WEF Leader Working To Radically Depopulate the Planet Fighting For Life After Emergency Brain Surgery

Daily Report USA

Sadghuru, the WEF Agenda Contributor who famously declared his goal is to have “less souls” on the planet, is currently fighting for his life after undergoing emergency brain surgery following massive swelling and bleeding in his brain.

A team of doctors conducted an emergency brain surgery within a few hours of Sadghuru’s admission to relieve the bleeding in the skull. Sadhguru was weaned off the ventilator post-surgery.

Sadghuru is known as close advisor to Klaus Schwab and one of the most influential and extreme proponents of radical depopulation in globalist circles. The WEF advisor recently called for “94% fewer human feet” on the planet to reach Agenda 2030 goals.

News18 reports: The doctors said they had to operate on him immediately after admission on March 17 as the swelling had changed the position of his brain and he was getting “confused and drowsy.”

After regaining consciousness, the spiritual leader thanked the doctors at Appollo Hospital and smiled saying, “Here I am in a Delhi hospital with a patch skull, but no damaged brain.”

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday took to X, sharing about his conversation with Sadhguru.