Third Professional Footballer Suffers Heart Attack During Game In Last 3 Days

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Professional athletes are supposed to be among the healthiest people on the planet but in the past few years thousands have collapsed with sudden and inexplicable heart conditions.

Fully vaccinated professional athletes are continuing to drop like flies, with three professional soccer players have collapsed suddenly, clutching their hearts, in the last few days alone.

Egyptian star Ahmed Refeat became the third professional soccer play to suffer cardiac arrest in front of live TV cameras, with doctors later admitting they “hadn’t seen something like this before.”

An ethical media would be highlighting these incidents on the front pages, putting their resources into investigating why so many young and healthy people are suffering from cardiac arrests, strokes, and rare forms of cancer.

Instead, the media is attempting to normalize the phenomenon and convince you that professional athletes having heart attacks is par for the course.

However, anybody with half a brain who has watched sport in their life understands this situation is far from normal.

Orlando Pirates midfielder Makhelene Makhaula was the second football star to collapse on the field this week, as medical staff were seen desperately attempting to revive the South African star.

Listen as the stunned announcer admits, “World football, unfortunately, has been subject to so many distressing scenes on the pitch over the last few years.”

“It was a shocking moment for all of us. It is one of those situations we see on TV sometimes, but we saw it close,” coach Jose Riveiro said. “Thanks to the doctors and technical assistants. They managed to stabilise him because it was a difficult moment. He is in good hands in hospital and under observation.”

In the past, football players collapsed on the pitch with heart problems no more than once per decade. Now, they are collapsing multiple times per weekend.

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On Sunday in the Brazilian top flight, Estudiantes’ Javier Altamirano suffered a seizure and collapsed suddenly in the big match against Boca Juniors, one of Argentina’s biggest clubs.

Mainstream media is attempting to brush these stories under the carpet, but the reaction of Altamirano’s teammates leave no doubt that he was suffering a very serious medical emergency.

In a club statement, Estudiantes said that the Chilean international is in stable condition in hospital undergoing tests.

“Javier Altamirano suffered a seizure,” it said. “He is in hospital under observation and to complete studies. A CT scan was performed, which showed no obvious pathological images. He is stable.”

It’s not just professional athletes dropping like flies. People from all walks of life, including popular social media influencers, are being struck down with heart conditions and rare forms of cancer at unprecedented rates.