White Kids Are Being Expelled From NYC Schools To Make Way for Illegals

Daily Report NEWS USA

Thousands of white children are now being expelled from schools in New York City as Democrat lawmakers make room for illegal aliens. When many children from white families in NYC went back to school this month, many were told that there is “no more room” due to the influx of illegal aliens in the sanctuary city.

Over 21,000 American children were turned away to make way for the arrival of migrant children, as part of the city’s inclusive agenda.

“But don’t worry, a 15-year-old illegal immigrant from Venezuela said he’s excited for his first day of high school,” Blaze TV’s Sara Gonzales reported.

“Not so great, though, if you’re a child, an American child, in New York City being displaced by illegals,” she continued.

YouTube political commentator Eric July warns that open-border lawmakers believe immigration won’t affect the country because they never come face-to-face with the issue.

“Folks act like this isn’t even a thing, right?” July states.

“It’s just, ‘It’s okay, America’s big, has all this land, just bring each and every individual over here. These folks are seeking better lives and that’s it.’”

“But they don’t ever look at the short-term and especially the long-term issues, even cultural issues, cultural conflict, that can and has stemmed from this”.

YouTuber John Doyle agrees, also noting that liberal-run cities like NYC don’t have the infrastructure to handle large influxes of migrants.

“We don’t need this many people,” Doyle says.

“They’re clogging up the housing markets, the highway system.”

“That’s not why we built this country.”

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“We didn’t build it for Venezuelans, we built it for Americans.”

“I’m sorry, but like, that just happens to be the case.”

Gonzales says that those who disagree might believe it’s not a compassionate way to look at the situation.

However, she points out that they are overlooking those who were born and raised in America and actually deserve that compassion.

“We’ve got all of these homeless people who are being displaced again in New York City,” she says.

“We’re choosing as a nation to not be compassionate to our own in exchange for being compassionate for citizens of other countries.”