JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE VIDEO: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of March 28, 2024

JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE VIDEO: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of March 28, 2024: The latest video will be shown earlier at the official website, restoredrepublic. Co. Judy, note, thousands of Satan worshiping, child sacrificing, pedophile global and political elites, along with Rothschild private bankers, the Vatican, UK Crown, and US Incorporated have not only since 1918, controlled and spent US taxpayer dollars leaving the nation in continual debt. But were found to be involved with child sex trafficking, underground tunnels, dums, housing torture, children and bioweapon labs, pedophilia, rape, abortion, cannibalism, child organ,

and adrenochrome harvesting, while money laundering US taxpayer dollars back to themselves. They created the state of Israel to ensure themselves more wars and therefore more US taxpayer monies and as a safe haven for pedophiles, human traffickers, war criminals, and tyrants who right now were massacring thousands of Palestinian children and civilians. They have funded both sides of wars, plus created and funded illegal bio weapon labs in Ukraine and other countries. Globalists led by Obama created and funded ISIS and other terrorist groups with US taxpayer monies laundered through the CIA,

all in order to create chaos and a World War III scenario. We have a dirty FBI, CIA, Department of Justice, and mainstream media who are against freedoms of the people while supporting globalist crimes against humanity for their own monetary gain. Many of these globalists were now charged with war crimes, crimes against humanity, infringement on international laws and universal human rights, genocide, carnage, murder, coercion, COVID, lying under oath. Impersonation, male versus female. Hello Big Mike, Kamala Harris, Susan Rice, fraud, mind control and manipulation of the public in behalf of their own agenda through use of the mainstream media.

It’s a fact, a A large grouping of baboons is called a Congress. It was rumored that the Supreme Court has ruled on three cases concerning 2020 voter fraud brought by the Brunson brothers, Sydney Powell and the State of Florida. 46 out of the 50 states have now recounted the 2020 presidential election vote and confirmed that Biden lost the election, with Trump winning by over 80% in every state but one. A positive ruling by the Supreme Court on any or all of the above cases would automatically dissolve the Biden administration and all of Congress, plus bring in martial law until a new election could be held.

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The SCOTAS announcement was expected at any time. Sunday eighth of November 2020, Trump win validated by quantum blockchain system recount of votes. Two 26th of March, General Flynn called the Baltimore Bridge Collapse a Black Swan event. Not one, but two bridges were destroyed today in Maryland and in Ohio. A deep state Chinese barge ran into the Baltimore Bridge. 2s. 26th of March, exposed international Vatican-run child sex trafficking, gun, and drug running ring, Bush, Clinton’s, Royals, Hollywood, CIA, UK, PM, Baptists into pedophilia ring and blackmailing political elites. An Earth-shattering report proved that the CIA, under Obama with John Brennan at the helm,

orchestrated and collaborated with Five Eyes, US, UK, Ous, Nz, Canada, intelligence agencies to frame President Donald Trump as a Russian agent during the Russiagate hoax. Friday, 22nd of March, Merrick Arland military tribunal day 1. The United States Navy Judge Advocates General’s Corps on Friday began but did not conclude the tribunal of attorney General Merrick Garland, whom the Office of Military Commissions has charged with treason for weaponizing the Justice Department against President Donald J. Trump and the innocent protesters who visited the Capitol peacefully on January sixth.

As reported previously, US Special Forces arrested Garland on January 28th in Maryland, following his return to the US from Poland, where he had been cowering and remotely directing the DOJ, hoping patriotic justice wouldn’t chase him overseas. As has been the case with Myrija to deep staters, Garland felt an uncontrollable urge to return to the roost, Washington, DC, 2:00. 26th of March, Derek Johnson, doomsday plane up. Federal Continuity Directives 1 and II prove there’s a continuity of operations in action. Boom. 2s. 26th of March, the Devolution Plan and Continuity of government, military coup charges against Biden,

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Obama, Clinton’s, Rockefellers, CIA, Deep State, Game Theory Operations. 2s. 26th of March, White Hats Intel Expose, EBS, Game Theory Operations, Obama’s Hidden Agendas, Deep State Operations, CIA Exposure, NATO Collapse, Military Infiltration and Civil Unrest, Tuesday, 26th of March, BQQQM. Sunday, 24th of March, The White Hats Great Announcement, JFK Jr. Wednesday, 14th of February. Plunder of Ukraine by Soros, The Clintons, Biden, Obama, NATO, Davos, CIA Deep State: Statistics Ukraine: A Tale of Plunder and Intrigue, written by George Soros, the Clinton’s,

Biden, Obama, Davos, NATO, CIA in the Deep State. 2: 26 March BQM Another One Bites the Dust. Janet Yellen hanged at Gitmo for treason. Friday, March 22nd, 2024, Merrick Garland, Military Tribunal, D. I. Justice has been slow for the FEMA personnel caught committing crimes against humanity as part of Maui due attacks. Justice not so swift for FEMA caught in Maui. The Pentagon has serious concerns about secret biological experiments in Ukraine. Documents confirm in the US biological laboratories in Ukraine, in the immediate vicinity of the territory of Russia,

the development of biological weapons components was carried out. Cia drug cartel, Bill Cooper, the importation and distribution of illegal drugs was kicked off by George Bush. What was the money used for? To fund the CIA’s Black projects. Wednesday, 14th of February, 2024 Continuation of Government, BQQQM. The apocal showdown in Washington, DC. Continuation of government. Connect the dots. Background military operation. Deep state from A to Z and from Z to A. Hold the line. Bitcoin was found to be the most popular means to conduct illegal transactions, especially in the smuggling and exploitation of children,

according to a recent US Treasury report. Nasa means to deceive. The greatest NASA lie, we never went to the moon. The landing was filmed on the Nevada Desert. Other films of space exploration were made in a remote Canadian location. Films of Mars were done in the Middle Eastern Desert. Thursday, 15th of February, Globalist Conspiracy Unvealed. New Rosanne and Mel K, whoa. The Globalist Conspiracy finally Unvealed. Illegal and unlawful toxic levels of radiation has been found in at least one grade school playground that was coming from a 5G tower on the roof of the school.

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The levels were recorded by an EMF reader. Why is this deliberate poisoning of our children allowed? 2s. 26th of March, Situation Update, BQQQM. Judy Byington, Bomshelle Report. My fellow Americans, the storm is upon us. Nothing can stop what is coming. – Donald J. Trump, QDrop 3.202. 24.24 Q4. A apparent timeline. Prior to 1752, the New Year began on March 25th. On Palm Sunday, April first, 1860, Q was created when 20 generals placed Abraham Lincoln into office to fight the Khazarian Mafia who created the slave trade and owned 99% of the US slaves. Today, this battle is coming to an end.

Trump Q. Since 1918, and to this day, the Rothschild, Khazarian Mafia, pretend Jews of Israel, private bankers, the private Corporation of US Incorporated, UK Royals, and Vatican have had total control over use of US taxpayer dollars. In June 1963, five months before his assassination, President John F. Kennedy issued an executive order that would have given American currency back to the American people. Kennedy printed US currency based on a silver standard, taking away the power of the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel. Many argue this was the reason that JFK was assassinated. On Christmas Eve, December 24,

1963, after Kennedy’s assassination, November 22, 1963, 77 US generals came together and the plan was born to save the world. Three months later, 133 generals became part of Operation Freedom Egl 35. You are a witness to 58-year military delta coming in hot 2014, plus 22 nations, 1,600 generals, NCASIQ, the last days of Joe Biden. Cue the storm. On October 14, 2020, the United States Corporation Company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the Northern district of Florida Bankruptcy Court. This was an involuntary bankruptcy filing a sign the bankruptcy case number, 20 to 40,375.