Biden Caught Funnelling Millions of Taxpayer Dollars to Fact Checkers To Censor Conservatives

The Biden administration has awarded grants totalling millions of taxpayer dollars to far-left fact checkers, who have been tasked with censoring conservatives online. Since the start of September, Biden’s National Science Foundation (NSF) and State Department have funnelled over $4 million to programs, studies, and other initiatives that target online “misinformation” — a term that … Read more

Phoenix Becomes First U.S. City To Impose WEF’s Ban on Meat, Dairy, Private Cars

Phoenix has become the first U.S. city to impose the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) total ban on meat, dairy and private car ownership – a move many legal experts are warning is unconstitutional. The Democrat mayor of Phoenix, Arizona, Kate Gallego, says she is wants to fast-track the WEF’s radical agenda so that Phoenix is … Read more

Treasonous Army CSM Who Planned War Against Trump Supporters Scheduled to Hang

The trial of an Armed Forces member who mustered a personal militia for a future war against Trump supporters lasted only one hour, ending when the accused, Army CSM Nema Mobarakzadeh, a radicalized Muslim infiltrator, shouted “Allahu Akbar” and said he would avenge himself upon the jurors unless they found him not guilty on the … Read more

Ukraine Begins Putting American Conservatives on Official Kill List

Ukraine’s main intelligence agency (SBU) has begun putting ordinary Americans who criticize Ukraine on their official ‘Kill List’. The program, funded by American taxpayer dollars, targets any American citizen who dares to criticize the Ukraine regime. According to the Ukrainian government, Americans who speak out against the Zelensky regime will be officially designated “traitors to … Read more

RFK Jr. Demands Secret Service Protection After Armed Man Tried To Approach Him At Campaign Event

Robert F Kennedy Jr faced an assassination scare on Friday after a heavily armed man posing as security entered his campaign event. Kennedy’s campaign manager has written to Joe Biden demanding Secret Service protection after the armed suspect, who was posing as a US Marshal, was arrested at during the campaign event in California. The … Read more

Braun Slammed For Using Trans Model With Mastectomy Scars To Advertise Men’s Trimmers

The shaving company Braun has come under fire in Britain for an ad that features a trans model with surgical scars from a past double mastectomy operation. Campaigners have criticized the brand for it’s ‘shockingly immoral’ and ‘irresponsible’ decision to use a topless model with mastectomy scars. Brietbart reprts: The ad featured a woman who … Read more

LGBT-Friendly Church In Texas Pledges Allegiance To Drag Queens

Video out of Dallas, Texas shows a crowded LGBT-friendly church reciting a pledge of allegiance dedicated to drag queens. Footage shows people attending the Cathedral of Hope publicly blessing the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a group of queer and trans nuns known for their blasphemous acts. The controversial drag queen group were recently at the … Read more

Biden Tells Celebs ‘Trump is Trying to Destroy American Democracy’

Joe Biden told a theater full of liberal celebrities on Monday that Donald Trump was trying to destroy the nation and American democracy. Talk about projection…. Biden made the remarks as he and his Democratic party attempt to put Trump in jail and have his name removed from the ballot in some states. TGP reports: … Read more

African Official Exposes Bill Gates’ Depopulation Agenda: ‘My Country Is Not Your Laboratory’

A Nigerian scientist has lashed out at projects backed by the likes of Bill Gates and George Soros, who are using Africa to secretly test unproven vaccines and experiment with dangerous technology, killing and maiming millions of people in the process. Gates has a long history of disastrous medical trials in Africa, most recently involving … Read more

Actor Playing Joe Biden Body Double Caught Walking To Car Without Secret Service Protection

One of the actors pretending to be Joe Biden was exposed yesterday after citizen journalists caught the man walking to his car in a back parking lot without secret service protection. Many people believe the globalist elite selected Joe Biden to have a compromised puppet in the White House whose strings could be controlled by … Read more