Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of March 29, 2024

GCR Update

Judy, note, connect the dots. Continuation of government, EBS, mass arrests, game theory operations, Obama’s hidden agenda as, deep state operations, CIA exposure, NATO collapse, military infiltration. Civil Unrest in Mel Gibson’s documentary Exposing P. Ditty, a. K. A. The Black Epstein and his friends Barack and Michelle Obama, Prince Harry, Jay Z, Naomi Campbell, and other elites gay sex parties using drugs to manipulate boys

and girls to have intercourse and hidden Satanic parties complete with child sacrifices. Middle. Be ready, patriots. When they wake up, they won’t know what hit them. Genesis 1:3, God said, Let there be light, and there was light. Prepare for the storm, JFK Jr. Middle. Shell Oil Company began drilling for oil in Nigeria, where they exploited the land and poisoned the water. When the citizens complained, Shell executives went to the Nigerian government and told them to put down the protestors or they wouldn’t receive any more money. The Nigerian government killed over 80 protestors.

This was just one example of many. There were 10 major corporations which were all controlled by the Zionist Jews. The word terrorist is not good enough word to describe their evil. They’re simply beyond terrorists. They’re just pure evil. Middle. Trump seised 650 plane loads of gold from a 150-mile tunnel that ran from beneath the Vatican to Palestine. Most of the gold, worth around $60 trillion, was returned to the new US Treasury, located on an Indian reservation near Reno, Nevada. The gold had been illegally seized from the US taxpayers by the Cabal. Middle. Twos. 26th of March, BQQQQM.

Sunday, 24th of March, the White Hats Great Announcement, JFK Jr. A apparent timeline, middle. Twos. Prior to 1752, the New Year began on March 25. Middle. On Palm Sunday, April first, 1860, Q was created when 20 generals placed Abraham Lincoln into office to fight the Causarian Mafia who created the slave trade and owned 99% of the US slaves. Today, this battle is coming to an end. Trump Q. Middle. Since 1918, and to this day, the Rothschild, Khazarian Mafia, pretend Jews of Israel, private bankers, the private Corporation of US Incorporated, UK royals in Vatican have had total control over use of US taxpayer dollars.

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Middle. In June 1963, five months before his assassination, President John F. Kennedy issued an executive order that would have given American currency back to the American people. Kennedy printed US currency based on a silver standard, taking away the power of the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel. Many argue this was the reason that JFK was assassinated. Middle. On Christmas Eve, December 24, 1963, after Kennedy’s assassination, November 22, 1963, 77 US generals came together and the plan was born to save the world. Three months later, 133 generals became part of Operation Freedom EGLE 35.

You are a witness to 58-year military delta coming in hot 2014 plus 22 nations, 1,600 generals, NCASIQ, the last days of Joe Biden. Cue the storm. On October 14, 2020, the United States Corporation Company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the Northern district of Florida Bankruptcy Court. This was an involuntary bankruptcy filing a sign the bankruptcy case number, number 20 to 40,375. The bankruptcy petition for United States Corporation Company showed assets in the range of unknown with liabilities in the range of unknown. United States Corporation Company reports creditors in the range of 1 to 49. Middled out on Sunday, March 17th, 2024, Brazil,

Hong Kong, and other places across the world were given the green light for the global currency reset. Middle. Twos. 19th of March, Trump’s military alliance launched mass arrests on fake news media, breaking. Trump’s military alliance launches mass arrests on fake news media, Clinton’s and Nancy Pelosi’s drug money, global blackout crisis, Gazetler. Middle. Monday, April first, 2024, is the Julian calendar New Year’s Day, the start of a new era of peace and prosperity when the global currency reset introduces the gold/asset-backed US note and says bye-bye to the fiat US Incorporated.

Federal dollar are that global elites have been using to steal the country dry. Nezara funds will be released to the general public where they will be able to go to existing banks and set up their individual bank accounts on the new quantum financial system. April first, shockwave. Qfs integration with Wells Fargo sparks global financial reset. Redemption centers, military alliances, Trump and Musk’s AI unleashes war on globalist elites, Gazetler. Middle. On twos. April second, 2024, the general public was supposed to start receiving their redemption monies. Middle. Saturday sixth of April was the date some believe was Christ’s actual birthday.

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Middle. The Q clock is mirrored to 4:00 to 8:00, Monday eighth of April. The 17th letter on Telegram, JFK Jr. 2:00. 26th of March. Middle. On Monday eighth of April, during the solar eclipse, the deep state was planning a biological will attack on the people. The Oklahoma National Guard will have guardsmen present for the total solar eclipse. 22 members of an elite chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear unit will be housed. Residents are being urge to stock up with one to two weeks of food in advance of the event. Communication facilities could become overloaded, possibly making cell phone calls difficult. State’s calling for state of emergency.

Insider exposes April eighth, 2024 emergency. Is it going to be the worst day in history? The truth about the solar eclipse, what will happen on April eighth, 2024. B Global Currency Reset: Middle. Wednesday, 27th of March, marks. Ms. We are receiving some bond news. There were several bond meetings. Until now, they were waiting for all the contracts to be finished and final and your payment of the 1% early next week. So it’s positive. It will be right around Monday, April first, 2024. Middle. Wednesday, 27th of March, Wolverine. A lot of people have received emails telling them to get their platforms ready.

People have been paid. Money by Easter Sunday, 31st of March. Middle. Wednesday, 27th of March, Texas snake. Since there has been so little actual RV information being released over the past couple of days, I thought it might be a relief over this coming Easter celebration to share what my banker has just shared with me. His text is in all caps. The latest message to all regional currency exchange managers is to advise your specialists to be available for duty in the week following the Easter weekend as our information is all requirements have been satisfied globally. And the announcements will occur in the forthcoming week.

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We will provide continuous information as it becomes available over the weekend. Please recognize We have had such notifications before, so hopefully further delays will be understood. Middle. Twos. 26th of March, Nizara and Jezara unveil monumental changes. Global implementation begins. See Restored Republic Wednesday, 27th of March, Esra, we already know of several incidents that have recently taken place in some of the below cities. Have you all noticed that these cities have water and land and ports? These were listed as the cities that will all have one major false flag event.

Donald Trump believes there will be one. We shouldn’t be surprised as to why he would state that. Stay’s alert. Evacuate these cities. One, New York City. Two, Los Angeles. Three, Chicago. Four, Philadelphia. Washington, DC. Six, Houston. Seven, Nashville. Eight, New Orleans. Nine, Charlotte. Ten, San Francisco, 11, Detroit, 12, Seattle, 13, Atlanta, 14, Las Vegas, 15, Baltimore, 16, Boston, 17, Miami. D. A continuation of government. The National Guard has been out of their state malicious status and operating as active duty status every day since they were federalized in March, 2020.

Middle. There’s more than enough documentation and proof to show a continuity of government, not only in the presence of the National Guard, but also the thousands of World Alliance aircraft in and out of the United States and National Guard bases. Middle. There’s United States Coast Guard with the United States Navy at their stations. Middle. The US Coast Guard is under the Department of Homeland Security during peace time and transferred to the Department of the Navy during wartime. Middle. The Brunson versus Adams case simply states the obvious Congress violated the Constitution.

E. The real news for Wednesday, March 27th, 2024. Wednesday, 27th of March, Baltimore Bridge collapse. The adults have the situation completely under control. Two of the fastest US sea lift ships trapped by Baltimore Bridge collapse. The blocked entrance to the Port of Baltimore has stranded a total of four cargo ships that are on call to support US military operations. Middle. Wednesday, 27 March. If you wonder where our tax money.