Rand Paul Promises Fauci Will Spend the Rest of His Life in Jail

Senator Rand Paul has vowed to dedicate all of his resourcing into making sure that Anthony Fauci spends the rest of his life behind prison bars for committing ‘crimes against humanity.’ According to Senator Paul, the Biden regime’s DOJ has so far refused to respond or take any action on his previous criminal referral of … Read more

Rand Paul Suddenly Against Impeaching Biden a Week After His Office Burned down

Senator Rand Paul is facing backlash after he urged caution against impeaching Joe Biden, which some Twitter users noted mysteriously comes a week after his offices burned down. Paul hit out at Democrats for pushing a “terrible precedent” for impeaching President Donald Trump twice, urging Republicans to “do better” with a thorough investigation into the Biden … Read more

Rand Paul: “Bill Gates Is Largest Funder Of Trying To Find Viruses In Caves And Bring Them To Big Cities”

Senator Rand Paul teed off on globalist Bill Gates Sunday, heavily intimating that the billionaire’s obsession with funding research into deadly viruses led directly to the COVID pandemic. Appearing on Fox News, Paul noted that Gates visited China last week. “Bill Gates is the largest funder of trying to find these viruses in remote caves … Read more