JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE VIDEO: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of March 20, 2024

GCR Update

JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE VIDEO: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of March 20, 2024: The latest video will be shown earlier at the official website, restoredrepublic. Co. Judy, note, we await a misleading depiction of World War III. An orchestrated chaos that will serve as a catalyst for activation of Alliance military forces around the world, which will unleash a torrent of events that will bring the cabal to its knees. Middle. The emergency broadcast system or emergency alert system will activate usher in Project Oden, a Alliance military operation that will dismantle and neutralize the cabal’s hold on global power. Middle.

This cabal power has been held in 34 Satanic structures around the world that were now targeted to collapse, including the Vatican, Buckingham Palace, White House, and China’s three Gorges Dam. Middle. These events will include destruction of the mainstream media satellite network that has been at the center of global manipulation. Every major media channel on the planet will be taken over by the Alliance to broadcast documentaries. For 10 days in those documentaries, everything will be revealed on crimes against humanity of global elites, political institutions, and the Vatican.

The final three days will reveal suppressed extraterrestrial life patents on the new Earth. These events will be the linchpun of the Quantum Star Lynx System, a quantum leap in technology that promises to redefine our world. These systems are protected by secret space programs that operate beyond the reach of the cabal, ensuring their integrity and security. Middle. The Nizara/Jezar Afunzo to the people will finally see the light of day, while the people will be entrusted with the monumental task of rebuilding a long oppressed world. Middle. Friday, 15th of March, 100 countries on high alert for massive military strike on global elite arrests, quantum gold launch,

and three-day global shutdown, over 100 countries have been placed on high alert as General Flynn takes the helm. Leading a coalition of 17 nations in what is being described as the world’s largest military parade. This unprecedented assembly of forces, reportedly in preparation for mass detentions of global and political elites, with charges signed at the International Court of Justice in The Hague. The charges, a litany of accusations ranging from corruption to involvement in human trafficking networks, implicating figures as high as Hunter Biden and, allegedly, his father, Joe Biden. Middle. Monday, April first, 2024, is dawn of global financial reset,

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a new quantum financial system, April first, shockwave. Qfs integration with Wells Fargo sparks global financial reset. Redemption centers, military alliances, Trump and Musk’s AI unleashes war on globalist elites, Gazetler. Middle. Monday, 18th of March, the cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency, CISA, responsible for cybersecurity and infrastructure protection across all levels of the United States government, has been hacked. Middle. Monday, 18th of March, breaking sourced report that King Charles has died after succumbing to prostate cancer at age of 75. Middle.

Monday, 18th of March, the Washington State Supreme Court has ruled that the bar exam would no longer be required. Several other states have ruled the same, including California, A Timeline. Middle. Monday, first of April. Final Dance Make Backups. Be ready. 03:22 to 03:28. Mr. Poel on Telegram, March 11th, 2024. Middle. Judy Note. Is Mr. Poel talking about the EBS starting on Friday, 22nd of March, and going to the end of the month. Monday, first of April is the Julian calendar New Year’s Day, and perhaps release of the GCR to the general public. Middle. Monday, first of April,

BRICS Currency is out in buy-by to the Almighty dollar that government officials have been using to steal the country dry. Middle. Saturday, sixth of April was the date some believe was Christ’s actual birthday. Middle. Monday, eighth of April, Solar Eclipse, the The Oklahoma National Guard will have guardsmen present for the total solar eclipse on April eighth. Twenty-two members of an elite chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear unit will be housed. Residents are being urge to stock up with one to two weeks of food in advance of the event. Communication facilities could become overloaded, possibly making cell phone calls difficult.

Be global currency reset. Duty note: middle. According to Wolverine on Sunday 17th of March, Brazil, Hong Kong, and other places across the the world have been given the green light for the global currency reset. Middle. According to Texas snake on Monday 18th of March, Tier 4B was in a 24 to 36 hour, 10:00 AM ESD to 10:00 PM ESD 2s. 19th of March, window for announcement of how to set redemption appointments, with Thursday, 21st of March being an important day to begin appointments. Middle. At that time, Wells Fargo and HSBC will send out over 400,000 emails to currency and bondholders laced with instructions on how to exchange and redeem.

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The email will also contain a specific website of a person’s own country that is armed with its own 800 hash or website code. Exclusive leak, Wells Fargo’s 400,000 emails trigger massive liquidity with Zimbons and Nizra, Gazetler. Middle. On Monday, first of April, the general public will be able to go to existing banks and set up their individual bank accounts on the new quantum financial system. April first, shockwave. Qfs integration with Wells Fargo Mark’s global financial reset, redemption centers, military alliances, Trump and Musk’s AI unleashes war on globalist elites, Gazetler. Middle.

Monday, 18th of March, Texas snake. Most recent banker update occurred shortly after 10:00 AM this morning, Monday, 18th of March. Word from those higher-ups was that we were in a 24 to 36 hour, 10:00 AM ESD to 10:00 PM ESD 2:00. 19th of March, window for announcement with Thursday, 21st of March still being an important day for the banks. Middle. Sunday, 17th of March, Wolverine, my dearest chosen ones. We know the time of our blessing is approaching quickly, but for many, not as quickly as we had hoped, but we can see it is happening. Right now, let’s set our sights on all we wish to accomplish on all the goals we know we are going to accomplish.

And of all things, each of you should be proud that despite all those who gave up, who lost faith, you are still here. The prize awaits you. Believe and have faith. Hello, everyone. I have received incredible news coming in today. Great news from Brazil who has the green light and that has been confirmed from other sources. Same thing happening in Hong Kong and that is also confirmed. It is also happening in other places around the world. However, use discernment as it is not over till the fat lady sings, and I am the fat lady. As soon the admiral gives me permission to sing the opera, I will be singing it.

All is looking good according to all sources, and they gave me a 100% that it has We know Reina started. Remain in faith and do not be negative. We know this is real or we would not be wasting our time here. Holly has put out great bank stories. We know Reno started as of a few days ago. Marks talked about a bondholder’s story who went to a bank and came out with an NDA. Many of my contacts are under NDA and they are not talking. That is all I have for you at the moment. Pray for God to release that opera. The opera will be in three parts. One, a YouTube video put together by a very talented person I know.

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Two, liberation sound of the blowing of Trumpets. Remember the Charlton Heston movie? The Ten Commandments, When the Israelites were being liberated from slavery, there was a great resounding of trumpets. And three, Finally, the Opera. That is all I have for now, my friends. Take care, Wolverine. Transcribed by Carpathia. Middle. Monday 18th of March, Rael Re 98. We are in a 24-hour range if all goes well. Middle. Monday 18th of March marks, the term redemption center may be a little off. They are mainly different banks and banking facilities that are set up and will have equipment and trained personnel for exchanging foreign currency.

It may just be a bank branch with extra offices in your area. Some may be full-blown centers in areas with many foreign currency holders. They have a good idea on demographics from who has bought what in areas. But many location may just be, say, an unused second floor that used to house mortgages or something like A place they can set up machines to check and validate our currency with trained personnel for our exchanges. Middle. Saturday, 16th of March, for those of you awake, Jezara, QFS, GCR/RV, ISO 20022, Basal 3, Protocol QFS 20, and the Iraqi Dinar, QFS ISO 2U-22, stellar blockchain financial system.

See, global financial crisis: middle. Bitcoin is a US CIA project. This is the conclusion reached by cryptographers who provide the first evidence that Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of BTC, is a former drug lord and informant of US intelligence agency’s Paula Ru. Users discovered that Nakamoto’s first transaction to ciphered as, This transaction was made by Paula Ru to Hal Finney on January 12, 2009. His whereabouts are now unknown. D Monday, 18th of March, April first, shockwave. Qfs integration with Wells Fargo sparked global financial.