Adrenochrome Oscars

Daily Report GITMO

White Hats had infiltrated Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony in hopes of arresting a few criminal Hollywood elitists. But they aborted the plan due to an overwhelming security presence that outnumbered them 100-1. Despite the hindrance, they still obtained a useful but disturbing bit of knowledge: The tenuous war against Adrenochrome peddlers has yet to be won.

Part biologic, part synthetic, the potent narcotic is to the elite what heroin and fentanyl are to the homeless addicts encamped in the streets of San Francisco and Portland: an addictive fix. Whereas a fentanyl tab might cost a druggie three dollars, an Adrenochrome injection or infusion costs thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, based on the purity of the product. And prices continue to skyrocket as entities like the White Hats and Vladimir Putin wage war on Adrenochrome production and distribution networks in the U.S. and Eastern Europe, respectively, creating scarcity and an accompanying price surge—the laws of economics. But those disruptions didn’t stop some Oscar nominees from receiving a free sample.

A source at General Smith’s office told Real Raw News that White Hat investigators surreptitiously accessed the Academy Awards and saw certain nominees receive a jumbo gift bag, distinct from the $168,000 prize bags given to every nominee by the Luciferian Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Like the Willy Wonka Bars in Ronald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, certain gift bags held something golden. But instead of a golden ticket, these bags held a golden box about the size and shape of an eyeglass case, which contained a syringe of Adrenochrome.

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Cillian Murphy’s bag had the injection, as did actress Lilly Gladstone’s sack.

At one point in the evening, Gladstone reached inside the bag for the gold case. But her Killers Flowers of the Flower Moon co-star, Robert De Niro, looked at her askance and laid his hand atop hers, pushing the case back into the gift bag. He shook his head in disapproval and whispered in her ear.

According to our source, the investigators also witnessed Cillian Murphy holding and then opening the gold case in a restroom, where a half-dozen other actors were snorting lines and giggling up a storm. Murphy asked an unidentified actor what the syringe held and was told, “It’ll take you to another planet, but that’s not for here. It’s for the latter.” Taped to the case was a label that read, “Do not open at ceremony.”

Murphy ignored the warning out of curiosity. Still, he nodded slowly, returned the case to the bag, and left the restroom.

By then, the investigators believed beyond reasonable double the syringes had Adrenochrome, and they suspected that someone at the Oscars had distributed it to celebrities who hadn’t yet taken the instantly addictive pharmaceutical cocktail.

“CID noticed that a handful of bags had a red bow, and they assumed those had the Adrenochrome. The addicted were trying to indoctrinate greenhorns into the ways of Adrenochrome. Even though they had backup nearby, the security there was immense—we’re talking about guys with submachine guns concealed beneath their jackets, and Lord knows what else. Mass arrests were out of the question. But CID wanted to get their hands on a syringe so we could chemically analyze it and possibly determine where it was made,” our source said.

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Toward the end of the evening, the investigators cashed in on a hunch; they found an empty syringe in a bathroom trash can. Some Adrenochrome recipients had disobeyed the cautionary memo and injected themselves.

Although no arrests were made, White Hats found enough residue in the depleted syringe to run a chemical analysis. They believe the Adrenochrome came from Ukraine, meaning Putin has yet to bomb them out of existence entirely, and the Deep State is still importing it from Zelenskyy’s Adrenochrome mills.

“We still think that’ll be helpful,” our source said. “It may help isolate a specific lab.”