Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of September 13, 2023

GCR Update

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of September 13, 2023: The latest video will be shown earlier at the official website, restoredrepublic. Co. Judy Note, the plan to save mankind has been decades in the making. Now it’s time for all of us to rise up and stand for freedom to say no to mandates and unconstitutional law. Some encouragement for those out there who are frustrated. It has been decades in the making, the plan to save mankind. President Kennedy set it into motion. His patriotic duties, which he did not shy from nor back away from, cost him his life. This isn’t about an election.

No matter the announcement #potus45 is Q+ DJT has confirmed as much on his truth social, and he knows this is about our future. Where we go one, we go all. We the free peoples of the world. Jfk Secrets on Telegram Moan, 9/11. More than 5 million MedBeds available worldwide, 8300 in US. The founders of Bitcoin were Satan worshippers, and when that was discovered, the Fiat Bitcoin was bound to go to its real worth of zero. Monday 11th of September, the enigmatic Chinese elders and the Global Currency Reset,

White Hat’s Alliance, Q Global Team, GCR Conspiracy, QFS, Secret Alliances, Bricks and the Illuminati bloodline families, Dr. Jan Halper-Hays, American public ready for the change. A global currency reset: Summary of recent intel of DNT, Wilvrine, Bruce, and Marks. Overnight, Thursday, seventh of September, monies began moving. By Friday eighth of September in Zurich, Yellow Dragon bonds were paid out. While in Reno, the Admiral put in the redemption codes and gave the Green Light for Whales to be paid. Kurdistan received $500 billion to pay out on Saturday, ninth of September.

This past weekend, the ATMs, new coins and monies activated in Iraq, US, and it was assumed throughout the world. The news of the GCR activation was scheduled to come out sometime by 2:12, September, at which time all other tiers would begin to be paid. Currency exchanges and Zimband redemptions were to be completed by Sunday first of November, when the US federal dollar would be considered worthless. Monday 11th of September marks, we have been seeing all kinds of bank rates on currency calculators. My bankers believe they are priming the pump for the system and punching in different values to test things.

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I really think this may the last week we have to deal with all of this. What I am hearing from a number of my group contacts is that money will be moving on or by Tuesday 12th of September. Monday 11th of September, the quantum financial revolution, how QFS is overturning the old order and why you should care. See timeline on February fourth, 2021, the bankruptcy of the USA Corporation was finalized. The paperwork filed in Tallahassee, Florida. On Friday, September first, 2023, full integration of the Quantum financial system took place after the US national debt of close to $33 trillion was paid off.

This triggered the global currency reset. On Thursday, seventh of September, executive order 13,848 was extended for a year by Biden. The order was originally signed by President Trump and regarded imposing certain sanctions in the event of foreign interference in US elections. The word foreign is in reference to US-incorporated that was formed as an illegal corporation government residing on foreign soil in the 10th Square miles of the district of Colombia or Washington, DC. Friday eighth of September monies were moving for the global currency reset.

In Zurich, Yellow Dragon bonds were paid out, while in Reno, the Admiral put in the redemption codes and gave the green light. On Saturday ninth of September, the two-day G20 Summit began in New Delhi, where the cabal made major economic changes. Among them was announcement of their digital fiat currency activation in October 2023. Friday, 15th of September EBS, Donassie, I have a friend in SC Works for the Convention Center, said the employees have been told that the EBS will go off on September 15th and all communications will be turned off.

I trust this person with my life. Just a heads up. On Wednesday first of November, currency exchanges and Zimband redemptions were to be completed, at which time the US federal dollar would be considered worthless. On October fourth, the cabal has planned a nationwide test of the emergency alert system. D. The real news for Monday, September 11th, 2023, Adrinochrome is a chemical that’s a byproduct of adrenaline. Satanic secret societies are said to extract Adrinochrome by torturing innocent children into releasing adrenaline into their blood and then drinking it. The more innocent the victim, the more severe torture they experienced, the more potent their blood was said to be.

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Monday 11th of September Q-anon, Phil’s Intel Bulletin. Cnn and 9/11. The 9/11 narrative starts to unravel when the public learned that one of the hijacking victims who was calling in and was the one to insert the narrative, the hijackers were of Middle Eastern decent, armed with box cutters, was herself a CNN journalist. Married to US Solicitor General Ted Olson of the United States Department of Justice who served as private counsel for George W. Bush. Why would hijackers allow cell phone calls of 28 minutes to be made at an altitude in which cells didn’t work in 2001?

I remember when Ted Olson donated to Liz Cheney for leading the J6 sham against President Trump. How odd. These damn Cheneys seem to head the major false flags in our country. Recent Bohemian Grove attendee and Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has been caught in Hawaii wearing a shirt that appears to show the Bohemian Club logo. The next European war will start in the Ukraine on a map published in Look Magazine USA, March 14th, 1939. Hunter Biden emails reveal that Wikipedia was run by the CIA. The CIA has a long list of websites and social media that they control.

The military does not consider Joe Biden as the President is demonstrated by their inauguration, salute for him, reserved for funerals and visiting foreign dignitaries. E. International Child Sex Trafficking: Organ and Adrinochrome Harvesting Ring run out of the Vatican, housed in China’s Three Gorgias Dam. Monday 11th of September, George Bush, pedophile sex ring and blackmail of Congress. Monday 11th of September, bombshell, and the CIA declassifies files on the CIA’s involvement in satanic ritual abuse and child sex trafficking.

Falford Report, expect a lot of children to be rescued from human/child trafficking rings as military/police wide hats operations kick into overdrive. There will be so many operations that will hit MSM news stations, social media networks of police raids operations that are rescuing children through the United States. These very important open police operations will coincide with military operations and alliance operations that will bring in the alarm on child trafficking through the next 10 months on the highest levels humans have ever heard of human child trafficking.

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These open operations will connect with the Congress/MUSK/Trump/Rogans/RFKJ are several top podcasters around the world exposing the real pandemic, human/child trafficking sex industries connected to elites, governments, entertainment and DS, military. As US Congress has plans to push the Epstein exposure files, the CIA, FBI is in sheer panic as the event comes closer. Currently, Sound of Freedom is going worldwide as Billionaires Alliance and EU pushed for the exposure and paved the way for the movie to hit worldwide from UK to Australia and more. White Hats are planning a massive move that will red pill the world on a fast grand scale operation.

This all connects with the exposure of Ukraine. Biden, Hunter’s laptop, Epstein. Ghislaine Maxwell, MI6, CIA, Mossad, UN exposure. Why do you think they kept Gailaine Maxwell alive in the CIA? Clintons. Rockefellers can’t retrieve her, get her set free, or kill her. Who has the Epstein computers, servers data, and full info? /mostdon’tknow, but the US military special forces breached Epstein Island weeks before the FBI raided the island. If you were watching closely, you were seeing true exposure of Obama, exposed by his own biographer who said Obama talked of making love to men.

Even whistleblowers came forward of his gay activities dating back before he was President. This non-coincidental events are leading up to full exposure of Obama’s secret life, his marriage. Everything will connect to how the Democratic leaders and party and CIA programmed the world into a gay agenda that was planned back in the 1960s and even connects to public water. What’s in the water? The exposure of Justin Trudeau and his family heritage and linings are connected to CIA operations and honey traps. His own mother was CIA created prostitute at the young age of 15 and had sex with Rolling Stones and famous people and politicians.

By the age of 18, she married Justin Trudeau father’s Pierre Trudeau, who was in his 50s, who was a pedophile himself, and both had swingers, parties, and orties through the world with politicians and elites. The month that Justin Trudeau was born, his family was just a hundred miles from Fidel Castro, and the Trudos blocked all media on a secret weekend. They went to Cuba. This is Fax and.