WEF-Linked Calgary Mayor Says ‘Never Being Able To Own a Home’ Gives You ‘More Freedom’

Never being able to own your own home and facing the prospect of renting forever is a liberating experience, according to Calgary’s WEF-linked mayor Jyoti Gondek.

Mayor Gondek, who happens to own two houses in Calgary, claimed that owning nothing is synonymous with being happy during a discussion with the development company RNDSQR.

“We’re starting to see a segment of the population reject this idea of owning a home, and they’re moving towards rental because it gives them more freedom,” said Gondek.

“They can travel to different places, they can try out different communities, their job may take them from place to place and so people have become much more liberated around what housing looks like, and what the tenure of housing looks like.”

Or it could be that this segment of the population has been priced out of the market thanks to the stagnant wages, astronomical inflation, and unprecedented cost of living bought to us by leaders such as Trudeau and Biden.

TNC report: Gondek then went on to say that the idea of being able to own a home was like being “stuck in the 40s, 50s and 60s.”

“As municipalities, we haven’t kept pace with that change. We’re still stuck in the 40s, 50s and 60s,” said Gondek.

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According to Gondek’s disclosure statement, the Calgary mayor owns two properties in Calgary – one in Panorama Hills and another downtown in East Village.