Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of April 21, 2024

Judy note imminent Emergency Broadcast System EBS activation US braces for military takeover. Jazeera unleashed Nessa’s revolutionary impact reshaping the nation. Mel Gibson on Telegram, Friday, April 19th, 2024. Friday, 19th April US nuclear forces on Max alert. Secret military operation targets 34 strategic locations in an imminent global blackout. We are ten days from May 1st. Next week is the 17th week of 2024. Time to get biblical.

Tucker Carlson on Telegram, Friday, April 19th, 2024. It’s time the green light has been given by President Trump. The global military alliance is in motion. The global alliance will take over the fake news mainstream media and make mass arrests. Friday, 19th of April Israel attacks Iran, escalating the world toward nuclear apocalypse. Thursday 18th April Emergency alert US nuclear forces on Max alert US bases raid security level. Friday 19th of April. Child concentration camps in America. See for yourself video. U.S.. Friday 19th of April. Babies getting hearts cut out while alive.

Doctor Stanley Plotkin admitted that babies with beating hearts are alive. When researchers extract tissues and cut out their organs, they aren’t given anesthesia because that would disrupt the cells they are extracting. Friday 19th of April Iran nuclear facility bursts into flames. Thursday 18th of April. Boom! White hats in action, the unbelievable escape, JFK’s foiled assassination plot and the military witness protection twist. Friday 19th April. Military documents revealed notices of treason sent out and on huge Intel. April 19th, 2024 October 1st, 2023 Marines push FEMA out of Maui.

Former military doctor states chemtrails contain barium salts, human plasma, micro viruses, non-terrestrial, nano silicon machines, poisonous aerosols, and can even be used to augment bio coding frequency transmission capabilities to provide an assistive basis for thought based DNA warfare. Friday 19th April IDF sirens sounding in northern Israel as drone incursion reported. Edward Griffin explains what the Federal Reserve System actually is. It’s a cartel. It’s not a government agency. It has the appearance of it being a government agency. Please follow the recent recommendations and make sure your family are safe.

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Friday 19th April Judy Barrington, bombshell report JFK senior alive survived in white hat military victim witness program. Trump to remain in power JFK Jr to return as VP. We’re in divine hands. Friday 19th April Donald Trump, Charlie Ward Friday 19th April. Democratic Party will cease to exist once exposed. Friday, 19th of April Israel strikes Iran over ten states without 911 services. Bank warnings situation update World War three coming soon. Israel goes from preparing to starting retaliatory strikes on Iran over ten states, with 911 services down bank warnings when war and conflict.

Friday, 19th April situation Update Judy Byington unredacted worldwide DB’s JFK Jr alive survived in white hat military victim witness program Special Intel Report April 19th, 2024. Friday 19th of April. The event, Secret Military operation, targets 34 strategic locations in an imminent global blackout. EBS activation for a biblical event designed to free humanity. Gazetteer. A the event. It is biblical. The 17th letter JFK Jr VP USA Republic on Telegram. Friday, April 19th, 2024. There is going to be a big biblical scenario where they make out it’s World War three, but really they are activating militaries,

then bombing all of these satanic Luciferian landmarks and acting Gezira funds. And we the people rebuild. World War three scare event. Nuke sirens. Water event. Stock market crash. Global martial law. 34. Satanic buildings and dams will fall worldwide with the rods of God slash do attacks. Q showed us the very big satanic Illuminati landmarks Vatican, Buckingham Palace, white House, x2, USA, Germany, Three Gorges Dam in China, CERN on the Swiss French border. Possible. Big pharma in Wuhan equals Israel. Israel because Aryans, descendants of Cain, control the Chinese Communist Party in the mainstream media.

Planes and trains grounded. Light power switched off while changing over to Tesla. Free energy. Bitcoin Server Data Center hid and turned off for good 99.5% of crypto gone. China coins enter ISO 200 022 coins backed by precious metals. Quantum systems project Odin switched on nearest RV election flipping via military courts FISA. Military tribunals, confession and a movie three times eight hour sessions. Ten countries will be running EBS to cover the whole world. Project Odin is part of quantum Starlink. Our new quantum systems are to be protected by secret space programs out of the cabals reach.

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Be Save the Children the 17th letter, JFK junior, VP, U.S.A. Republic on Telegram, Friday 19th April. All wars are fought to protect selfish interests until now. In the shadows. We have shut down agencies, organizations, networks, tunnels and shipping lanes. Subterranean warfare, satanic sacrifices, and child abuse must be eradicated. Pedophiles and government committing heinous crimes against the innocent. Still trust MSM for nightly news. What happens when children are taken by predators and trusted political positions? National security threat worldwide. Who is oversight?

How are they held accountable? Are they held accountable? How do you stop evil? New Alliance is made in secret. The world will never be the same. Underground and above it. Let the games begin. See wars and rumors of wars. The Iranian commander says Iran has identified all Israeli nuclear sites and is ready to react to any attack. Press dev. Friday, April 19th, 2024 Friday 19th April Israel attacks Iran, escalating the world toward nuclear apocalypse. Thursday 18th April. Emergency alert US nuclear forces on Max. Alert US bases, raise security level. The global currency reset. Friday 19th April. Wolverine.

Many people have signed NDAs and we do not know if they have spendable money. If people are being paid, they are being silent. The dinar, which is now hours away, actually is to go up. It is close now to going on the forex and in the Gazette. Colombia will be joining BRICs and they will get their gold backed currency on Tues 23rd of April. China has pardoned all of Zimbabwe’s debts. This is huge news for Zimbabwe. My counterparts in Brazil said that yesterday, Thursday 18th of April, the banks received the payment authorization codes from the central Bank of Brazil to release the notices

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and asked for 24 hours to carry out the logistics of distributing the notices. The military and G13 will enter tomorrow, Saturday 20th April, to receive their already unlocked amounts. Releases for DF operations will be paid on Wednesday 24th April, a date set by the institution itself. Marks said. Big contracts are getting finalized. He has never seen that before. I also got this confirmed by my Brazilian counterparts. These are big contracts. This is happening. It is real. Just have faith. Note from Wolverine’s friend Richard. I am involved on both sides, both on the bond sellers and also the bond buyer side as well.

I wanted to clarify the importance of the message from marks about final contacts being received by the sellers. Over the past 4 to 5 years, thousands of contracts have been put together, but they have always been just by the sellers. The sellers have never received contracts from the buyers because of the confidentiality. What is happening now, and as Marx said for the first time, is actually the sellers who are the owners of the bonds have now finally received what is called the mother contracts, which are the contracts from the buyers side. This is only being done because it is the start of the payment.

So the mother contract is the only time that the seller’s contract and the buyer’s contracts are joined together. So that is a very big step. Once that is put together, then the paymasters can be authorized to start the payments. This is a very big step and this is happening to our clients in many territories, including Zurich, Hong Kong and Brazil. It seems very likely we should be able to cross the finish line by next week. We have top contacts on the buyer’s side who write up for redemptions, and they have it confirmed that the payments have been starting following the final contracts. This news is straight from Reno.