of US generals had been concerned about the matter of the people not having control of their own tax money since the 1865 assassination of Lincoln, who tried to change the corrupt system. The privately owned Federal Reserve, which controlled those US taxpayer monies,

was formed in 1913 as a privately owned US-incorporated corporation run by the Rothschild Bankers, Crown of England and Vatican, now known as the Globalist Cartel. The Globalists were infiltrated by the Causarian Mafia, Shriners, and three masons, all funded by US taxpayer dollars by way of a CIA black budget. They obtained their power through worship of Satan that required the torture and human sacrifice of children. The more innocent the victims, the more power they felt. By the ’60s, the Alliance was working with President J. F. Kennedy to get rid of the Globalists’ Federal Reserve,

which led to the US-incorporated, funded CIA killing Kennedy with help from globalists in the Pentagon and State Department. That’s when the Q Movement to take back our freedoms from the Globalist cartel was more formally organized. By the early 2000s, the Q Movement had gradually spread across the globe. It has continued to gain momentum to this day under leadership of President Trump, and was soon to result in a March 2024 global currency reset to gold/asset-backed currencies and new sovereign republics of the world. Middle. Must see video,

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a message to all unbelievers about the tribunals and executions. Middle. Cia funds child sex trafficking cult run out of the Vatican. Middle. Saturday, ninth of March. Judy Byington. It’s over. President Trump. The storm is here. Marshall law imminent. Banks collapsing worldwide. Ebs engaged. Special Intel report, March 10th, 2024. Middle. The World Health Organization was started by David Rockefeller, who was into eugenics, the globalist world de-population agenda’s practice of preventing reproduction of people. That had traits they considered to be undesirable, such as those who were independent thinkers whom the globalists knew they couldn’t control.

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Middle. Banks collapsing, trillions of dollars in US Treasury bonds were returning to Europe in 110 countries, revealing the alarming truth that American multinationals were on the brink of insolvency. A Timeline: Middle. On Thursday, 22nd of February, the cabal capitulated, followed by Trump releasing the final phase of the plan, which was mass arrests. Those arrests were hoped to be completed by Friday, 15th of March. Middle. On Saturday, 23rd of February, 2024, the World Trade Organization announced that Iraq have completed all requirements to be accepted as a member, including having set their new Iraqi Dinar rate,

which the next day on Wednesday, 28th of February, The Central Bank of Iraq announced as $3.47. Then the Denar went live on backscreens of the Forex for $2.70 and began fluctuating upward in value. Middle. By Thursday, 29th of February, at around 07:00 PM, ESD, Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Soudani, formally announced that the dinar was asset-backed and Iraq had officially joined BRICS. On Friday, first of March, with various countries’ new currency rates having been agreed upon, Iraq officially joined other BRICS nations for the global currency reset, exactly one year, March 2023, after the new quantum financial system went live on the Starlink satellite network.

On Thursday, seventh of March, after actor Biden’s State of the Nation address, President Trump hit the green light that released the new gold/asset-backed US Treasury note to the world. Tier 4B, US, the Internet Group, notification to set redemption/exchange appointments could occur at any moment. Tier 4B will have 14 to 15 days to exchange at redemption centers at the special rates, after which you would have to exchange at a bank at the lower rates. Middle. On Monday 11th of March, the bank term Funding Program, BTFP, will cease making new loans, according to the Federal Reserve Board. This would be a huge catalyst for the banking crisis

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and beginning of the new gold-backed financial system. By Monday 11th of March, worldwide martial law could be made public, with 10 days of darkness/exposure beginning via takeover of mainstream media. Middle. Q clock ends Monday 11th of March, 11:11. Return of q equals the plan to save the world, Mr. Poel on Telegram, Sunday 10th of March. Middle. On Friday 15th of March, the new gold/asset-backed USD Revenue note should be available to the general public and will replace the old Federal Reserve fee at US dollar in ATM machines. It was also likely that on that same Friday 15th of March,

restitution and rebate monies will begin to be paid out and Social Security increases will begin. Middle. Wednesday, 20th of March would end the 10 days of disclosure. B. Global Currency Reset. Middle. Q. Clock ends Monday, 11th of March, 11:11. Return of q equals the plan to save the world. Mr. Poel on Telegram on Monday, 10th of March. Middle. On Monday, 11th of March, banks will no longer be legally able to loan the fiat US dollar as per announcement of the Federal Reserve Board. In other words, banks will begin to close on Monday, 11th of March. The only way they can save the economy is to activate the global currency reset,

which evidently they did on Thursday, seventh of March, after the fake Biden’s State of the Union address when Trump gave the green light for the new US Treasury Note release. Middle. Saturday, ninth of March, Shari said her Intel, military, has told her the USD has given the green light and was supposed to be this weekend. It seems to line up with Bruce and Wolfie saying the codes released after the speech. Hang on, this could be right as Bruce said he would see us on the other side. Middle. Friday, eighth of March, Texas snake. Banks have been placed on alert beginning Monday, 11th of March, so he feels we are close.

We might get notified, but exchanging would start a few days after that. Middle. Thursday evening, seventh of March, Wolverine. One hour after the State of Union address, all bonds will be released and notifications will be released. Middle. Thursday, seventh of March, a high up source said we would get notification sometime over the weekend. Middle. Thursday, seventh of March, Bruce, this morning, a source from Iraq said that Iraq would get the RV out to us over the weekend. Another source said that one hour after the start of the State of the Union speech, Thursday evening, everything would be released. Bond holders,

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Admirals Group and Tier 4 funds would be released. Notifications could come at any time. Middle. Thursday, seventh of March, Q phones on Jezara, Trump’s vision for the future of quantum phones and the global currency reset, powered by stellar blockchain. See, global financial crisis basis, middle. Thursday, seventh of March, transforming global financial systems, the evolution from Swift to neratinib, Sips, and QFS, connecting the dots and trust the plan. Middle. Sunday, 10th of March, if you knew who was behind Bitcoin, If you knew who started Bitcoin, you would run as fast as you could to sell it.

When the owner has revealed, I know 100% that in a microsecond, it will plunge to zero. – Dan Payna. Debanking collapse. Ben Fulford, middle. Bank collapse reveals shocking links to tribunals and war crimes. Exclamation mark middle. Prepare for the unthinkable. Trillions of dollars in US Treasury bonds are returning to Europe and 110 countries, revealing the alarming truth that American multinationals are on the brink of insolvency. Middle. Prepare for the impending catastrophic collapse that will send shockwaves across Europe and beyond. Middle. Francis Braze, an act of stealing the wealth of its citizens has sparked widespread civil unrest.

Mittle. Hyperinflation in Germany is decimating the metal industry, crippling weapons production, and pushing companies to the brink of bankruptcy. Mittle. Deutsche Bank’s involvement with Epstein’s shady connections and his web of international ties, including Estonian banks, is unraveling as global courts launch far-reaching investigations that could destroy the global banking system. Mittel. Israel’s descent into chaos, a catastrophe in the making. The nation of Israel finds itself in a desperate situation as it hurdles toward chaos. E. Saturday, ninth of March Z. Ultraverbum Vincent on Telegram: Middle. Remember, as the UN is backed by gold in the IMF basket of SDRs, the new SDR basket will consist of 95% UN and 5% USD.