White Hats Fortify Trump Properties

Daily Report

Navy SEALs at Mar-a-Lago. Marines stationed at President Trump’s Bedminster resort. Delta Force guarding Trump Tower and 40 Wall Street in New York City. And Army Rangers patrolling Donald Trump’s expansive Seven Springs golf course and estate in Westchester County.

General Eric M. Smith and the White Hat council have deployed 2,500 soldiers and Marines to Trump’s properties in New York, Florida, New Jersey, Nevada, and California as a formidable deterrent against the Deep State’s threat to seize his real estate empire. Agents of the Deep State have said they will annex Trump’s lands unless he secures a $454 million bond by next week.

Last month, Deep State judge Arthur Engoron floated that arbitrary figure after wrongly ruling that President Trump and his oldest sons overvalued their real estate holdings in New York and Florida. In response, the Trumps denied the spurious allegations, arguing that, if anything, insurance underwriters had undervalued holdings such as Trump Tower, Mar-a-Lago, and 40 Wall Street, and saying Engoron’s judgment is part of a broader Deep State conspiracy to deplete Trump’s campaign cash.

Despite the Deep State’s ear-splitting rhetoric, amplified by a complicit mainstream media, the baseless fine is legally unenforceable—unless Trump capitulates to Engoron, an act that could both diminish Trump’s agency and further empower the Deep State.

As reported previously, Mar-a-Lago sources told Real Raw News that the Deep State won’t see a dime of Trump’s money, and that Trump refused an overture to pay the fine with cash White Hats had acquired from the late Oprah Winfrey’s vast fortune. Trump reportedly told Gen. Smith that Oprah’s assets ought to be injected into the economy to help restore prosperity once the Biden cabal gets annihilated.

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President Trump, the lawful commander-in-chief, accepted Gen. Smith’s counterproposal: bolster defenses should the Deep State try to forcibly commandeer Trump-owned properties.

It wasn’t the first time Trump welcomed White Hats onto his land. The 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment–Delta, or 1 SFOD-D, and an unknown number of Navy SEALs have been safeguarding Trump’s Mar-a-Lago headquarters since April 2021.

Now, White Hats have strengthened seven of Trump’s most valuable landmarks.

“I can’t say how many soldiers and Marines are watching a specific location, but we’ve placed over 2,500 men out there, and we’ve made no secret about it. In fact, President Trump and General Smith notified the necessary parties that Trump’s estates are under military guard. We’ve pretty much dared them to make a move,” our source said.

White Hats have not heard any chatter suggesting that the Deep State plans to take Trump’s land by force but have readied a response should the Deep State foolishly launch a frontal assault, which, our source said, would result in heavy casualties—for the Deep State.

“We’re ready to repel an attack of any magnitude,” our source said, sounding brash.

Asked how White Hats would respond to a federal incursion or the New York National Guard landing helicopters on Trump’s golf course, our source said, “That’s an improbable scenario because the Deep State wants to seize and sell Trump’s property, not destroy it. They also want his property because they think he has secrets there, secrets that would screw them all. So, we don’t think they’ll risk a full-blown storming of the gates, but we’re prepared if they do.”