Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of january 10, 2024

GCR Update

Judy note, Trump knew. He knew the Clintons, Obamas, certain members of Congress, and their global elite politicians and friends were loyal only to Satan, and practiced pedophilia, organ and adrinochrome harvesting and child sacrifice through use of an international child sex trafficking ring run out of the Vatican. He knew the UN, UK royalty, Vatican, Causarian Mafia, Deep State, Cabal,

and their Rothschild, Rockefeller’s central bankers, privately owned Federal Reserve and IRS were intentionally destroying America from within. He knew he was up against evil. He always knew. And he also always knew that God gave him a mission to do something about it. So he did. Sunday, seventh of January. Breaking. Emergency Broadcast System, EBS. Activation imminent. Us Braces for military takeover. Jaisara Unleashed. Nizr’s revolutionary impact reshaping the nation. The collapse of the Federal Reserve System, the fall of Bitcoin,

and acceleration of cyberattacks are interconnected events that paint a picture of a world on the brink of a new order. Monday eighth of January, South Africa lockdown. South Africa has received the EBS and EAST test alert and signal in Paris, South Africa. It lasted 30 minutes and includes coverage of what’s happening in the USA and also a report of the cabal operations in South Africa. Our President Ramaphosa was called away to a meeting of national security, which is called by the international military to inform him of the imminent lockdown in South Africa and his imminent arrest.

The South African government has been ordered step down as we under martial law. Monday eighth of January UK, China lockdown, lockdown starting in Singapore, UK as well. My personal friend sent message 6:15 AM today, January eighth, 2024. Someone, one of admin at MedBed Group, responded, It. Ramaphosa collapsed and has been taken out. Incoming. The White Hats have planned a summer full exposure of the planned 2021 pandemic, death vaccines and corruption linking military intelligence agencies, banks and world leaders to international pedophile extortion

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and money laundering rings. Presently, Trump was exposing the weaponized and controlled deep state US judicial system. The Mexican cartels have been fully running the Mexican government and military. Along with the CIA, they have controlled international drug trade and human, child sex, trafficking through Mexican shipping ports. Mexico was getting ready for a massive collapse of the country after white had exposure of their cartel operations that were supported with funding and direction of the CIA, UN, Davos Group, and BlackRock subsidiary companies.

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The Biden Justice Department/FBI was hiding hard drives/tape shot by Jeffrey Epstein and the intel agencies chronicling their abuse of children. It It’s clear that the FBI is complicit in protecting high-profile pedophiles by not releasing the footage, much like the mainstream media protected and ran cover for Epstein’s entire blackmail operation for many years. By summer, the Epstein saga is going to explode to expose involvement of the CIA, Pentagon, Israeli Intel, M16, EU, and US military intelligence agencies operations in a worldwide pedophile human trafficking extortion and money laundering ring.

The White Hats will expose a controlled military coup over the US government in elections, including several countries across the world. White Hat were exposing Oprah Winfrey in her connection to the CIA, Harvey Weinstein, Epstein, Clinton’s financial and human trafficking ring. Oprah was planted by the CIA and Hollywood elites to take control of black communities and black entertainment and unite them under the D&C and liberal agendas. The CIA was behind Epstein and Israel intelligence elite money operations and Black Rock’s Larry Fink and Jewish elites were Epstein operators.

The Weather channel just covered a team of scientists and military personnel working on using lasers to control the weather. Official study shows COVID caused by Mernovaxines. A rumored possible timeline on twos. December 26, 2024, Jazar was safely announced publicly to select media outlets through the Starlink satellite system, which made it legal. Jazar has started between all governments worldwide. Nizrish is now liquid under the USN. The money is flowing. Monday first of January, the RV occurred for Iraq. The new in-country Iraqi dinar rate was being used in country in Iraq,

while the fiat US federal dollar was banned from the country. Friday Midnight ESD 5 Jan was the end of the deep state. Trump database on Telegram. Sun. Midnight ESD seventh of January to Monday eighth of January. The lockdown for disclosure will begin and last for a couple of weeks. Alexa Midnight ESD Sunday seventh of January to Monday eighth.
The disclosure block will begin and last for a few weeks. Wolverine, Monday eighth of January, South Africa, UK. China reported to be on lockdown. On Monday eighth of January, the banks will have the codes

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and from there to Friday 12th of January is the window. Charlie Ward, Wednesday, 10th of January. The world is going asset-backed. All 210 countries, Charlie Ward, Thursday, 11th of January. Formal public announcement of Nizra Jaisara. Two’s. January 16th, 2024, new Basel III capital requirements being implemented. Wednesday 17th of January. Formal public announcement of the new gold/asset-backed US note. Be Global Currency Reset, Sunday seventh of January. Texas snake. Well, the call confirmed what I had heard and was going to share.

There are more rumors and tentative release dates than anyone can keep up with starting today through the end of March. But the folks I am hearing from are suggesting our notifications will occur between between the wet. 10th and Friday, 12th of January, with exchanges commencing somewhere between the Thursday 18th and Sat. 20th with a maximum initial cash distribution via debit card of 10k. With balance due deposited in your new QFS account within 10 to 15 business days after your exchange. Is there a confirmation of this via official agencies?

No, but the exchange centers are preparing for the date suggested to schedule appointments. They have confirmed that on Saturday sixth of January, the Secretary of the Treasury was in Reno finalizing the efforts to launch the final phase of the pre-revaluation process. From Swiss business partner Luciano Pardo, received from a contact in Italy, all RV liquidity releases, bondholders, tiers A, B, fines and penalties, CMKX, farm claims, prosperity packages are expected to take place this weekend. Saturday evening, sixth of January, Charlie Ward, Intel for You, Wolfie.

The whole Europe is going asset-backed on Wednesday, 10th of January. All 210 countries in America, 43 states are asset-backed, with seven to go. Europe is gold-backed already, including the UK. This is different to being a part of BRICS on a different operating system, QFS. Charlie Ward on Telegram, Saturday sixth of January. Midnight, ESD, Sunday, seventh of January. To Monday eighth, the disclosure block will begin and last for a few weeks. Wolverine, Everybody has the green light. I am leaning to it kicking off Monday eighth of January.

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Rumor was that the codes were already entered and ready to go. A triple awhale had 30,000 boxes. They dropped them off a few days ago at a bank, got them audited, apparently already has been paid and was under an NDA. The dinar can be on Forex later today, Sunday seventh of January, and go international, Saturday sixth of January. Question from Wolverine to Isaac, are you optimistic for your call on Tuesday? Isaac? Yes, I am. Last thing they told me is we are close for advances on German bonds. We will have a QFS account you will manage all from there.

It is like an account in a cloud and only you have the codes to move and do whatever you want. I can tell you that in several banks in Europe, private ones, the big whales will put the money and amazing things will happen there. After German bonds comes Dragon Bonds and then come the others, first Tier 3, then Tier 4A, then Tier 4B, us, the Internet Group. On Monday eighth of January, the bank Banks will have the codes and from there to Friday 12th of January is the window. The call will begin on Monday, January eighth. I don’t know that they have given specific time slots for each group of sellers.

Guys, get ready for greatest transfer of wealth on the planet. Everything is as I received yesterday. Everything is better and better. We are waiting for the start of the new week, waiting for Dinara to go international, which may be just about now. Thursday, January 11th, official public announcement from Nizara Jaisara. Wednesday, January 17th, official public announcement of the new US asset/gold-backed bank note. By Tuesday, January 30th, countries around the world will be fully integrated into the quantum financial system. The final code will enter simultaneously into all redemption centers around the world. There are some whales that got paid. I know I was on the live call when that happened. Incredible news again. Lots of movement in Reno. I know AA high-level whales who were traveling.