Video: Justin Trudeau Trembles With Fear As Furious Crowd Chant ‘F**k You, Trudeau!’

Daily Report NEWS

An angry crowd of Canadians loudly protested Justin Trudeau as he entered a shopping mall in Ontario earlier this week.

Protesters held signs reading, “Trudeau 4 Treason,” and, “Communism has no home here,” and flew flags stating, “F*CK Trudeau.” reports: Fired-up demonstrators also shouted expletives at the Canadian PM as police officers protected him, yelling, “You f*cking tyrant!” “Piece of f*cking shit” and “F*ck you, Trudeau!”

“Canadians have had enough,” Wide Awake Media captioned the video on X.

The video had surpassed 7 million views on X as of writing.

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