Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of january 24, 2024

GCR Update

Judy note, my favorite quote for the day, When you’re dead, you don’t know you’re dead. That pain is felt by others. The same thing happens when you’re stupid. We are in a war between good and evil. Be willing to lose it all. Be willing to fight until death. Be willing to put it all on the line. Be ready to defend your freedom. Be ready to stand your ground. Be ready be betrayed. We are in a war. Stand together. A good friend is a rare gift, and true loyalty has no price.

Monday, 22nd of January. Today will be remembered as the day all of Mockingbird Media dies. Tucker Carlson on Telegram Monday, January 22nd, 2024. Monday, 22nd of January. Brainwashing is over. Q. Monday, 22nd of January. Donald Trump has vow to end child trafficking and return every single child back to their families. Save the children by any means. 8 timing. On November 21st, 2022, Thanksgiving, a global currency reset agreement was signed by 209 nations in Geneva, Switzerland, and the US Treasury signed an agreement with the Chinese elders, Dave X. R. P.

Lion. Thursday, 11th of January, was the start of a worldwide financial Armageddon as it was the end of the Deep State Bank’s reverse repurchase agreements they had created to cover up bank bankruptcies. On Monday, 15th of January, the global financial system moved from the old fiat Swift system to the gold/asset-backed quantum financial system. By 2:00, 23 January, the Deep State’s giant JPMorgan Bank, along with all central banks across the world that were not Basel III compliant, have gold/asset-backed monies were bankrupt and would be closed,

setting the stage for a global financial collapse that would be saved by a global currency reset that would take down the deep state cabal in their international child sex trafficking ring. Rumor was that on Thursday, 25th of January, there would be an announcement that Princess Diana, John McAfee, John F. Kennedy Jr. And Jeffrey Epstein were alive. By the end of this week, all Navy ships are in position around the world waiting for the go signal. Confirmed by military sources, Amiel Alston on Telegram, Friday, 19th of January, the fiat US dollar was expected to be considered useless by around March 11th, 2024.

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Be Global Currency Reset, Saturday, January. Wolverine. Okay, guys, this is what it is at the moment. Charlie has been told to remain silent, which is a good sign. Mauricio is under NDA. D1 has been released fully. D2, we have not received confirmation if it has been finished yet as it’s huge. Basel 3 gets finalized on 23rd January, and it’s going to be huge. Monday, 22nd January bewaking. Quantum phones, a game changer by Q, Starlink QG and Steve Jobs in the United States of America, quantum phones and Jazar applications, Jazar and Ubi distribution. See Restored Republic,

Monday 22nd of January, The Deep States Plot, The Battle for Military Power, A Worrying Coup versus coup. D. The Real News for Monday, January 22nd, 2024. Monday, 22nd of January, SG and on. This is only the beginning. New info everyone needs to hear. Monday, 22nd of January, with a five to four vote, the Supreme Court is allowing the Biden administration to order border patrol agents to cut razor wire that Texas installed on the border, while a lawsuit continues. Scotas is beyond compromised. This goes against our Constitution. Monday, 22nd of January, shocking reports.

Something big is happening, guys. Shocking reports you simply won’t believe. Monday, 22nd of January, Nikki Haley’s Joan investigated for handing out money bribes. Big events incoming, Falford. Pelosi’s J6 committee deleted over 100 encrypted files to keep them from Republicans. It’s now confirmed. Monday, 22nd of January, Supreme Court allows Biden admin to remove Texas border wire. Monday, 22nd of January, Boeing 737 airplanes compromised. E International child sex trafficking, organ and adrenochrome harvesting ring run out of the Vatican and housed in China’s three Gorges Dam in the 1,500-mile tunnel that runs between the Vatican and Jerusalem.

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Sun. 21, 2024 Jews, underground tunnels, human sacrifice, Benjamin Falford, bombshell, the scandal all of Biden’s top military brass got caught in. Game over. Monday, 22nd of January, agents of the Pentagon and the Italian Army arrest dozens of cardinals in the Vatican to take them to Gitmo. Peter Hunter Biden video with very underage girls. Warning, extremely graphic. Monday, 22nd of January, FBI sources, Hillary Clinton named person of interest in child sex trafficking investigation. Pizzagate, the pedophile scandal of the American elites. Hillary Clinton,

Barack Hussein Obama, John, and Tony Podesta. F-covid/abola/swineflu/polio/smallpox/bse, Zika/sars/monkeypox/AID/Fax/H1N1/grapheinoxide/chemtrail/fluoride. Processed Foods, Human Clones’ Hoaxes. New lab created disease out China, disease X, has a 100% fatality rate in humanized mice by infecting the nervous system. G, CIA mind control torture of children. Judy, note, even after two Congressional hearings on the CIA mind control torture of children, no one has been held accountable, nor have findings been released. On this despicable program that has affected hundreds, perhaps thousands,

of innocent children who have been tortured, raped, and killed since the end of World War II, Most disturbing was that this CIA MK Ultra program, based in Satan worship and used to blackmail politicians, was suspected to not only still be going on today, but was being funded by US taxpayer dollars hidden in the unlimited CIA black budget. Cia Mind Control Torture of Children Part 6, Congress is funding the CIA’s Torture of Children in Mind Control Experiments Part 2. Cia Mind Control Torture of Children Part 5, CIA Sexual Abuse and Torture of Children Used to Blackmail Congress,

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Part 5. Sexually abusing, killing children in mind control programs. H Wars and Rumors of Wars, Sunday, 21 January. Tucker Carlson on XJAN 21 with Colonel Douglas McGregor. I Americans have been watching a massive safe, controlled military operation who strategically and critically planned and successfully trapped the Washington establishment, made them all confess their crimes and play a role in this operation piece by piece. As Americans have had to visually see and witness a continuation of government in the form of a presidential administration, where these corrupt and evil people will, have,

and will continue to destroy their system from within, spend all of their dirty money doing so until it’s time for the military to visually step in. The timelines all add up and prove the military operation and occupancy. One. Snake poem read by candidate Donald Trump, January 2016. Two. 2016 presidential election, November 2016. Three. President-elect Trump and Putin on Fox News equals ready for Reset. I will work with Trump, November ninth, 2016. Four. Law of War manual, military occupancy and negotiations, etc. December 2016. 5. Military Justice Act, Supreme Court clarifying military law is separate than civil law.

Heavy emphasis on military tribunal terms, 2016. 6. Military stands behind CIC Trump, military military intelligence and jaghead bands, optics, at inauguration, January 2017. 7. Saudi Arabia crowns Trump King, May 2017. 8. Declares Jerusalem, capital of Israel, December 2017. 9. Executive Order 13,818 declares national emergency to deal with human rights abuse, December 2017. 10. Cic Trump walks in front of Queen, July 14, 2018. 11. Putin hands CIC Trump’s soccer ball, The Ball is in your Court, did not participate in 2022 World Cup, July 16, 2018. 12. Executive Order 13,818 CIC Trump makes history, walks into North Korea, June 2019. 14. National Quantum Initiative, Executive Order 13,885, August.