Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of September 12, 2023

GCR Update

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of September 12, 2023: The latest video will be shown earlier at the official website, restoredrepublic. Co. Judy Note, we are in the middle of a global currency reset that jumps starts the new quantum financial system, the most significant transfer of wealth from the elite to the people that the world has ever known. Use your wealth wisely. We rise by lifting others. Trump confirmed and released the plan, EBS to start. Rv predicted for Monday 9/11, 8300 MedBed centers in US.

In the vast expanse of the United States, a staggering 8300 MedBed centers have emerged, yet their doors remain shut. Why? The answer lies in the intricate web of humanitarian funding. These centers, strategically placed with a maximum distance of 70-80 miles between them, await the green light. The more populace the region, the more MedBeds it posts. Not only has Putin won the war in Ukraine against NATO without any recognition for saving hundreds of children and destroying eight US-incorporated illegal underground bio-weapon labs, but his Russian medical supply ship was anchored in international waters outside of Maui.

The Biden administration and FEMA have been less than helpful to the victims of the Maui Massacre and now we’re actively attempting to evict them from the lands of their inheritance. People were being arrested for visiting their own destroyed homes. Biden is the President of bankrupt US-incorporated, who renewed all of Trump’s executive orders. So who do you think is really controlling him? Trump is ending the Bankrupt US Incorporated and the Fiat US dollar. All corrupt roads lead to Obama. Former head of the CDC, Robert R. Redfield, confirmed that the next scamdemic will be bird flu, set to kill 10-50% of the population.

Friday eighth of September, important notice. Major events this week. American Media Group, important notice. Major events this week. Friday eighth. Fb IA Agent Ed Gunderson. Fema Smart Gilletines placed in FEMA internment camps in case of martial law in times of civil disorder. American Media Group FBI Agent Ed Gunnerson. Fema Smart Gilletines placed in FEMA internment camps in case of martial law in times of civil disorder. Friday eighth of September, boom. Game theory, military operations, white hats, Donald Trump indictment, deep state, and the shocking revelations that shook the nation. A global currency reset.

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Friday, eighth of September TNT call. The three letter agencies say that the RV should be started between this evening, Friday, eighth of September and Tuesday, 12th of September morning. However, in Iraq, they are telling the citizens that the new coins and lower denominations will be activated this weekend, so it could happen then. The Kurdistan region is supposed to receive their money from the budget on Saturday, ninth of September as well. Friday, eighth of September, Wolverine. This was supposed to be private intel, but somehow someone decided to post it and it’s gone viral and so I might as well post it.

I have confirmed this with the Admiral Group and it’s true. Sensitive GCR Intel, seventh CEP 2023, edited by R. Cerefiko. Redemption codes were put in the QFS system by the Admiral and returned all green, meaning they were approved. They turned blue at start of office this morning, Friday eighth CEPT, meaning that the funds are free for payment. All whales will be paid today, Friday eighth of September. On Thursday seventh of September, there were verifications of German bonds boxes 1924 in Reno. These were approved and will be paid today, Friday eighth of September at P1 in Zurich. There were authentications of Yellow Dragon boxes that went positive and they got paid this morning, Friday eighth of September.

The Chinese will start paying individual sellers as from this coming Monday 11th of September onwards in Reno, London and Miami will go ahead full speed then also. Thursday seventh of September, RAINN 98. Bank staff are frustrated. Senior management told them to expect large crowds last weekend and this week, but there was an issue they were not aware of at that time. We are receiving additional communication about the issue being resolved. It’s done! We are getting additional help in the process to make it any time, anytime. Let’s hope the clock is working while we talk.

Thursday, seventh of September, Bruce. International upper bond contacts in Geneva say that monies were moving overnight tonight, Thursday, seventh of September, with funds to be used for Nizarra/Jezarra and bondholders. Email notification to Tier 3 bondholders would be Sunday into Monday 10, 11th of September, bondholders to get access to their funds Monday evening, 11th of September, Tier 4b, us, the internet group. Should get notification to set appointments on Monday 10th of September, and could start exchange appointments Monday afternoon into 2:00s. 11th of September, SKRs on Dynar and Dong from 18 and 19 years ago were being paid out by redemption centers at the newer screen rates: 80% military, 20% non-military.

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Wednesday sixth of September. Evening marks, group, Reno, and other redemption sources say it’s anywhere from now until Saturday ninth of September. Military sources say that they are pushing for exchanges to be completed by Sunday first of November, and that our current US federal dollar would be worthless by then. Twoes. Fifth of September, Texas, Snake. I am being told by multiple sources that we are within hours or only a few days for this to trigger, so please stay alert and connected to these rooms for any notifications. Stay well and God bless. Monday fourth of September TNT Ray-Ren 98. Meetings took place over last weekend.

Agreements were met. New docs needed signatures. It’s all a wrap now. Two’s. Fifth of September, Forbes Converters M to USD. Friday eighth of September, breaking the Brix Currency Note. A game-changer in the global financial arena. Breaking the Brix Currency Note. A game-changer in the global financial arena. In an unprecedented move that could reshape the global financial landscape, a potential sample of a BRX currency note has emerged, signaling the Brix nation’s intentions to challenge the supremacy of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Friday eighth of September, Intel, Quantum Financial System, Global Currency Revaluation,

and the MedBed’s 5D trust the plan #Cyte_title, Quantum Financial System, Global Currency Revaluation, and the MedBed’s 5D trust the plan. B collapse of the Fiat US dollar. It’s official. The BRICS group now includes Saudi Arabia, Iran, Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, and the United Arab Emirates. They will control 80% of the world’s oil. Brics, the QFS and dollar collapse. Banks connected or being connected to the QFS trust the plan. C. Restored Republic. Jfk Jr. Is alive and the real US VP. The deep state’s final gambit. A last stand.

Hold tight, for the Deep State is about to unleash their last, desperate cards that they’ve been clutching onto, their hope fading into obscurity. A glimpse into the unknown, the White Hats, those champions of justice are gearing up for major moves that may baffle the masses. It’s a moment where despair may grip the hearts of many anonymous patriots. But remember, that moment, fraught with pain and seemingly lost hope, will pass. A weapon of wisdom. These moments of adversity will not be squandered by the White Hats. Instead, they will harness them for the greater good. It’s a warning that’s been sounded many times for a reason to ensure you’re ready for what lies ahead in the coming weeks.

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A promise of clarity. After the scorching heat of summer, expect clarity to dawn on a global scale, especially within the United States. Hold on to your faith, for in the end, good prevails. Let your faith stand on wavering. For in the grand scheme of things, it is the unwavering spirit that triumphs. Jfk Justice is coming on Telegram Friday, eighth of September, Thursday seventh of September Q and on, unveiling the triumph over the US Globalist Cabal Regiment.

Friday eighth of September. The Guantanamo files Q plus The Great Awakening, the list of traitors hanged in Gitmo. American media group, The Guantanamo files, Q plus The Great Awakening, the list of traders hanged in Gitmo. E-timeline. On February fourth, 2021, the bankruptcy of the USA Corporation was finalized. The paperwork filed in Tallahassee, Florida. On Friday, September first, 2023, full integration of the quantum financial system took place and the US national debt of close to $33 trillion was paid off. On Thursday, seventh of September, executive order 13-848 was extended for a year by Biden. The order was originally signed by President Trump and regarded imposing certain sanctions in the event of foreign interference in US elections.

The word foreign is in reference to US-incorporated that was formed as an illegal corporation government residing on foreign soil in the 10th square miles of the district of Colombia or Washington, DC. On Saturday, ninth of September, the two-day G20 Summit will begin in New Delhi, where they will make major economic changes. On Monday, 11th of September, an event, good or evil, was believed to be planned for 9/11. On October fourth, the Cabal has planned a nationwide test of the emergency alert system.