Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of january 2, 2024

GCR Update

Judy Note, one day soon in the blink of an eye, you will awaken. Everything will change and your soul will whisper. Welcome, home, a girl in the universe on Telegram. Saturday 30th of December. Weapons of mass destruction warning, National Guard alert. Within the last couple of days, Jazar was softly announced to the public through select media outlets on the Starlink satellite system, which made it legal. On Monday, January first, 2024,

a global currency reset occurred where the majority of people of the world no longer would use the Fiat US Petro dollar for international trade, but switched to using their own sovereign nation’s gold/asset-backed currencies. Chinese President Chi has been working with the US White Hats to take down the Chinese Communist Party and People’s Republic of China. Chinese military White Hats say Biden removal was imminent. Ukraine has capitulated to Russia. Refuse to lower your standards to those who refuse to raise theirs. A, The Fall of the cabal or the end of the world as we know it, plus sequel to The Fall of the Cabal,

crime, murder, money laundering, cartels, high treason, all of which exists right under your nose, Janet a Seabard and Synthicoater. Take a dive into a rabbit hole. This is not a conspiracy theory, but merely facts compiled over the course of the last 20-plus years, condensed into a three-hour segment consisting of 10 parts. Set your cognitive dissonance aside and open your mind to what has been hidden from you for the last century. If you are new to this type of research, be warned, it’s not for the faint of heart. It deals with corruption, crimes, satanic activities of the elite. State and people who we elect to run our world. In the end, you will be enlightened.

B Saturday, 30th of December. Bearded Patriot USA Telegram Post. A military team worked from 24th to the 26th December on Nizar/Jazar and the release of funds. The military worked on Nizar all night long on the 25th because they wanted us all to receive the abundance. On 2s. December 26th, 2024, Jazar was softly announced publicly to select media outlets through the Starlink satellite system, which made it legal. Jizarra has started between all governments worldwide. Nizarra is now liquid under the USN. The money is flowing. On Monday first of January,

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the Fiat US dollar became illegal as a legal tender in Iraq. Everything is imminent. Everything changes within 12 hours after the worldwide announcement. Philby, the military is in charge, not President Trump or the White Hats. The military has been playing 5D chess along with President Trump to strategically and meticulously execute the final stages of the plan. We know time frames of events, not exact dates. The debts between nations have all been forgiven and wiped clean. Foreign currency will not pay off debt. Foreign currency will help you.

Social security will not exist. The money coming to everyone will come in structured payments up to $5,000 for 60 and above, with a possible time frame. Of January 2024. Disabled seniors will get $7,500. There’s no rules to get the $7,500. Anyone proving they have a job will get $1,200 per month universal basic income. If you cannot work, you will still get the $1,200 based on the UBI. There’s 200 programs where everyone will get financial abundance. According to Jizara, everything stolen will be returned 1,000 times over and more. This is the day of abundance that will blow your mind.

Stop attacking each other. Stop attacking Intel providers. When you are angry and impatient, you choose to stay in a negative energy field. You damage yourself. Get rid of a mindset of lack. Start thinking abundance. Everything is done. There is no kicking the can, no delays. The process is slow because of the legalities. The world court is going over the paperwork. The military is waiting on the world court for all legalities to be finalized properly between nations according to common law. The cabal lies to the banks and when bankers found out they were angry.

Some bankers quit their jobs because we are so close to the end of this. Michelle Obama is not running for President. This is happening now, not. In. 2025. The banks are getting ready for the RV and GCR. President Trump will be back overnight. See global currency reset, bricks. The US dollar will collapse on. Monday, January first, 2024. On Monday, January first, 2024, the Fiat Petro US dollar will no longer be used for international trade and from here on out, the BRX nations, which represent over half of the world population, will only be using their own sovereign nation’s gold/asset-backed currency for in-country and international trade.

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On Monday, January first, 2024, the global currency reset was scheduled to take place. The new gold asset/backed US notes will be put in US ATMs and tier 4b us, the internet group, could receive email notification to set appointments. On second second of January, the new gold/asset-backed US note would be available to the general public and tier 4B might possibly begin exchange/redemption appointments. Saturday 30th of December. Captain Marvel Jr. On Telegram. Everything is pointing to the RV happening on January first. The Dinar will go public on January first.

Vietnam has joined bricksS. The Dung is gold-backed. The next two weeks will see a lot of booms. We will see the class. Saturday 30th of December. Wolvarine’s chat. One, Pentecostal group is now totally silent, off-grid. Wolvarine believes them to be silent due to receiving their blessing. Two, there is mention of the EBS going off before the RV. He does not believe the electricity will be cut. Three, he believes it will begin first week of January. His sources said the gold-backed currency needed to be in place, which happened on. January first, 2024.

Four, a very high source has said all is done. He said he knows how difficult this is for us and for him, but that the RV is 8 trillion % real and will be happening. 2024 will go down in history as the year market corrections took place across the globe. The new currency rates were presently trading on the forex and going up and down in value. Those new rates were international rates that the general public would be given if they exchanged foreign currency at a bank. If those in tier 4b us, the Internet group, obtained an appointment to exchange at an official redemption center,

they will be offered higher exchange rates. Early 2023, Tucker Carlson, Congress had until the end of last June to finish the currency reset protocols. This allowed interfacing quantum computers around the world in the first part of July as the new quantum financial system was utilized. Bridges were built between different countries’ computer systems that allowed cooperation and coordination of currency transactions through an international payment system, ISO 20022, creating more money flow and more money velocity. The demand for each country’s national currencies began to increase in value

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and purchasing power around the world. The second half of this year brought in a global currency reset in ways none of us can even imagine. The federal US dollar will no longer be used after. February 20th, 2024. The Cabal Plan for Expiration of the Bank-Term funding program, BTFP by the Federal Reserve on. March 12th, 2024. At that point, they would have created a major banking crisis that would lead to big banks acquiring smaller banks. They also would have created ideal conditions for quick implementation of a US Central Bank Fiat digital currency where they could control everyone’s bank accounts and lives.

The global currency reset on Monday, January first, 2024 changed all that as major countries of the world stopped use of the Fiat US petro dollar and traded such for gold/asset-backed currencies of their own sovereign countries. The global financial crisis: China and Russia test hack-proof quantum communication link for BRICS countries. As of Monday, January first, 2024, Russia and Iran will no longer use the Fiat US dollar in international trade. Sunday 31st of December. 2024 is the year of the Black Swan financial events. The expiration of the bank-term funding program,

BTFP, by the Federal Reserve on March 12th, 2024 will lead to a major banking crisis. Consequences include a decline in bank loans, impacting economic activity and reducing persistent inflation. Big banks stand to benefit by acquiring distressed banks, consolidating the financial landscape. The planned banking crisis would create ideal conditions for quick implementation of a US central bank digital currency, small and medium bank consolidation, and elimination of regional bank competition. Europe would accept. Brics in 2024.

E-sunday 31st of December. Michael Jay on Telegram, the liability side of the US bank balance sheet has collapsed in the trillions, along with all other financial institutions, think corporate bonds. The liability side of a bank balance sheet is probably worth 5-10 cents on the dollar as the bond values have collapsed, which is now systemic in the G7. Central.