Private Firm Finds Cancer-Causing Toxins In East Palestine, Government-Run EPA Misses Everything!

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In the aftermath of the toxic chemical mushroom cloud explosion that occurred in East Palestine, Ohio, following a train derailment and subsequent decision to detonate six railcars of hazardous substances, new soil testing has revealed alarming information. Purdue University scientists and students have discovered the presence of cancerous agents not previously detected by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The explosion’s aftermath saw a significant die-off of animal and plant life over a 100-mile radius downstream from the small Ohio town. With Purdue investigators collecting samples, researchers from Pittsburgh have now identified low levels of six distinct carcinogens that went undetected by the EPA.

Despite receiving the all-clear from the EPA, Big Pine Consultants, an environmental firm from Pittsburgh, remained skeptical about the testing in East Palestine. Justin Johnston, the president of the firm, has been in the village since the controlled burn and confirms that their tests have uncovered low levels of six potential carcinogens missed by the EPA.

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) states that no safe exposure level exists for these types of chemicals, suggesting that some may have been present at the site before the derailment. Johnston explains that the consequences of these carcinogens are not immediate, and while there may not be visible effects such as fish kills, they could become hotspots for cancer in wildlife and potentially humans. However, such results may not be evident right away.

Despite these findings, the EPA maintains that they have not discovered any chemical levels that pose a safety risk. They are currently testing for chemicals from the train and dioxins. NewsNation has reached out to the Ohio EPA for comment, but they have chosen not to provide specific comments on these samples.

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The potential long-term consequences of these undetected carcinogens could be severe. As the community remains unaware of the potential health risks they may face, questions about the adequacy of EPA testing and the need for stricter safety measures continue to emerge. Time will tell if the effects of this toxic explosion will further impact the environment and the lives of those in the surrounding areas.

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