Clintons’ Secret Pedophile and Cannibal Club in Haiti Exposed By Locals

The Clintons have long considered Haiti to be their personal playground where they can indulge in their wildest fantasies with close friends from the global elite, according to Haitians who allege the Democrat power couple are involved in a Satanic cannibal club in which children are ritually abused and their flesh eaten.

According to multiple eyewitnesses in Haiti, the Satanic club has become the new Bohemian Grove for the jetsetting globalist elite, with private jets regularly landing in Port-au-Prince before the passengers are whisked away to their secret hideout in the jungle where unspeakable horrors involving children have been documented by local investigators.

The locals call this place “Clinton’s den” and generations of local children have been taught to be terrified of Bill and Hillary who are viewed as evil incarnate due to the depraved nature of the company they keep, as violent cannibals and pedophiles stalk the island with impunity.

Warning: this content is disturbing and threatens to expose the real nature of the Clintons and their agenda.

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The two words Haiti and Clinton will send you down the deepest and most depraved rabbit hole you could ever imagine.

Haiti is plunging into a nightmarish abyss, the predictable outcome of disastrous far-left globalist policies pushed by the Clintons in the island nation.

Meanwhile, Biden’s decision to fling open the borders has unleashed a tsunami of horrors for the US: cannibals, pedophiles, and practitioners of black magic now lurk on America’s doorstep.

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You better believe that’s the plan. Back in the 70s, Haitians arrived by boat. If they put two feet on US soil, they were allowed to stay.

Under Biden’s globalist open border policies, they don’t even have to land. They can just download an app and Biden will send a private jet to pick them up.

How did we get to this point? During the third presidential debate in 2016, presidential nominee Trump told Hillary “What happened in Haiti with the Clinton Foundation is a disgrace.”

Which if anything was a major understatement.

In 2010, Haiti was hit with a massive earthquake that rocked the nation.

At the time Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State and Bill Clinton was the UN special envoy to Haiti.

Together, they led the relief efforts to heal the impoverished nation. Total donations for Haiti hit over $13 billion, yes billion, and when you realize how much of this fortune actually went to Haiti, you will understand why Haitians have such anger towards the Clinton family.

More than 90% of the money raised went to non-Haitian organizations, including the Pentagon who billed them hundreds of millions to hand out bottled water and stand on street corners.

In an email released by WikiLeaks, a top Clinton aide at the State Department was communicating with Clinton Foundation officials about which contractors to hire, and was instructed to keep an eye out for emails with FOB (Friends of Bill) or WJC (William J. Clinton VIPs). Some of these friends of Bill turned out to be family members.

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The corruption really was that blatant.

Haiti has now collapsed with cannibal gangs roaming the streets and bodies laying on the ground with no-one to clean them up. The Clinton’s did not heal the country, but they got rich from its downfall.

The mainstream media has been working overtime to cover up the role played by the Clintons in the case of the kidnapped children in Haiti. Trump knows the truth about this as well.

Don’t forget, the Clinton Foundation was co-founded by none other than Jeffrey Epstein. Is it starting to sink in yet?

Insiders have revealed that children operate as a unit of currency among the degenerate global elite and everywhere the Clintons go, pedophilia scandals emerge and are covered up by the corporate media who, complicit in the crimes, dedicate enormous resources to discrediting and bankrupting anybody who dares to counter their narrative.

But kidnapped children and pedophilia scandals are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the damning evidence against the Clintons in Haiti.

They are also responsible for teaming up with George Soros and crashing the national economy, destroying local industry, and leaving the citizens in chains from which they cannot break free.

Arkansas is not the Clinton’s only fiefdom. They are still pulling puppet strings in Haiti and they will stop at nothing to maintain this control, including the Arkanicide of officials who are prepared to testify against them.

Given the Clinton’s power in Haiti, it is no surprise that the corporate far-left in America are so determined to praise the island as a paradise. Take a look at this rogue’s gallery of far-left shills.

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As cannibal gangs wearing masonic symbols reign supreme in the far left’s Caribbean paradise, we can only urge people to continue spreading the word about the Clinton’s role in destroying this once proud nation from the inside.

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