Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of April 4, 2024

GCR Update

Judy note, Tucker Carlson leaked a video of former President Obama and his wife, Michelle, having fun with a 10-year-old girl while she was screaming and begging them to stop. Sarah Connor also shared her story with Carlson, I have tapes of high-ranking officials raping children and committing other horrific crimes, including the Obamas who were having sex with child victims multiple times. 2s. Second of April, The White Hats Plan 3, a symphony of strategy,

a tribute to JFK-Where We Go When We Go All, trust the plan. 2s. Second of April, isis=cia/m. I. Six has claimed responsibility for Moscow terrorist attack. A few days ago, Barack Obama was at 10 Downing Street having a secret meeting. Obama created Isis with the CIA. That’s why he was in the UK K last week. Obama was coordinating that attack on Russia. It’s very obvious at this point. Rfk Jr. Asked Anthony Fauci which of the 72 vaccines had been subject to a safety test. Anthony Fauci refused to show evidence, So RFK sued him. After a year of Stonewalling, Fauci finally admitted not one single vaccine was subjected to a safety test. 2s.

Second of April, Florida’s Supreme Court rules 6:1, upholds 15-week abortion ban and allows Heartbeat Protection Act to take effect, protecting unborn children with a heartbeat from being tortured and killed. 2s. Second of April, Chinese Communist Party Going Down, Project Looking Glass, Abolishment of the Chinese Communist Party in the near future. 2.2. April, the largest US fresh egg producer halted production at Texas plant after bird flu found in chickens. About 1.6 million laying hens and 337,000 pullets were culled. 2.2. April, banking crisis, banking shakeup, 64 US branches shut down in one week. J. P. Morgan, Wells Fargo, and Goldman Sachs lead the exodus. Countries. Second of April, a UN report states that Ukraine does not exist and is a region of the USSR.

The registration of Ukraine’s borders as a sovereign state was not carried out at the UN. Therefore, it can be assumed that Russia does not commit any violations against Ukraine, which was taken over by Nazis from Germany eight years ago. According to the CIS Treaty, the territory of Ukraine is an administrative region of the USSR. Therefore, no one can be held responsible for separatism and the forcible change of Ukrainian borders. John D. Rockefeller helped found the pharmaceutical industry, hijacked the educational system, co-founded the Federal Reserve with J. P. Morgan and the Rothschild, funded the United Nations,

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and helped found the Council on Foreign Relations. The cynical ungodly pale skin gene manipulating a racist was one of the biggest enemies of the American people and humanity. What Rockefeller showed is part of what we are fighting today, fall of the Cabal on Telegram 2s. April second, 2024, 2s. Second of April, Situation Update, Judy Byington Bomshelle Report. Boom week ahead. Expect great events this month. Grand Rising, Patriots. Trust the plan, the plan to save the world. Q. Judy Byington, Unredacted, Grand Rising, Patriots. Boom week ahead. Expect great events this month. Q. Special Intel Report, April second, 2024.

8. Timeline, The Big Bang, 17th letter on Telegram 2s. April second, 2024. The event will span approximately three days, drawing inspiration from the Bay of Pigs incident. Following this, there will be a 10-day Earth shutdown and the activation of the military emergency broadcasting system, EBS, broadcasted globally on TVs and radios. Concurrently, governments worldwide will be temporarily disbanded, accompanied by further arrests. Subsequently, the global economic security and reformation Blockchain Act, Nesera/Jesara, blockchain elections will be initiated, ushering in governments reduced to 10% of their current size with entirely new personnel. This transformative endeavor, known as Quantum Jezara or Trump Sara, in encompasses various facets of advancement,

including the quantum financial system, quantum voting system, quantum healing, and quantum physics. The transition extends to the digital realm with the quantum Internet, symbolizing a comprehensive shift toward quantum technology. Under Jezara, currency undergoes a transformation, with Nezara introducing rainbow treasury notes, backed by precious metals, augmented by the integration of quantum Starlink and internationally regulated USA coins, adhering to ISO 20022 standards, also backed by metals. Furthermore, the quantum voting system, QVS, revolutionizes blockchain technology, departing from conventional approaches. The quantum internet overhaul entails a complete reboot, eliminating existing entities such as Microsoft,

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as the current internet infrastructure is likened to Operation Mockingbird, entailing centralized control and manipulation. Media outlets and publications, previously influenced by entities like the Mossad, will undergo restructuring, eliminating ownership ties and biases. Private intelligence entities, including those affiliated with UK royals, will be dissolved, leaving military intelligence as the sole intelligence authority. Warning Monday eighth of April, Solar Eclipse Biological Attack. B. Global Currency Reset, 2s. April second, 2024. Bruce, The Big Call, Tier 4B, can expect emails to set appointments anywhere from Wednesday third of April at around 11:00 AM ESD to Friday, fifth of April morning. A Wells Fargo executive said the emails would be sent out sometime from Thursday, fourth of April to Friday,

fifth of April morning. An encrypted message to Bruce from a big source said the emails should go out within one to two days. Bondholders were expecting emails to make them liquid anywhere from Wednesday, third of April to Thursday, fourth of April. Tier 4B should go 12 hours after bondholders were liquid. Two’s. Second of April just heard that someone who normally She gets about $2,000. Social Security just got an extra $5,000 for a total of $7,000. She called them and they said they just sent her normal amount to her. We rise on Telegram 2s. Second of April. On Thursday, fourth of April, an important event will happen at Columbia, Bogotá,

New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Zurich, Reno, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Texas. Delegates will be at a big event. They will be talking about the QFS and how to open accounts and other topics like how to help the environment. Anees or a lawyer named Roy F. Sturdies will be there to help ID all Paymasters, guests, Pentecostal groups, and others. All countries will be there to help smooth all others’ process and will be done at a lever cover the whole world. This will be involved financiers, humanitarians, all Paymasters of all countries, government, World Court, and the Alliance.

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On Thursday, March 14th, 2024, Ginger of the Liberty Lounge on Telegram. As we wait for the event, these are definitive markers we are looking for. Historical bonds, Golden Dragon bonds, German bonds, Superpech Alley bonds, way too many to name, etc. Go first, then. One. Fines and penalties are paid, 2. Adjudicated funds are paid, 3. Farm claims are paid, 4. Cmkx recipients funded, 5. Church groups, large, funded, 6. The admiral funded, 7. T14a, funds liquidated, 8. Then Tier 4B gets to go. Above, many can see the dollar in accounts, but there’s no liquidity. It’s not usable money until it’s liquid and they can actually spend it.

We’re waiting for this liquidity, still. The positives are, most, if not all, the Paymasters have been funded and have signed NDAs. Now we’re hearing reports of some group members signing NDA. This is extremely encouraging. Until all of these things happen, then it’s not happened for us yet, regardless of what anyone says, guru or otherwise. These items listed are non-negotiable for the GCR/RV rollout. Keep this in mind as you measure your expectations. We’re getting there and the news is good. Tus. Second of April, Central Bank of Iraq opens bonds in all Iraqi banks. This is the withdrawal of the Iraqi dinar from the street in the Central Bank’s goal.

Saturday, 30th of March, Militiaman, two parties have confirmed that Iraq is currently RVing in country today. Saturday, 30th of March, Ginger. We’re hearing that the revaluation of the rate is currently underway inside the border of Iraq. The Parliament Committee has instructed Iraqi merchants and retailers to adjust their prices of goods and services, effective this weekend, to reflect the changes of their new rate for the Iraqi dinar. My crystal ball is broken, but I have a hopeful hunch they will do like Kuwait did all those years ago. Kuwait wanted to change their rate inside the country first.