Dr. David Martin Uncovers Groundbreaking Information Regarding The Actual Origins Of COVID-19

Not a single major media outlet has gotten it right. It’s up to us, the people to spread this information far and wide. Please share if you care! Dr. Martin’s Website: www.DavidMartin.world
This short video put together by Mikki Willis who did the “Plandemic” series: https://plandemicseries.com
PLANDEMIC 1 Documentary – COVID-19

Plandemic 2 “InDOCTORnation” Documentary – How the Covid Plandemic Was Planned and Carried Out ~ Dr. David Martin Explains
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Alternative Health and Healing Blog:
“The Cancer/Parasite Connection” ~ This is HUGE! https://diamondzultimatehealth.wordpress.com/2023/01/27/the-cancer-parasite-connection-and-treatments-including-detox/
Dr. Christina Rahm Discusses Her “ROOT Brands” Products That Help With Detoxing the Deadly COVID Vaccine Ingredients Such As the Spike Proteins, Graphine Oxide and Heavy Metals. Great informative video on the Root Brand products: https://rumble.com/v1m9a0c–dr.-christina-rahm-discusses-her-root-brands-products-that-help-with-detox.html
ROOT Brands Link: https://therootbrands.com/bodywisecbd
Dr. Zev Zelenko’s Detox Product For People Who Have Had the Vaccine – It’s Called Z-Dtox. Children’s Gummies Are Now Available.
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Dr david martin uncovers groundbreaking information regarding the actual origins of covid 19 | banned
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