Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of March 2, 2023

GCR Update USA

Wednesday 1 March promised to be an unprecedented day for both the global currency reset and a Supreme Court announcement on election fraud that would pave the way for a US Restored Republic in line with the original Constitution, a global currency reset. It is my understanding that the new quantum financial system is operational has successfully completed trial payments. Paymaster accounts have been loaded in the Kingpin of the Gcr, the new Gold Slash assetbacked Iraqi Dinar has argued with a $5 rate and moving upward in value against the new Gold Slash assetbacked US Node,

a high up contact indicated that a major event concerning the Supreme Court could happen on Wednesday, 1 March, which would then start a three day blackout period and perhaps a Black Swan event. Twos February 28, 2023 marks there has been a lot of chatter about Tiers One and Two released tomorrow, Wednesday 29 February. This morning there was lots of chatter from multiple bond people that starting tomorrow, Wednesday 29 February, they expected to be gone until mid July because of signing an NDA twos 28 February bruce the Big Call Bond People Commissions are to be paid out between 11:00 P.m.

228 of February and 01:00 a.m. Wednesday 1 March. Notification emails to set redemption slash exchange appointments for Tier Four A be will come out overnight or in the morning of Wednesday 1 March. Beginning Wednesday 1 March, there will be a fully staffed Redemption Center staff working 08:00 A.m. To 11:00 P.m. For the next twelve to 14 days. Our exchanges slash redemption should be completed by Wednesday 15 March. Charlie Ward may announce Niezerra Jazzar on Wednesday one or Thursday, 2 March. The new ustn has been traded on the market since 1 February. The new ustn should be available at the redemption centers.

Fiat US dollars should be turned into the bank to trade for ustn by Monday 10 April. At some point soon, we will be going to a four day work week and a four day school day in order to spend more time with our families. On Wednesday 1 March, a Supreme Court decision should come out regarding election fraud that would pave the way for a change of leadership in our country. Be Restored Republic help save the Constitution by supporting the Brunson Petition rampant 2020 election fraud has yet to be investigated. Add her name to the Brunson petition by sending an affidavit to SCOTUS.

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Years ago, the Trump Alliance set in motion a transfer of all bank accounts to the new quantum financial system. Very Important Bank Warning by Lisa Vento february 27, 2023 for years, the deep state’s harp has been using weather weapons on the populace. On February 6, 2023 in Turkey, just before the earthquake, a wavering of light emitted into the air from a frequency that represented the wave motion of an underground earthquake. For several years, the Worldwide Alliance Special Forces military has been actively rescuing, abused and tortured children across the globe while investigating, arresting, holding military tribunals on and executing their perpetrators. See international child sex trafficking, organ and adrenochrome harvesting ring.

Marine sniper kills Ukrainian pedophile in Baltimore adrenochrome and heineken d COVID monkey pox drug ebola vacs hoax. 15 years ago, before Bill Gates bought the company, pfizer used shell companies to avoid prosecution. COVID injections are weapons of the US. Department of Defense’s COVID-19 killbox researcher says the expose evoter fraud CBS reporter caught a voter voting twice in Lori Lightfoot’s election after an election, judge gave the voter two ballots by accident. Kerry Lake provides update on Arizona election case the Real News for Twos february 28, 2023 nigeria’s two main opposition parties on Tuesday called for the cancellation of the country’s weekend presidential elections, alleging that manipulation of results had led to a ballot that was neither free and fair, nor transparent.

Russia’s Bolkovo Airport in St. Petersburg temporarily suspended all flights because an unidentified object had been spotted in the sky. South Africa a country of 60 million is on the verge of collapse amid rolling blackouts and warnings of civil war scale unrest. People are advised to stock up on several days worth of food and water and be on highler during extended blackout sweeping the country. Florida braking train derailment train carrying propane tank derails in Mandate County, Florida emergency crews called to the scene. Mexico massive fire reported at a recycling plant in Zulastic Ekatape de Moraylos, mexico greece passenger train collides with cargo train in northern Greece ukraine since 2014, the neo Nazi democratically elected Kiev regime has been shelling and killing scores of children in the Donbas region.

Missouri missouri AG moves to remove Soros crony military arrests Gates Foundation members multiple tornadoes hit the planes Midwest and Southeast eight alarming cover ups and contradictions in the East Palestine train wreck UK the Lockdown files biden higher taxes g the recent 259 dead in Northern Utah event there’s a lot of behind the scenes intel trickling out soros backed Lima, Peru group of BlackRock type mercenaries pouring into US portland mini war played out under our noses. North Hollywood blackout special op to extract loaded military jet left telecast to Greenland trump connection to Greenland EP 2073 Bards FM private Militaries at War h world War Three world War wicked number Two courts as parasites working for justice. Lady justice is supposed to be blind, but when comparing Lady Justice with fat justice. A statue speaks a thousand words.

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The conviction rate in U. S. Federal Court has exceeded the notorious court of Adolf Fitter, which was 90%. The US. Has reached 98% to 99%, thanks to prosecutors and judges who turn a blind eye and worship victory at all costs. Justice no longer exists, and the proof is that America has more people in prison than even Russia or China combined. One would conclude that Americans are the most corrupt people on the planet, or we have so abused the rule of law for profit and gain. I remember. Nothing is as it seems. Something big seems to be going on behind the scenes and in public. Did you know that the US. Already has a military base there through Larabase? Not for sale. Donald Trump’s interest in buying Greenland is shut down. Video report what really happened in N.

Hollywood on Saturday, February 25, 2023, during a possible private military op that removed people and things with a power outage for cover and flew them out of Lax to Greenland. Trump greenland Tower. K common law and no more qualified immunity without prejudice. Dan MANKEY, things are happening real soon, hopefully like this week or next, from many sources pertaining to Nizra, Gcr, RV, Qfs, and our Republic, which brings in Constitutional law, otherwise common law. This is no crime has been committed if no harm has been done to others, not what the police and government officials think harm has been done to others or themselves.

And don’t forget, the IRS and Federal Reserve will be gone completely, so no fiat currency or income taxes to pay, and banks may be shutting down by being backed by fiat currency. We shouldn’t have to wait for Trump to get back into office as President in January 2025 for things to happen. For as of February 15, 2023, the US incorporated that has been our government since 1871, has beneficially bankrupt, shut down and dissolved without any possibility of passing laws to reinstating it or keep it afloat. Things are still happening with Congress, Biden and SCOTUS to make it appear nothing has changed. Yet even some are stating things may not change till May or later.

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Regulations will have to be made on who is to receive access to their Qfs account, which is based on their birth certificate, as some, like street thugs, will use the funds to commit more crimes, but if they have those funds, they may just want to survive on them and commit no crimes. But it should not be. If you have a criminal record, you cannot have access to it right from the start, and no three strikes rule for any denial of access. Once again, there cannot be any excessive fines or bonds placed on someone for the courts to collect from these accounts, but they will be available for costs needed for the defense of the individual. One item is SCOTUS just decided on February 17, 2023, to not hear the brunson case for the January 6, 2021 Congressional decision to not investigate the election fraud.

Thus, that is the second time they refuse to have a hearing on it. With this refusal, they just added themselves to the 388 others on the lawsuit to be removed if not criminally charged, as they violated their oath of office as well. We the people can take action for government officials violating their oath of office. So it just might be the US military steps and for tribunals when cities have brought and defund the police. They were leaning to what really needs to be done, as the police do what they want in claiming authority over the people, which they claim they are right.

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