North American Man/Boy Love Association Claims Pro 2-A Americans Have ‘Diseased Minds’

Pro-Second Amendment Americans have “diseased minds” and are responsible for “butchering children” according to the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). According to the pedophile rights organization, the Biden administration must repeal the Second Amendment because “No sane person can ignore recent events of mass killings of children and many more innocent people.”

In an op-ed published on the official NAMBLA website titled “Cognitive Distortion,” an unnamed author claims that “the struggle is long and hard” for pedophiles, “but we have reason and virtue on our side.”

“Cognitive distortion is what our kinder detractors accuse us of,” the op-ed continues, attempting to frame pedophilia as a harmless vice, while accusing conservatives of being the group who are harming children. “That somehow our perception has been twisted into some unrealistic view is their best way of understanding us.”

“They imagine, “How can a man unrelated to a boy be drawn to him? What could such an adult find appealing in a youngster?” They are however blind to the possibility that a boy’s incipient intellect, his personality or joie de vie holds great joy for both adult and youngster and that all of this can sometimes bring about mutual physical attraction.”

According to NAMBLA, gun apologists possess a “distorted cognitive ability” and do not have the “ability for critical thinking.”

“It is disheartening to realize that many with otherwise adequately functioning brains can formulate misconceptions of the world the way gun apologists do. And guns are far from the many other policy issues that a sane society needs to deal with. Unfortunately, distorted cognitive ability is the case for too many who either do not have the ability for critical thinking or for those who are have it but who cynically work to advance their own agenda.”

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The pedophile rights movement received a shot in the arm recently when Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum ordered world governments to begin the process of decriminalizing sex with “willing children.”