Olbermann: ‘I’m OBSESSED With the Idea of Trump Being Assassinated’

Daily Report NEWS USA

Far-left political commentator Keith Olbermann admitted that he obsessively fantasises about Donald Trump being assassinated before he has a chance to re-enter the White House.

The Biden-Harris HQ X account on the weekend wrote, “Trump says he has been treated worse than Abraham Lincoln, who was assassinated,” and Olbermann added, “There’s always the hope.”

Infowars.com reports: But, just fifteen minutes earlier, Olbermann tagged the FBI X account and cried about Trump making “a terrorist threat” when he said the U.S. auto industry will suffer a “bloodbath” if he isn’t re-elected in this year’s presidential election.

“This is a terrorist threat, @FBI. Detain him as he leaves the stage. After which America doesn’t give a shit where you keep him,” he wrote.

Popular attorney and political podcast host Viva Frei called Olbermann a “disgrace” and posted a video providing the full context of Trump’s “bloodbath” remark.

“You realize you are exactly what you accuse Trump of being? You realize your legacy is going to be that of an unhinged lunatic who is as dishonest as he is bat-shit crazy? Does that not bother you?” Frei asked.

The majority of mainstream news outlets and most Democrat politicians have repeated the lie about Trump’s comment, leaving people like X owner Elon Musk to correct their false claims.

“This headline is deceptive, as he was referring to the auto industry. Shame on NBC,” he posted.

Sleepy Joe promoted the lie on X: