Martin Freeman’s Troubling Accusations Resurface

Martin Freeman is one of the most beloved actors in the world, known for playing awkward and charming characters like Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012) and Tim Canterbury in The Office (2001-2003). However, the actor is not without controversy, with resurfacing statements that many have deemed culturally insensitive and racist. After his breakthrough performance in … Read more

16-Year-Old Cheerleader Dies after Sudden Cardiac Arrest

A 16-year-old Texas girl has tragically died after suffering a sudden cardiac arrest at a cheerleading camp. Callie Mitchell, a 16-year-old from Katy who was heading into her junior year of high school, is being remembered for her drive and ebullience. Mitchell was at cheerleading camp when she suffered a fatal cardiac arrest, according to … Read more

Sky To Stop Broadcasting The Oscars In The UK As Viewing Figures Drop

Sky will stop broadcasting the Oscars after 20 years as viewing figures for the awards ceremony drop dramatically. The network has backed away from keeping the rights to the event as viewing figures tumble, according to a report by industry publication Deadline A new broadcaster is yet to be confirmed for UK viewers, but it … Read more

Hollywood Legend Woody Harrelson Snubs Biden, Comes Out in Support of Robert F Kennedy Jr

Hollywood legend Woody Harrelson just snubbed Joe Biden and came out in support of the Democrat president’s main 2024 primary challenger, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Kennedy is polling well and Biden may make a critical blunder and stay off the ballot in some early states because he wants South Carolina to be the first Democrat … Read more

Matt Gaetz Ruins Nancy Pelosi’s Week, Announces Plan To ‘Immunize’ Trump From Prosecution

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) overruled Nancy Pelosi and announced a plan to “immunize” former President Donald Trump from criminal prosecution. Nancy said this week: “The indictments against the president are exquisite. They’re beautiful and intricate, and they probably have a better chance of conviction than anything that I would come up with.” Enter Matt … Read more

Alan Dershowitz Finds Fatal Flaw In Trump Case, Says It ‘Fails To Meet The Nixon Standard’

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz looked at the new Trump indictments and discovered a fatal flaw. Alan said: “I have no doubt that if the shoe were on the other foot Mr. Trump would be demanding prosecution of his political opponents, but two constitutional wrongs do not make a constitutional right. “It is true that … Read more

UK Government Moves to Scrap Green Agenda as Climate Goals Send Energy Costs Soaring

The U.K. government is moving to pivot away from its embrace of the green agenda goals for renewable energy, according to reports. The Telegraph is reporting that British lawmakers are abandoning climate goals as the agenda has seen prices continue to soar for consumers. During last winter, energy prices climbed so high that many feared … Read more

‘Treating Us Like Dogs’: Colombian Mercenaries Tried To Teach Ungrateful Ukrainians Good Manners

Another scandal between the Ukrainian servicemen and foreign mercenaries has recently become public. Videos of the conflict between Colombian mercenaries who reportedly instructed servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) and the Ukrainian military are gaining popularity on social networks. Colombian militants shared three videos revealing the chronology of the conflict and accusing ungrateful … Read more

Hollywood Director Oliver Stone Slams Joe Biden: ‘I Voted For Him – I Made a Mistake!’

Hollywood director Oliver Stone has admitted he regrets voting for Joe Biden in the 2020 election, warning that the president is dragging the United States into a potential World War III with Russia and China. “I voted for him — I made a mistake!” Stone said in a new interview with Russell Brand. Stone expressed … Read more

The Old Man Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast and Renewal

Here’s everything we know so far about The Old Man Season 2; The Old Man is a thrilling action-drama series that premiered on FX on Hulu in June 2022. The show stars Jeff Bridges as Dan Chase, a former CIA operative who goes on the run after an old enemy resurfaces. John Lithgow plays Harold Harper, an FBI agent … Read more