Gen. Milley Cries Foul; Tells JAG He Still Works for President Trump

Daily Report NEWS USA

The dishonored Mark A. Milley, now at Guantanamo Bay, has told U.S. Navy investigators they “colossally screwed up” because he had been working undercover for President Donald J. Trump since J6 and that Gen. Smith’s ham-fisted mission hindered operational security, a JAG source told Real Raw News.

It was the second time Milley claimed without proof that he and Trump were private partners in an ultra-secret escapade to topple the Deep State and to which all other White Hats, including Generals Smith and Berger and the White Hat Council, were oblivious. The first came after his expulsion from the Pentagon in May 2021 when he absconded back to the Deep State after reneging on a deal—the details of this are still unclear—that would’ve spared him a military tribunal for betraying the United States and POTUS. Milley had remained at large, using body doubles to obfuscate his movements, until his rearrest at Arlington National Cemetery Monday morning, after which he was sent to GITMO for interrogation.

Our source said investigators spent several hours questioning Milley Wednesday evening, but the disgraced general either refused to answer questions or supplied cryptic, unverifiable answers. Milley insisted he and Trump were a team and that Gen. Smith, like his predecessor, was a “treasonous scum” aligned with the Biden administration.

When told that the embattled and wrongly maligned President Trump would soon receive a telephone call to confirm the story, Milley reportedly responded, “He’ll deny it. He has to. It’s part of the plan—that’s how secret it is. President Trump will take Smith and Crandall’s side, but you’ll regret all this in the end. You all will. Why do you think he let me go to begin with?”

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What Milley didn’t know, however, was that Gen. Smith had spoken to Trump within minutes of the arrest, and Trump labeled Milley a traitor, a “terrible general,” and a “radically Woke general” who ought to be tried and convicted of treason “the likes of which we’ve never seen,” tangentially confirming Milley’s ridiculous story.

The seasoned investigators were unimpressed. They asked why Milley was unvaccinated, confirmed by bloodwork taken following his arrest, and encouraging active-duty and dependent females to vaccinate their infant children, as defined in an email he had sent to Lloyd Austin while on the run. “It deeply saddens me when the Armed Forces delay vaccinating child dependents. We provide their health care. If a lousy kid gets COVID-19 because a stupid parent is hesitant about vaccines, it compromises battle readiness because the parent must care for a sick kid. We must bring mandatory vaccinations back,” an investigator read part aloud.

Miley would neither confirm nor deny he wrote the letter and said his vaccination status was no one else’s business.

“Sure, we know you have body doubles running around,” an investigator replied.

They also wanted to know why Milley’s signature, verified via handwriting analysis, appeared on thirty-four documents enriching Volodymyr Zelenskyy with billions of dollars in cash and weapons without Congress’ approval. On each, Milley’s signature was below Lloyd Austin’s.

“I’m working with President Trump, but he can’t confirm it,” Milley said.

“That was his answer to all questions,” our source said. “He eventually asked for a lawyer, and JAG will assign one. As of now we haven’t heard if Trump plans to pay the traitor a visit. I hope he does.”